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Eso’s Chronicles 291 / 4  
A Civilization of Persecution
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All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin. This series of blogs begins at 288.

It is a fearsome thing to acknowledge that at least for the last one thousand years or so we have lived within a falsified history. Whether this means that there is another ‘secret’ history working behind the scenes, I do not know, because if there is, I am not privy to it.

I am not what is called ‘a conspiracy theorist’, but I do believe that conspiracies exist and that they are especially prevalent in politics. I also believe that if a conspiracy is conspired in private and it is not told to the public at large, it tends to have a longer life span than ordinary memory, because one always fears that the ‘other side’ will remember and act on it. The longer a conspiracy exists, the more it is likely to be betrayed (taken advantage of) by one of the conspirators, but if it is not betrayed, it means that both conspirators and the innocent public are trapped by the lies and it is dangerous to reveal them.

We have seen such a woof of the warp formed out of the events in the year 2001, the so-called “9/11” event. People, who we generally trust to tell the truth, also get trapped into keeping silent about the true nature of what happened. Generally, the ‘trap’ is because of some important tie to the establishment. I am here speaking of Noam Chomsky’s denial of the 9/11 event as a conspiracy . Of course, Chomsky (I was due him a ‘thank you’ ahead of time) has already denied my objection to his denial of the 0/11 event as a ‘false flag’ informed, at best, by only ‘an hour on the internet’. Yet what he denies is what my eyes clearly see: .

I suspect that the denial of 9/11 will go on until U.S. citizens find the occasion to replace the present U.S. establishment.

But why should the Church fear a schism “since its infancy” (see blog 290)? It is at this point that I diverge from Moore and other historians, and would like to suggest that the so-called division of ancient Rome into two halves—a Western and Eastern—is an event that happens only by creating it through the art of writing and map drawing .

The map, as shown by the above link, is what to our forebears, with many exceptions, constituted the ancient ‘dreamscape’ of our physical universe.

The redrawing of the same map into two halves was, in my view, due to a conspiracy led by the Goths (at that time not yet divided into the Germans, French, Dutch, etc.), who had been driven out of their Viking settlements near the Black Sea (present Romania) by the westward moving Turks and Huns.

Originally the Goths had moved south through the southward flowing river systems of Europe , having originally moved north as herders ( the Evenki, aka Tungus) , which is why we get Turkic languages in Siberia , who may have been part of early Turkic nomads. There is no reason to believe that some of these same herders did not also move westward and across the Ural mountains into what used to be Finnish Karelia and hence into Sweden and Norway, where they got trapped in a cul-de-sac (for centuries, perhaps longer) after Doggerland that connected England to the mainland got flooded and left them stranded. This was about 8,000 to 6,000 bce.

The only way to escape the geographic dead-end was to cross the Baltic for the European mainland and take the river routes south .

One of the reasons to see maps is that they show that ancient history as taught today in schools and presented in media can be told from a very different perspective. The reason why it is not told from various perspectives is because the present perspective is the consequence of an old conspiracy and a lie and must be maintained at all costs. Thus, only that version of the story that the Establishment wishes us to hear.

I mentioned the nature of this conspiracy in blog 286 of a series I called: “The ‘Knellen’ of E.U. Nations”, to wit: “The trouble with Capitalism is that it has proven a failure by the happenstance that puts control of the materialist philosophy into the hands of the rich.” The conspiracy began with the separation of the tribal leaders from the body of the tribe due to economic reasons. This separation—after a brief moment of seeming economic equalization==has again dramatically ‘gapped’.  As the following blog puts it: “The members of Congress have always been rich; today they are even richer.”


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