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Eso’s Chronicles 300 / 13  
A Civilization of Persecution
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Here is what in the previous blog, I failed to add to the Paul Virilio quote (“…Total Peace of deterrence is Total War… by other means….” . the follow up by Sylvere Lotringer’s (his interviewer and writing partner):

“We are in the process of passing beyond the Nation-State toward a ‘military State’. Which is another way of restating the end of politics.”

Because I agree with both statements, I omitted the last, because in my opinion the ‘military State’, which has emerged out of Total War, has challenged the very nature of the human Mind. As I see it (blogs 297-8), the Mind is now challenging the military through the charisma of the ’47 Ronin’, which charisma the military State has total lack of, but has not yet met up with in its contact with the civilian population, because of the military States’s censorship of the media through demands that it publish only positivist information and deny publicity to civilian and pacifist opposition.

I agree with Paul Verilio’s statement that the activities and actions of the military State have resulted in the phenomenon that “God has come back into history through the door of terror.”*

The Latvian media (within the sphere of NATO influence) refused to give any attention to a more than three months long fast that I engaged in beginning late July, going on through the months of August, September, October, through November of last year. The aim of the fast was to bring to the attention of the public the effort of the government to deconstruct Latvia as a sovereign nation with the aim of making it a federated state within the EU.

The operation of the military State is clearly visible in the current situation in the Ukraine, where the military failed to support the politicians, who had failed to educate the Ukrainian public (through the media of course) that the dream of the West that ‘technical innovation’ will rescue a deliberately repressed and dumbed-down urban public from the Dead End it has been brought to by the military State.

The Dead End has been reached through the exhaustion by the military’s technology of all economic systems. The military State has kept society on a Total War footing for over two generations—since 1945, the end of WW2. The ‘successes of the military State is evidenced in the collapse of the Soviet Union and the implosion of the U.S. economy and financial systems.

Remaining enthralled by technological magic, the public of the Ukraine refused to side with the government it had itself elected, when that government perceived the Dead End the EU was attempting to capture it for to lead to. The Ukrainian military (obviously intimidated by NATO) then pretended to be on the side of the Ukrainian public and did not support the government though the President had fired the top commander of the armed forces .  

This is not to say that the passage of the liberal ‘democratic’ state into the military State has ended, because there remain many possibilities for unilateral military actions by means of the nature of explosives The assassination of Lebanon’s former Prime Minister Rafik Hairiri in 2005 (though the means continue to be kept secret) surely proves this. The weapon was said to have been developed by Germany, but now other countries are likely to be in its possession, and such lethal explosions, with the damage calculable with precision, may again be of use.

The author of the article, Thierry Meyssan writes:

 When we asked a number of military experts what kind of explosives … they mentioned a new type of weapon which has been developed over several decades and is featured in reports appearing in scientific journals. The combination of nuclear and nonotechnology science can trigger an explosion the exact strength of which can be regulated and controlled. The weapon is set up to destroy everything within a given perimeter, down to the nearest centimeter.

As Virilio continues on the nature of war: “The paratroopers [Israeli, 1969] destroyed planes [at Beirut airport] and went home…. The problem is when a state takes over… and says: ‘Now what are you going to do?’ That’s state terrorism.” (p. 40) **

Such a ‘surprise’ war can take place anywhere at anytime. And the greater the surprise, the more successful the war and unnerving the question: What are you going to do about it? Still, it solves nothing, because the military State plays the public as the dummy until the number of stars on our flags becomes 47. For that to happen, a new kind of theatre actor has to be born and come on stage.
*Paul Virilio, Pure War, p. 143, The MIT Press. **Ibid.
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