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Eso’s Chronicles 301 / 14  
A Civilization of Persecution
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All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin. This series begins with 288.

There are all kinds of theatres: Theatre of the… absurd, of the dead, of cruelty, of Holywood, of photo session, and on and on. But all such ‘theatres’ are in the tradition of the theatre of the West: a kind of mirror image of how the fashionable writer perceives reality in death. This is why I see this tradition more like ‘a theatre on the moon’ and as a ‘theatre of the artfully dead’.

Today the theatre is a form of passive entertainment. Whether a member of the audience has read the play before coming to the theatre and, thus, knows the story beforehand or simply comes and discovers what the story is by watching the performance (this likely a movie theatre), the best result is never more effective than a dream so impressive that it awakens us and is remembered for a long time after the dream has ended. No such stabbing dream has visited the theatre for a very long time.

The passive nature of the audience of a contemporary theatre or dream, causes it, in effect, to be like a cloud of Mind (whatever that is: a mobile Ice Cream Van?), which at a given time passes over the heads of dead or men, women and children caught by and locked into a narcoleptic fit.

In recent times, because the narcoleptic fit has outlasted the patience of life to wait any longer for recovery, and the theatre has taken on the nature of a political ‘demonstration’, which is no less ‘dead’, because it presumes that the viewing public has been ‘turned on’ emotionally by a select group of ‘actors’ in government hire, who incite the emotions by throwing flaming bottles filled with petrol, smash windows, and burn cars and stores.

While an audience of dead men, women, and youths as demonstrators is a necessity for the theatre of desperation, which may on occasion turn violent, the consequences on the ‘participating audience’ is to return it home even more ‘dead’ than before coming on the scene: a) the audience may have been turned (at the scene) into corpses by police violence, or b) it returns home to be recruited as soldiers in a Revolutionary Army to be killed en-masse on the battlefield of this or that Waterloo, or c) they simply return to the hum-drum where death is concealed by teams of morticians, predecessors to ‘Spetsnaz’ teams of the military today.

Those among us who identify themselves as ‘Jewish’ or ‘Muslim’ were the first to make this ‘breakthrough’ to life-everlasting by concealing dead hominids underground before sundown. The breakthrough began with the arrival of yatsak [yat=hunt; sak=skin, fur; (tax paid in animal skins)], as the demand for animal skins left so many bloody corpses of animals lying about that the quickest way for hominids to conceal their crimes against wild-life was to become meat eaters, which turned our stomachs into de facto factory cemeteries, the products of which we hastened to flush down the toilet, lest we are overwhelmed by a host of buzzing angels all become flies.

Death-denial has several desirable social functions : a) it returns us with little trouble to the unconscious, which we otherwise claim belongs solely to the animal kingdom; b) justifies perpetual war which makes life tolerable, as it guarantees the return of an orgiastic time (a Paradisial fuck) every generation or so to regenerate those lost due to mass social suicide in the interim; c) makes possible the extinction of hominids for long enough for our planet to re-grow its lost woods and re-evolve the animal kingdom; d) to reinvent a theatre in which death is brought back to life by a sacrifice of life on the stage.

While ‘d)’ is problematic when it comes to realization, the problem is solved if hominid life is denied a sufficient amount of ‘individual rights and freedoms’ (just enough so we deny consciousness of death and never see the ditch we must jump upon dying) and turn the ‘final event’ into a theatrical performance in which the star actor is the King, who makes Life-as-Theatre Real by declaring himself Homo Sacer (‘naked’, ‘sacred’ , and ‘accursed’ Everyman) and who takes his life in a ‘live’ rather than a picnoleptic event on the autobahn.

While death in terms of numbers has never visited us as frequenly as in our time, we have discovered in ‘electronic’ (picnoleptic) burial a phenomenon that can be described as a ‘Theatre of Closure’. The assassination, burial , and afterlife of President Kennedy is a near perfect example of the Theatre of Closure as a Package destined never to be opened.

The Theatre of Homo Sacer ( ‘naked’ and ‘sacred-accursed’ man), whether performed by the descendants of the  ’47 Ronin’ (see preceding blogs), or as in , are yet proto versions to the ones that will soon be upon us. Animal life—out of which consciousness emerged—is in death throes or agon  and awaits human sacrifice to survive.
Save the wood. .
Saw Cross

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 300 / 13  
A Civilization of Persecution
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All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin. This series begins with 288.


Here is what in the previous blog, I failed to add to the Paul Virilio quote (“…Total Peace of deterrence is Total War… by other means….” . the follow up by Sylvere Lotringer’s (his interviewer and writing partner):

“We are in the process of passing beyond the Nation-State toward a ‘military State’. Which is another way of restating the end of politics.”

Because I agree with both statements, I omitted the last, because in my opinion the ‘military State’, which has emerged out of Total War, has challenged the very nature of the human Mind. As I see it (blogs 297-8), the Mind is now challenging the military through the charisma of the ’47 Ronin’, which charisma the military State has total lack of, but has not yet met up with in its contact with the civilian population, because of the military States’s censorship of the media through demands that it publish only positivist information and deny publicity to civilian and pacifist opposition.

I agree with Paul Verilio’s statement that the activities and actions of the military State have resulted in the phenomenon that “God has come back into history through the door of terror.”*

The Latvian media (within the sphere of NATO influence) refused to give any attention to a more than three months long fast that I engaged in beginning late July, going on through the months of August, September, October, through November of last year. The aim of the fast was to bring to the attention of the public the effort of the government to deconstruct Latvia as a sovereign nation with the aim of making it a federated state within the EU.

The operation of the military State is clearly visible in the current situation in the Ukraine, where the military failed to support the politicians, who had failed to educate the Ukrainian public (through the media of course) that the dream of the West that ‘technical innovation’ will rescue a deliberately repressed and dumbed-down urban public from the Dead End it has been brought to by the military State.

The Dead End has been reached through the exhaustion by the military’s technology of all economic systems. The military State has kept society on a Total War footing for over two generations—since 1945, the end of WW2. The ‘successes of the military State is evidenced in the collapse of the Soviet Union and the implosion of the U.S. economy and financial systems.

Remaining enthralled by technological magic, the public of the Ukraine refused to side with the government it had itself elected, when that government perceived the Dead End the EU was attempting to capture it for to lead to. The Ukrainian military (obviously intimidated by NATO) then pretended to be on the side of the Ukrainian public and did not support the government though the President had fired the top commander of the armed forces .  

This is not to say that the passage of the liberal ‘democratic’ state into the military State has ended, because there remain many possibilities for unilateral military actions by means of the nature of explosives The assassination of Lebanon’s former Prime Minister Rafik Hairiri in 2005 (though the means continue to be kept secret) surely proves this. The weapon was said to have been developed by Germany, but now other countries are likely to be in its possession, and such lethal explosions, with the damage calculable with precision, may again be of use.

The author of the article, Thierry Meyssan writes:

 When we asked a number of military experts what kind of explosives … they mentioned a new type of weapon which has been developed over several decades and is featured in reports appearing in scientific journals. The combination of nuclear and nonotechnology science can trigger an explosion the exact strength of which can be regulated and controlled. The weapon is set up to destroy everything within a given perimeter, down to the nearest centimeter.

As Virilio continues on the nature of war: “The paratroopers [Israeli, 1969] destroyed planes [at Beirut airport] and went home…. The problem is when a state takes over… and says: ‘Now what are you going to do?’ That’s state terrorism.” (p. 40) **

Such a ‘surprise’ war can take place anywhere at anytime. And the greater the surprise, the more successful the war and unnerving the question: What are you going to do about it? Still, it solves nothing, because the military State plays the public as the dummy until the number of stars on our flags becomes 47. For that to happen, a new kind of theatre actor has to be born and come on stage.
*Paul Virilio, Pure War, p. 143, The MIT Press. **Ibid.
Save the wood. .
Saw Cross

Friday, February 21, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 299 / 12  
A Civilization of Persecution
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All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin. This series begins with 288.


I have long argued that Western or Catholic (Jesus centered) Christianity has wrought havoc on our planet. Over the years (over which I have written my blogs), I have listed quite a few reasons for this.

One of the main reasons for the Christian (and Muslim) wrought disaster is the destruction of an all encompassing sphere of thought and its replacement with a uni-polar thought system.

In the Western sphere, the onset of war against an all encompassing mind began when the Crusaders attacked an earlier form of Christianity which held that thought possessed, both, the positive and negative realms, i.e., the good, the bad, the moral, and immoral. At the same time, these early Christians, led by Basil (a Slavic name for King), recognized that on our planet the negative order had to be contained and restrained by a transcending or sacrificial principle, which could be achieved only through a will to self-sacrifice.

Unfortunately, the will to self-sacrifice, introduced an illusionary split in the sphere of the all encompassing Mind, and this split was utilized by secularist oriented men, and the positivist half was violently severed from the negative or evil half. History knows this event as the ‘Crusades for Christ’, which began in 1208(?) against the Cathars in Languedoc (now part of France) and against King All Mighty (Vissvaldis-?Basil) in Livonia, now Latvia, ruler of the kingdom of Jersika (?Jerusalem).

Calling its predecessors “worshippers of ‘dualism’”, uni-polarism sharpened the distinctions by defining the negative realm as ‘evil’ and belonging to Satan (God of the minus end of the numerical scale), while simultaneously identifying itself and its God with the positive end of the numerical scale.

Catholic Christians soon attacked the Sovereign Christians and gained the upper hand through the fact that they accepted the guidance of a system of bureaucrats, which was established by the ‘Church’ leaders, most of who were the unemployed siblings of secular leaders seeking power and wealth for themselves.

In practical terms, secular leadership meant the replacement of a system of government led by a Priest-King with a system of middlemen, who early on were priests serving a runagate King. Early or Sovereign Christianity had no middlemen, but were led in their orientation by what then seemed a realm of an all encompassing sphere of mind. Furthermore, their orientation was conditioned by the fact that our planet at that time was covered by wood, and their habitat was that wood.

To live in a wood means clearing a small ground of trees and build in the clearing a house, often a communal house , or in some cases, moving the house up into the trees . While the Catholic missionaries may claim that these people of the jungle live in a ‘bubble’ (a world outside of our time), the argument is easily reversible by arguing that the real and unsustainable bubble is our urban centered desert .

Of course, to listen to the advertisements of the ‘glories’ of our urban desert, we hear stress on ‘creativity’, which if analyzed reveals that such creativity is little more than an effort to escape the boredom of the urban scene.

A similar paradox that Jesus centered Christianity brings us is wonderfully put by the French philosopher Paul Virilio: “…the Total Peace of deterrence is Total War pursued by other means.”*

A yet even greater paradox is why the Christianity of Jesus, obviously a creation of Capitalism (which was quite literally created of flayed skins of forest animals), which—before the invention of ‘money’—constituted the first tax, is claimed and believed to be a ‘Savior’, when by dismissing Dualism as Evil, it has no other means of deterring violence than through an ever more lethal technology of War. If implemented, this technology would result in a suicide of the implementer, the very phenomenon it seeks to escape and declares to be an act against its positivist God.

Here is where we must look back to the all encompassing mind concept. If the uni-polar and positivist mindset of the West is mistaken, then the time when deterrence of violence will no longer function and will be circumvented by ‘other means’ will surely come.

It is this ‘other means’ that has held my focus on the political alternative of the King or—as I wrote in blog 297—the ’47 Ronin’ standing in for him in a charismatic sense. It is not only because I read so many fairytales that focused on a King when a child, but because war first came into my life in 1939, at the age of six.

I remember seeing a photo of a Stuka airplane shown dive-bombing  over Warsaw and no less clearly my maternal grandfather, Kahrlis Ozols (formerly Latvia’s ambassador in Moscow) walking with my father, Jahnis Benyaminsh (Jānis Benjamiņš), editor in chief of Latvia’s then largest newspaper “Jaunākās Ziņas” (Latest News), in our garden and discussing how to react to a possible Soviet incursion into Latvia. As I recall, the tone of the discussion centered the fact that both were citizens of Latvia in ‘good’ standing, and as such had nothing to be ashamed of or fear.

A few years later the Soviets shot them both, Karlis possibly with Stalin’s knowledge in Moscow, my father in Astrahan.

I often think back to those days and mull over in my mind what—all things considered—my ‘ideal’ and ‘true’ reaction ought to be (both men were oriented toward capitalism). It is this ‘mulling’ that continues in my mind that maintains the concentration of my thoughts on the King, and leads me to conclude that if Stalin had acted as a self-declared homo sacer (he had the necessary absolute authority) and sacrificed his life for the Bolshevik cause as a ‘naked’ and ‘sacred’ man, I would hold that the sacrifices of my family had not been in vain.

However, as it stands, if Stalin, the man, would rise from the dead and come before me, I would, in my old age, wish him eternal life, find me a few worthy witnesses, and take my life before his eyes to revenge mine.

*Paul Virilio, Pure War, p. 39, The MIT Press.
Save the wood. .
Saw Cross

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 298 / 11  
A Civilization of Persecution
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin. This series begins with 288.

The present Ukrainian leadership has allowed political wool to be pulled over its eyes. Presently Ukraine is going up in flames, as various leaders hem and haw as to what to do. A full blown civil war or even a WW is not out of the question. Such could break out in the nearest future as the West attempts to grasp in its embrace Kiev, the capital of Russia many years ago and deprive Russia of its naval bases in Crimea.

The Western media, playing the role a priesthood that affirms government policy through the sacrament of agreeable repetition, has managed to pollute the sphere of information like the plastic scum that drifts with ocean currents. No intelligence may be had by reading so-called ‘official media’, such as the New York Times, The Washington Post, or listening to television channels such as CNN or BBC. One can only express joy when reading that the public is abandoning these for the Internet, where one can read a wide variety of opinions both pro and con and a lot more diversified and no less authoritative.

In an earlier blog of this series, “The ‘Knellen’ of EU Nations” (blogs 275-288), and subsequent “A Civilization of Persecution” (blogs 288-297), I suggest that Ukraine be partitioned into East and West Ukraine and recommend that the form of government of the West Ukraine not be a democracy, but a form monarchy with its authority and leadership deriving from ‘47 Ronin’, the latter gaining their inspiration from the behavior of 47 Japanese samurai. The 47 samurai, when deprived of the head of their Estate, all agreed to commit seppuku, aka hara kiri. Such commitment and loyalty has been long lost to the West, which is not to say that it not in need of it.

As I explain in an  earlier series of blogs “The King and I” (blogs 264-274), the ‘democratic’ order of government, engineered by various political parties holds no charisma for the public. The reason for the rupture of government and the public is that the government has accrued to itself all law-making, and all laws decree that it is the public that must sacrifice life in the event the government decrees war.

In the above mentioned series, I suggest that one of the solutions to the problems of governing Ukraine, is to partition Western Ukraine (whence most of the ‘freedom’ seekers) from Eastern Ukraine. As I see it, the border of the partition begin at Chernobyl and moves south along the eastern borders of the states of Zhytomyrs’ka and Vinnyts'ka (or even further west), while its capital is moved in the city of Ternopil’ (state of Ternopil’s’ka), dividing the Ukraine in roughly 1/3rd West, 2/3rds East

While I realize that the separatists from Western Ukraine may not be happy with getting the lesser half of the Ukraine, they are getting it sans an all out civil war and a huge cost of lives to themselves, not to mention the world seeing its electric wiring burned out by a few electromagnetic nuclear bursts.

By joining the EU and NATO, and, therefore, putting their sovereignty at risk (as all other East European, post-Soviet States have done), Western Ukraine may yet strike a ‘knell’ for freedom as their negotiators stipulate that they will join the EU only as a monarchy of ‘47’ (see above). By such a stipulation, they not only will create a potentially new form of government for the world's sovereign nations, but guarantee sovereignty for themselves.

To those who argue that this means that the ‘new’ Ukraine becomes a fascist state, the answer is: ‘You asked for it!’ Clearly, the ‘democracy’ being peddled to the world by the U.S. is a democracy not for the People or of the People, but a ‘democracy’ for the ‘new’ Princes, the Oligarchs of our time. I speak from experience.

While the East European country of my experience is Latvia, I invite anyone to come to any of the post-Soviet East European States and see for themselves what U.S. Capitalism with Harvard School of Business leading it has accomplished here. It is no mere hearsay that single mothers of said area are being forced to go to the capitals of their own and foreign countries to earn a living for their children as whores, hopefully in such ‘paradisial’ job creating centres as Paradise in Stutgart or Pascha, Cologne .

As for those who claim that fascism is inherent within monarchies, I suggest that by exercising democratic not-violent terror (the awe of self-sacrifice) to suppress latent aggression arising from nationalist midst (we ought to remember that while Germany lost WW2, it never gave up on fascist ideology), such danger would no longer be real. If we had a “free press”, we would have learned long ago that it is capitalist ‘democracy’ that introduced fascism in the first place.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 297 / 10  
A Civilization of Persecution
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All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin. This series of blogs begins with 288.


The prevailing hominid urban landscape constitutes a deliberately engineered disaster by economic interests that define human beings as no higher on the evolutionary chart than buzzards fighting over the eye of a dead cow. The dead cow and its eye are of course our planet.

Yet our species, which infests the body of Earth, is expending much energy in creating a song that insists that the hominids of the Industrial Age are an exception to the rule by dint that exhausted nature yields it new matter from exhausted matter as a result of hominid ingenuity as ‘scientists’. If medieval alchemists believed that lead could be turned into gold, we believe that exhausted and salty soil will yield to seeds invented by scientists turned clowns working in a monsanto sponsored lab.

To those readers who still believe these blogs a bad joke: “I really am for a return to the wood, for raising work horses (rather than race horses), and the reduction of urbanism to its precancerous level and as domicile for same sex partners only. And I would reallly replace government with a bureaucracy under the control of 47 Ronin living in an ageless dream-time-space which no one knows to find but in their heads.”

The reason we no longer have governments by Kings is because the Princes of ‘democracy’ killed them. The best known example of getting rid of a King and replacing him with a ‘democracy’ dictated by oligarchs is the Magna Charta written by English Princes who just recently delivered us the ‘freedom’ songs of Pussy Riot desecrating a Moscow cathedral. On the opposite end of these young Russian women reducing themselves to punks, are the martyrs of Islam going to their deaths with dynamite shredded heads of innocents hung like prayer beads from their belts.

Like it or not, the martyrs of Islam come up smelling like roses when compared to Russian and Ukrainian girls drunk on Western propaganda trumpeted from the lips from the likes of Madonna (Material Girl), an agent of the U.S. government whether she knows it or not. Such deadheads bespeak of a sickness unto death among the hominid species.

A failing life-style has with the aid of murderous violence managed to persuade most everyone that it is a success story for all future ages. While thousands drown trying to swim the waters to more prosperous shores  and yet others die of balloons filled with heroin bursting in their stomachs, the minds of millions under the tutelage of capitalist corporatism shrivel to the size of plastic corks bobbing in nuclear waste polluted oceans.

I truly hope that the world that exists a hundred years from now will look much like the world that existed a hundred or two years ago. In fact, I would like to see the world retreat to the time before the foundation of Papal Rome, which is back before the introduction of capitalism in the Western world under the umbrage of a God who has turned Earth into a shithouse.

True, most people alive today believe that our technology cannot be stopped. The illusion of power and our delusion over the illusion will rather drink polluted water of a cracked Earth than consider a return to the age of the horse, oceans full of fish, and for single mothers with incomes from other than state support for a job in a whorehouse in Riga.

With blog 297, I am ending a personal quest to understand the causes of the violence and barbarity of our civilization. I am planning to turn my future energies to projects closer to home. I thank all readers for their patience and interest in what has been a matter of subjective search for truth by one cricket (as I see it) of seven in the wall. Since my reader response (yes, over years) has been nearly zero, this is one instance, where the NSA might serve me as a library, while I am in the wood picking blue tulips with glowworms in their cups signaling where they be.

As the I Ching says it: “Perseverence furthers!” Save the wood. .
Saw Cross


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 296 / 9  
A Civilization of Persecution
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All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin. This series of blogs begins with 288.


For birth to occur there must pre-exist a condition of trust. Such trust must pre-exist for even the smallest form of life. Materialists may call it ‘optimum conditions’.

Today no trust worth trusting exists. The hominid species is rapidly destroying the conditions necessary for life on planet Earth—from sardines, to dolphins, to their own kind. Distrust is sown by capitalism to facilitate ways to better confuse and f**k you.

This is why it is not surprising that life everywhere is at some stage of dying, and if not yet dead, but of hominid species and no longer a child, it is likely thinking how it may come to its death. It is a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with suicide ever on the mind.

While this blogger admits to suffering from PTSD (how else could I come to write about it?), I do not admit to being hopeless nor to wishing those who have engineered the death our civilization dead by any other hand or mind but their own. However, to think thus is nothing new for me. I have thought this way since 73 years ago, which brings me back to the year 1941, when I was eight y.o.

I have already—a number of times—used the Japanese story of the “47 Samurai” as an example for action to escape the curse of PTSD, and hope that the story becomes better known in our corrupt civilization, of which Japan is not only one, but one of the best examples. Contrary to myth, which proclaims that the story of the ‘47’ is well known and admired in Japanese society to this day, this is a lie. The behavior of current Japanese leadership stands their past on its head.

Another name for the 47 ‘samurai’ in Japan is ‘ronin’ , which according to the link explains that ‘ronin’ means samurai left without a master. The link gives a decent description of what samurai without a master are like. The link also serves to describe contemporary hominids the world over—whether they be Spaniards, Americans, Germans. Italians, Tibetans, or Latvians, young or old.

It is interesting that in Latvia the word ‘ronin’ rings onomatopoetically to the word ‘ruhnihts’ (castrated). I take the liberty to use a pareidolic association to make these two words synonyms. Their common origin lies (likely) in the times, when in spring, both peoples drove reindeer herds from the Black and Caspitan seas regions to the Asian northeast, but one party went east (and became Japanese), while the other moved west of the Urals and became the Goths (whence the French, Germans, and Norman English).   

[From my perspective, the Japanese and Latvian cultures have both been ‘roninized’ (castrated) into ‘law-abiding’ and subjectivity lacking muted mentalities. The Japanese were struck by this tragedy after Commodore Perry ‘opened’ Japan in 1854, while the Latvians (and Western Russians) got the brunt of Gothic-Roman tax collecting ‘higher’ culture from such representatives as the Swedes, Danes, Germans, French, Romanized Poles and Lithuanians from the 12th century on.]

Indeed, the Ronin without a master have behaved as one may imagine  castrated samurai will; and modern man without a God (be It One or many who are worthy of the Name) is no less an impotent creature. It is not for me to condemn the Japanese for representing a castrated culture, as it was done by one of their own writers—Yukio Mishima , a three time candidate for the Nobel Prize, which he did not get allegedly because of his anti-modernist perspective asked an equal sacrifice of the leadership than it asked of the common Japanese man and woman.

Japanese elite were so impressed by American capitalist ways that four decades after meeting ambassador Perry, it attacked China and Korea (1894) . Apparently the Japanese were impressed with the way capitalism, while dictating laws to others, managed to preserve its greed obsessed subjective meme a law unto itself or  free of the law. Up to the time of meeting up with capitalism, the Japanese had, so to speak, put their noses into the hole in the wall dug there by the samurai code of honor known as bushido .

Freed of ‘bushido’ by America, the Japanese elite transformed Bushido into Japan’s feudal laws, and Japan’s went on the attack, eventually also against the shining tower of capitalism, America itself—for which daring it received the honor of being the first whose ‘populist’ segment was to suffer annihilation from the nuclear bomb.

The suffering incurred by the atom bomb destabilized the self-posession of the Japanese elite even further: they determined to unleash the Japanese subjective meme in as undisciplined a fashion as that same meme became unleashed among the Americans and they began to write polarized ‘laws’ as were ‘inspired’ by their subjective wishes.

Among the wishes of the Japanese elite is the wish not to have to apologize to anyone who its elite ever ordered attacked and murdered. By persuading the average Japanese to accept the reasons of murderers and, thus, removing from the consciousness of the ordinary Japanese any sense of guilt, it inspired its military plebs to turn into kamikaze pilots and sacrifice their lives to save the Japanese establishment (the Sun King including). The elite began to wait until more fortunate times came their way again and they could again become aggressors . Though such times take time to arrive, the Japanese establishment is so sure they will come, it has put the country 200% into debt of its GDP . Currently, the Japanese capitalist mind is represented by its Prime Minister Shinzo Abe , which puts Japan on par with America led by its Kenya born (Bilderberger concocted relativist) President.

In our capitalist hall of mirrors, the insignificant Latvian elite fit in as if in a made to order hologram with Japan and America. Economic ‘growth’ in the Latvian economy is accomplished by driving up to 900,000 (out of 2.2 milion) of its people from the country as economic refugees. Few  Latvians take issue with this fate, unless one considers the non-stop foul language on the country’s internet sites, which means that on the subjective level the language of the people is suffering from a deadly variety of Turrets Syndrome, which may be a way of escaping PTSD.

Is there any ‘out’ of this ‘cramp’ of persecution by the ‘legalized’ capitalist meme and return to the once extensive ‘freedom’ of the  subjective landscape?

No one knows, except the ’47 Ronin’—whenever it is that they see fit to come together. When and if that happens, I would hope that they are of venerable old age, to avoid the unfortunate habit of young heterosexual Japanese committing suicide to affirm their love in an otherwise meaningless public space.

The 47 x 47 (=2009) Japanese officials Plus (government and private company) who are responsible for the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant will never pay for their crime, which has caused pollution of the entire Pacific Ocean, is killing sea life by the tens if not hundreds of thousands, causing yet unfathomable mutations, and is making swimming on the west coast of the U.S. (let alone Japan) dangerous, and has smeared the reputation of hominid intelligence with Japanese snot.

My personal judgment of the story of the ‘47 Ronin’ is that the ronin made a mistake by killing their lord’s enemy. As I see it, they should have taken their lives to shame Kira into doing likewise, because if he did not do so, he would surely be identified with Homo Sacer . Still, the story sets a precedent for 47 unknown Japanese to repeat the act today before the Nakamon or inner gate of the Imperial court (formerly Edo castle). Not only would they  by their act give the dead Japanese king new relevance and life, but reintroduce an old ethic to government officials the world over.




Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 295 / 8  
A Civilization of Persecution
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin. This series of blogs begins with 288.


As I wrote in some older blogs, among my acquaintances is a young woman who works as a prostitute in Riga. I mention this in the context of the economies of the peripheral countries of the EU, which are designated to become part of the Federation of the EU. The economic conditions where I live are horrific enough (and have been such for many years) that many young Latvian women employ themselves as prostitutes in the Latvian capital.

An acquaintance was recently telling me that in a question and answer television show where the prize for the correct answer is money, the question came up: which is the oldest profession: sowing or whoring? When the contestant guessed: “sowing”, she lost her standing, because the right answer according to the MC is “whoring”.

According to R.I. Moore, whose theme “Persecuting Society” (Blackwell), I expand on in this series of blogs, mentions in his book of that “…the familiar phenomenon of urban prostitution… comes clearly into view in the cities of Northern Europe in the second half of the twelfth century….” While prostitution as a ‘job’ for females appeared due to the rise of urbanization and dire economic circumstances in the countryside (it had not been known as a profession in the countryside before its replacement by the city), it was not prohibited, because the king, church, and nobility profited from it. However, later Rome (perhaps after having some second thoughts) decreed that prostitutes should be excommunicated. This led to “…the treatment of prostitutes [to] resemble that of the Jews….” (p. 91)

My own response is that I believe that the contestant was more right than wrong, because the oldest profession—contrary to popularly disseminated belief—is not prostitution, but thievery. In antiquity this was a crime severely dealt with: the thief often lost his-her hand or fingers.

However, gradually this offense against community solidarity became one of the most common crimes on the books. Why should this be so?

In a previous blog (293), I pointed out that the beginning of Capitalism is not to be sought in business or trading activity, but in taxation. Taxation most likely came about as a result of the robberies, which the Vikings committed against some shaman’s faith healing station or temple, where local people tended to leave gifts for the Gods whom they believed helped heal them.

Out of necessity to defend the community about him, the shaman turned into a military leader and, thereafter, into a King. As the attacks from the Vikings did not cease, but plundering parties actually increased, the shaman-King was forced to ask his people for ‘donations’ (as we might call them), which became a necessity and eventually were instituted as taxation. This began, most likely, in ancient Byzantine Empire.

In antiquity, taxation was not collected to support the pensioners, who were believed to be able to support themselves or be supported by their families, but it was to support the armed men with who the King surrounded himself. However, in due course, a part of the taxes also found their way into the King’s own pockets.

The evolutionary path is directly apparent: thievery < taxation < and corrupt government to this day.

This evolutionary path led to (as per blog 293) to major rebellions of the people of the wood and their direct descendants, the early peasants. [Incidentally, the early peasants were called ‘pagans’, which is a word derived from ‘pa-yans’ (half herder).]   I also pointed out, how this path from shaman as charismatic military leader led to irresponsible and unconscionable Presidents and Prime Ministers and governments. Except for the leadership of such governments, which militarily powerful ‘democracies’ in our times have declared ‘dictatorships’, and whose leaders have been tried and hung, no leaders of so-called ‘democracies’  have been brought to trial, convicted, and hung.

Nevertheless, the ‘gap’ in our day is not only between the rich and the poor, which the media deliberately emphasize, but is also evident between those who are asked to sacrifice their lives vs the privileged who do the recruiting, yet make no sacrifices of their own. In the last case, I am thinking about the ordinary soldiers who come from the ranks of the plebs vs the political leadership among who are few who are not millionaires.

We are taught to believe that mutation and evolution moves on through logical steps, except that we fail to ad that the steps have logic of their own and are seldom determined by the logic of the political establishment itself. For this reason, the greater significance of deforestation--whether accomplished by ordinary cross saw, chain saw, or artillery—is not agriculture (though not discounted), but mass murder by machine guns and the order of government that follows.

Though we discount the effects of these ‘victories’ on soldiers, and though these ‘effects of victory’ are seldom noted by the public or the media, their cumulative effects on the wounded is not negligible. The most obvious consequence of one such ‘victory’ is that the German peasant insurgency of the 16th century may yet discover its future in an insurgency of 21st century military, a topic deliberately not discussed—likely due to pressure on the media by the military and political elite.  Nevertheless, if one looks around, dissatisfaction among the military plebs, certainly the ones who return from combat zones with grievous physical and mental wounds is steadily increasing.

Just as the German peasant revolt of 1525 was preceded by many other revolts, revolt among the ranks in the military, too, has a history. The most famous one is that of the crew of the Russian naval battle ship ‘Potemkin’ .  (1905 Revolution, contributed to the 1917 Revolution). Interestingly, a naval ship (including submarine) is one of the last places in the military where the captain of the ship shares the fate of the crew. The top leadership of infantry units are generally absent from the battlefield, but if for some reason are close, an armed helicopter is surely spinning its rotors and waiting to whisk them away at a moment’s notice.

In short, the military command of all modern governments works on the principle of the charismatic and ‘imaginary King’ who acts as the ruler of the people of the wood, which in the modern age has been replaced by the urban desert. Once the charisma of a leader is shattered, what takes place is the braking apart of the community into a ‘democracy’ of shattered loyalty. The following link, a German (Das) interview with Snowden , however, points in the opposite direction, i.e., the hubris of government officials to themselves murder the plebs of the ranks of the empire they believe themselves to be the leaders of. While the threat is no bluff, it may well be hubris.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 294 / 7  
A Civilization of Persecution
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin. This series of blogs begins with 288.


Capitalist Christianity or Catholicism largely succeeded in its intentions to eliminate the Christians of the Wood by gradually eliminating the wood itself, the hiding place of the peasants. Catholization, aka Globalization, is a gradual geopolitical event.

The apogee of the process was reached when the Church began to sell sacraments through a process known as ‘simony’ (roughly meaning ‘advantage’)

While the practice was popular among the leadership of the Catholic Church (as it is today among the globalizers ensconced in Brussels), it gained much opposition among the peasants and the people of the wood to whom the peasants were closely related. While the religion ministers of the time were considered to be also the intellectuals of the time, there evidently were many intelligent people, such as the artist Gustave Doré, who depicted the punishment of the clergy as that of Dante’s 8th Circle in hell, where the sinners are buried head first into the ground with their feet and sometimes genitals rising above ground (as the front most figure in the picture). Apparently Pope Nicholas III was committed to this circle so he could walk around the buried figures and give them spiritual enlightenment by jerking them off gratis whenever their behinds rose above ground. He was, thus, shat as much gold as he could tolerate the stench of.

As subsequent revolts of the peasant and people of the wood revealed, the Christian ‘globalization’ or ‘catholization’ process was in essence a persecutorial process that involved torture. The picture to the right tells us that the leaders of the times thought of the peasants as ‘terrorists’ and tortured them according to the laws of the Inquisition'_War . Note the stripped trunk of the tree and its branches used for faggots. Martin Luther condemned the peasants as ‘war mongers’ when he wrote an article called  Against the Murderous, Thieving Hordes of Peasants, which appeared in May 1525.

As one of the links (above) so aptly explains, the Great Peasant Revolt (1525) or German Peasant’s War was the first major European Civil unrest before the French Revolution of 1789. As many as 300,000 peasants may have been murdered by the king and his nobles.

What this writer finds almost beyond understaning is that neither the current political right or left sees the revolt as an inevitable revolt of hominem hominems against the desertification of our planet by the elites—not even five hundred years later. The analysis of causes among intellectuals is near nonexistent. The cause of the revolts is self-evidently a consequence of the propaganda and lies of our post-Krist-Yahn Christianity x 500 circles of fire to roast more than one innocent alive at the same time: .

While the holier than Thou Christians pretend that they are for non-violence as the Archbishop of Canterbury does in the following link by invoking the self-sacrifice of Dietrich Bonhoefer way back (67 years) in 1945 under the Nazi regime is nothing short of disgusting . The example given by the archbishop of violence being cooked on three heated stones: ethnicity, economics, and religion is to get all three stones wrong, because violence in our contemporary world rests on: 1) the absence of religion (of which the archbishop is a good example); 2) corruption of leadership; 3) ruthless ‘democracy’; and 4) totalization of urbanization .

Item 4 (totalization of urbanization) is in a manner of looking at things the direct outgrowth of the German Peasants’ War (you should read the contents of the link), which touches on all the subjects that effect the persecutorial orientation of our civilization. Relentless urbanization, a by-product of capitalism (just as taxation-tolerant Catholic and Protestant Christianity is), which began in Medieval Europe with the deforestation of its forests, is breaking like a rotten egg over our heads .

Nearly five hundred years after the German Peasant Rebellion, the barons have devised a mechanism of defense, which they believe to be foolproof. Beginning with the destruction of the woods, which opened the field of fire to machineguns, the mechanical monster—always exempting itself from having to face death by interposing the lives of others in its place—the leadership of the barons (now known as oligarchs) have devised a mechanism for war in which the machine is on automatic pilot. The important innovation in this is that sensing that soldiers, increasingly aware that they are recruited to suffer death in the place of the leadership may, therefore, come to see themselves as the next ‘peasants’ and begin a revolt against the leadership. The next war may (at least ideally) occur entirely ad hominem.

As the following clip shows, in the future supply trucks may deliver weapons to the troops by ‘autonomous’ vehicles , while the fighting men escape the mines on the road by being air lifted to the front lines by helicopters.


Monday, February 3, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 293 / 6  
A Civilization of Persecution
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin. This series of blogs begins with 288.


Thousands of books have been written in an attempt to explain the emergence of ‘Modern Times’ with all its consequences .

Yet to this day no one has quite managed to explain how the story of Jesus Christ, allegedly the Son of God and, therefore according to Christian theology, God Himself, ends up being the admitted story of his murder, granted not yet admitted?

How is it that Pope Francis in Rome, said to be sitting in the chair of Peter, Jesus’s First Disciple (and Apostle) , is nothing short of milquetoast, i.e., a slice of bread soaked in milk and egg batter fried on a stove never hot enough to properly cook anything? True, Pope Francis has criticized unfettered Capitalism as ‘tyranny’ and upset Rush Libough , though when we consider what Libough says, he is right on the money: Where would the Catholic (Globalist) Church or Christianity (as it is todayI be without money?

Without money, the Christian Church would not be, because the only charisma that keeps its bureaucracy in existence is money. Why should this be so?

The readers who remember my blog 289, re: “Of Primitive Language”, will remember that it argues that the origins of Christian history are to be sought in the origin of language itself. The Baltic languages (and no doubt many others) all had at their root a grammatical form known as ‘the endearing word’. Though linguists have attempted to belittle this linguistic form by calling it a ‘diminutive form’ , when considered from an empathetic perspective, it reflects a profound reverence, even a ‘religious’ attitude in speech.

This is not to say that ‘reverence for life’  is in and of itself recognition of divinity, nevertheless, it reveals itself to be the opposite of the attitude exhibited by materialist scientism of our time.

While some may find it sufficient that ‘reverence for life’ remain an attitude, our time proves that along with such an attitude must come the will to do reverence justice.

It is in this ‘will to do’ that this writer finds the current forms of Christianity deficient in that ‘the will to do’ does not involve a critical analysis, but consists solely of words words words.

While organizations concerned with ecology and diminishment of poverty unquestionably do good, the ‘good’ done is far from sufficient to reverse the damage that deforestation and corporate ethics results in. What we need is ‘reverence for life Plus!’, because the damage done by our technology and economic attitudes far exceed the ability of our planet Earth to cope with.

I have over and over again pointed to our wonted ‘urbanism’ as one of the great culprits in the desertification of our planet that little by little pushes the planet’s surface to become like that of Mars . I have also been critical of our ‘democratic’ economy and the materialist philosophies of our empire federations that rule without political will yet are dogmatic for all that. Though for the most part, I have pointed to capitalist philosophy as being one of the main damagers, this does not mean that I exclude the oft praised socialist philosophy and so-called ‘left wing’ political parties.

What most of or politicians, economists, ecologists, scientists, and philosophers seem to have forgotten is that the ‘modern age’ began with taxation. Indeed, ‘taxes’ are the source of the damaging philosophies of both capitalism and socialism, because it is taxation which enables the growth of government, methods of ‘harvesting’ unearned income (by government) that depletes the Earth, and worst of all, creates cities with enervated and sentimental populations. Taxation was also the Great Cause of the Religious Schism that (to use Christian terminology) crucified the Son of God, Jesus Christ, without acknowledging just who the crucifiers were.

The many False Flags that have been let fly in the last few centuries, not least those of very recent times show us the ‘chinks in the armour’ of the governmental entities our civilization has created. The greatest wound that our intelligence suffers from is our false history.

I have pointed out, in past blogs, how taxation likely began with the Vikings or Goths, who invaded ancient Jerusalem, located on the Bosphorus Straight, from the north, by the routes of the Volga, Dniepr, and Donau river systems. At that time, taxation was probably the result of straight out robbery by the invaders of local Kings, who had ruled—for ages—in a relatively autarchic environment dominated by the wood, where people eked out a living from ‘the gifts of the wood’ (wood, berries, mushrooms, a variety of seeds, reindeer milk, and sacrifice of animals to create of their skin and bones dress, shelter, and dressing for the soles of their feet).

The Kings were then forced to pass their losses on to the people they were the nominal rulers of. As neither money nor gold had yet come into being as an exchange mechanism, the first form of taxation was by demanding from the herders a certain amount of animal pelts. While from the perspective of our civilization that seems to be a relatively insignificant tax, in fact it had enormous cultural consequences. We first see the consequence in the misstatements of our anthropologists that our forebears were “hunters, gatherers”.

Our forebears were first ‘gatherers’, which we may liken to animals who are ‘scavengers’ rather than hunters-killers. As herders of animals, our forebears used their animal herds mostly as milk cows, which milk they used as food as well as a source of an inspiring drink. If these forebears had need to kill one of their herd, the animal that was killed was killed with all the honours of a sacrifice; thus our forebears were, rather: ‘gatherers and sacrificers’, not ‘hunters, gatherers’.

Thus began the long saga of the brutalization of hominems. Today we ‘hunt’ by means of drones, pilotless birds armed with rockets instead of an eagle’s talons. Everyday our news and internet links bring us news of new ‘kills’ of ‘enemies’ of our ruthless democracies.