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EC 417 / God’s War
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WW3 ‘Piecemeal’

The Pope believes that WWIII may already have begun ‘piecemeal’. I surely agree with the man. However, I believe that Francis left out many relevant facts.

The Russian Revolution was largely led by the Bolsheviks headed by Lenin.

The Bolsheviks were made up of the working (factory) classes, whom the Bolsheviks identified as ‘narod’, i.e. people. However, what the Bolsheviks forgot was that ‘narod’ is actually a word composed of two parts, re na + rod. We my read ‘na’ as being an equivalent of the English ‘the’, while ‘rod’ is a modernized adaptation of the word ‘lud’, which is an ancient form of the word for ‘people’. From the latter we derive such words as ‘Luddites’ the unhappy workers of English clothing mills, whose professionalism was being replaced by milling machines; the German word for people is ‘Leute’; the Latin name for religious, later sacrilegious entertainment, is ‘Ludi’; the Russian name ‘narod’ derives from ‘nalud’; and such names as King Ludwig, once meant ‘King of the Ludi’ or People. Indeed, Jesus himself is said to have been King of the Ludi, not King of Iudi. In Russia, its post-Byzantine royalty tried to link its descent from the Viking clan known as the Ruriks, once likely known as Rudis (rust haired people), also derived from the original Ludi.

The pronunciation changed from the consonant L to R, when L became identified with the Lower classes, the people of the wood who, when the woods were depleted of animal life by the fur tax, were chased out of by the Royal class and turned into grain producing peasants on deforested and deserted land, where they could be taxed as high as 50% and more of what they produced. At a later date yet, the Ludis, aka Luddites, were forced to become ‘narodniks’, exploited factory workers. The same name has a distant echo in the German word ‘Arbeiter’ (worker), a word that may have evolved from _Lueiter, whence post-Catholic Catholic Martin Luther derives his name.

My digression may be excused as it clarifies the often ignored fact that while the Bolsheviks army fought the ‘White’ army led by western supported General Kolchak , the peasantry throughout the former Russian Empire took the opportunity created by chaos and redistributed land according to their sense of fair and just play.

This sense of justice among the peasantry was not known to Lenin and Stalin, because the derivation of ‘narod’ from ‘nalud’ had been suppressed through a number of centuries, the beginnings of which may be traced to the execution of St. John Basil in 12th century Byzantine Empire (see EC414) and subsequent papered over with the creation of neo-Christianity, which rose to power as a result of the exclusion from the Bible of the 11th Commandment: Thou shall not impose between man and God any taxes.

Though Pope Francis’ observation that WW3 has begun ‘piecemeal’ is perceptive, he fails to mention (or deliberately forgets) that the origin of this WAR is a consequence of his predecessor Pope Urban II establishing the primacy of the Western Church over that of the East , and which primacy the East confirmed as recently as 2007. In retrospect, it ought to be clear that the opposition of Bishop Leo of Chalcedon to the imposition of such a ‘primacy’ was on mark.

While Bishop Leo argued that the government of Byzantium (to wage its wars) had committed sacrilege when it melted down sacred objects, because these were for the adoration of Christians, he failed to observe that the incarnation he was arguing on behalf of, is confirmed only through the self-sacrifice of the worshipper. Failing to confirm his opposition with a self-sacrificial act, Leo was forced to back down, in effect surrendered Christianity to iconoclasts.

Such iconoclasty continues in the voice of Pope Francis and Russian bishops, not least among which is the Patriarch of Moscow Kirill' . As Kirill was elected to his office only in 2009, two years after the Russian Orthodox Church renewed its acceptance of the authority of Rome, he may, in the name of the Ludi, still elect to reject it. However, as of this moment none of said ‘personages’ show any intention of surrendering their frocks for the common garb of the na-Ludi and joining those who oppose those who lead us to WW3 ‘piecemeal’ by going out in the street.

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