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Eso’s Chronicles 294 / 7  
A Civilization of Persecution
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Capitalist Christianity or Catholicism largely succeeded in its intentions to eliminate the Christians of the Wood by gradually eliminating the wood itself, the hiding place of the peasants. Catholization, aka Globalization, is a gradual geopolitical event.

The apogee of the process was reached when the Church began to sell sacraments through a process known as ‘simony’ (roughly meaning ‘advantage’) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simony

While the practice was popular among the leadership of the Catholic Church (as it is today among the globalizers ensconced in Brussels), it gained much opposition among the peasants and the people of the wood to whom the peasants were closely related. While the religion ministers of the time were considered to be also the intellectuals of the time, there evidently were many intelligent people, such as the artist Gustave Doré, who depicted the punishment of the clergy as that of Dante’s 8th Circle in hell, where the sinners are buried head first into the ground with their feet and sometimes genitals rising above ground (as the front most figure in the picture). Apparently Pope Nicholas III was committed to this circle so he could walk around the buried figures and give them spiritual enlightenment by jerking them off gratis whenever their behinds rose above ground. He was, thus, shat as much gold as he could tolerate the stench of.

As subsequent revolts of the peasant and people of the wood revealed, the Christian ‘globalization’ or ‘catholization’ process was in essence a persecutorial process that involved torture. The picture to the right tells us that the leaders of the times thought of the peasants as ‘terrorists’ and tortured them according to the laws of the Inquisition http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_Peasants'_War . Note the stripped trunk of the tree and its branches used for faggots. Martin Luther condemned the peasants as ‘war mongers’ when he wrote an article called  Against the Murderous, Thieving Hordes of Peasants, which appeared in May 1525.

As one of the links (above) so aptly explains, the Great Peasant Revolt (1525) or German Peasant’s War was the first major European Civil unrest before the French Revolution of 1789. As many as 300,000 peasants may have been murdered by the king and his nobles.

What this writer finds almost beyond understaning is that neither the current political right or left sees the revolt as an inevitable revolt of hominem hominems against the desertification of our planet by the elites—not even five hundred years later. The analysis of causes among intellectuals is near nonexistent. The cause of the revolts is self-evidently a consequence of the propaganda and lies of our post-Krist-Yahn Christianity x 500 circles of fire to roast more than one innocent alive at the same time: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-02-03/deutsche-bank-weve-created-global-debt-monster .

While the holier than Thou Christians pretend that they are for non-violence as the Archbishop of Canterbury does in the following link http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-25927244 by invoking the self-sacrifice of Dietrich Bonhoefer way back (67 years) in 1945 under the Nazi regime is nothing short of disgusting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dietrich_Bonhoeffer . The example given by the archbishop of violence being cooked on three heated stones: ethnicity, economics, and religion is to get all three stones wrong, because violence in our contemporary world rests on: 1) the absence of religion (of which the archbishop is a good example); 2) corruption of leadership; 3) ruthless ‘democracy’; and 4) totalization of urbanization http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFgb1BdPBZo&list=PLDF53F51394B7789C .

Item 4 (totalization of urbanization) is in a manner of looking at things the direct outgrowth of the German Peasants’ War (you should read the contents of the link), which touches on all the subjects that effect the persecutorial orientation of our civilization. Relentless urbanization, a by-product of capitalism (just as taxation-tolerant Catholic and Protestant Christianity is), which began in Medieval Europe with the deforestation of its forests, is breaking like a rotten egg over our heads http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_o1eC9_X-l4 .

Nearly five hundred years after the German Peasant Rebellion, the barons have devised a mechanism of defense, which they believe to be foolproof. Beginning with the destruction of the woods, which opened the field of fire to machineguns, the mechanical monster—always exempting itself from having to face death by interposing the lives of others in its place—the leadership of the barons (now known as oligarchs) have devised a mechanism for war in which the machine is on automatic pilot. The important innovation in this is that sensing that soldiers, increasingly aware that they are recruited to suffer death in the place of the leadership may, therefore, come to see themselves as the next ‘peasants’ and begin a revolt against the leadership. The next war may (at least ideally) occur entirely ad hominem.

As the following clip shows, in the future supply trucks may deliver weapons to the troops by ‘autonomous’ vehicles http://rt.com/usa/driverless-autonomous-vehicles-pentagon-498/ , while the fighting men escape the mines on the road by being air lifted to the front lines by helicopters.

Saw-Cross http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-41zt12dgxQk/TwdQGnJLFFI/AAAAAAAACBQ/Gn4mvfT2_ns/s220-h/DSCF7743.JPG

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