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Eso’s Chronicles 293 / 6  
A Civilization of Persecution
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin. This series of blogs begins with 288.


Thousands of books have been written in an attempt to explain the emergence of ‘Modern Times’ with all its consequences .

Yet to this day no one has quite managed to explain how the story of Jesus Christ, allegedly the Son of God and, therefore according to Christian theology, God Himself, ends up being the admitted story of his murder, granted not yet admitted?

How is it that Pope Francis in Rome, said to be sitting in the chair of Peter, Jesus’s First Disciple (and Apostle) , is nothing short of milquetoast, i.e., a slice of bread soaked in milk and egg batter fried on a stove never hot enough to properly cook anything? True, Pope Francis has criticized unfettered Capitalism as ‘tyranny’ and upset Rush Libough , though when we consider what Libough says, he is right on the money: Where would the Catholic (Globalist) Church or Christianity (as it is todayI be without money?

Without money, the Christian Church would not be, because the only charisma that keeps its bureaucracy in existence is money. Why should this be so?

The readers who remember my blog 289, re: “Of Primitive Language”, will remember that it argues that the origins of Christian history are to be sought in the origin of language itself. The Baltic languages (and no doubt many others) all had at their root a grammatical form known as ‘the endearing word’. Though linguists have attempted to belittle this linguistic form by calling it a ‘diminutive form’ , when considered from an empathetic perspective, it reflects a profound reverence, even a ‘religious’ attitude in speech.

This is not to say that ‘reverence for life’  is in and of itself recognition of divinity, nevertheless, it reveals itself to be the opposite of the attitude exhibited by materialist scientism of our time.

While some may find it sufficient that ‘reverence for life’ remain an attitude, our time proves that along with such an attitude must come the will to do reverence justice.

It is in this ‘will to do’ that this writer finds the current forms of Christianity deficient in that ‘the will to do’ does not involve a critical analysis, but consists solely of words words words.

While organizations concerned with ecology and diminishment of poverty unquestionably do good, the ‘good’ done is far from sufficient to reverse the damage that deforestation and corporate ethics results in. What we need is ‘reverence for life Plus!’, because the damage done by our technology and economic attitudes far exceed the ability of our planet Earth to cope with.

I have over and over again pointed to our wonted ‘urbanism’ as one of the great culprits in the desertification of our planet that little by little pushes the planet’s surface to become like that of Mars . I have also been critical of our ‘democratic’ economy and the materialist philosophies of our empire federations that rule without political will yet are dogmatic for all that. Though for the most part, I have pointed to capitalist philosophy as being one of the main damagers, this does not mean that I exclude the oft praised socialist philosophy and so-called ‘left wing’ political parties.

What most of or politicians, economists, ecologists, scientists, and philosophers seem to have forgotten is that the ‘modern age’ began with taxation. Indeed, ‘taxes’ are the source of the damaging philosophies of both capitalism and socialism, because it is taxation which enables the growth of government, methods of ‘harvesting’ unearned income (by government) that depletes the Earth, and worst of all, creates cities with enervated and sentimental populations. Taxation was also the Great Cause of the Religious Schism that (to use Christian terminology) crucified the Son of God, Jesus Christ, without acknowledging just who the crucifiers were.

The many False Flags that have been let fly in the last few centuries, not least those of very recent times show us the ‘chinks in the armour’ of the governmental entities our civilization has created. The greatest wound that our intelligence suffers from is our false history.

I have pointed out, in past blogs, how taxation likely began with the Vikings or Goths, who invaded ancient Jerusalem, located on the Bosphorus Straight, from the north, by the routes of the Volga, Dniepr, and Donau river systems. At that time, taxation was probably the result of straight out robbery by the invaders of local Kings, who had ruled—for ages—in a relatively autarchic environment dominated by the wood, where people eked out a living from ‘the gifts of the wood’ (wood, berries, mushrooms, a variety of seeds, reindeer milk, and sacrifice of animals to create of their skin and bones dress, shelter, and dressing for the soles of their feet).

The Kings were then forced to pass their losses on to the people they were the nominal rulers of. As neither money nor gold had yet come into being as an exchange mechanism, the first form of taxation was by demanding from the herders a certain amount of animal pelts. While from the perspective of our civilization that seems to be a relatively insignificant tax, in fact it had enormous cultural consequences. We first see the consequence in the misstatements of our anthropologists that our forebears were “hunters, gatherers”.

Our forebears were first ‘gatherers’, which we may liken to animals who are ‘scavengers’ rather than hunters-killers. As herders of animals, our forebears used their animal herds mostly as milk cows, which milk they used as food as well as a source of an inspiring drink. If these forebears had need to kill one of their herd, the animal that was killed was killed with all the honours of a sacrifice; thus our forebears were, rather: ‘gatherers and sacrificers’, not ‘hunters, gatherers’.

Thus began the long saga of the brutalization of hominems. Today we ‘hunt’ by means of drones, pilotless birds armed with rockets instead of an eagle’s talons. Everyday our news and internet links bring us news of new ‘kills’ of ‘enemies’ of our ruthless democracies.


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