Sunday, February 9, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 297 / 10  
A Civilization of Persecution
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin. This series of blogs begins with 288.


The prevailing hominid urban landscape constitutes a deliberately engineered disaster by economic interests that define human beings as no higher on the evolutionary chart than buzzards fighting over the eye of a dead cow. The dead cow and its eye are of course our planet.

Yet our species, which infests the body of Earth, is expending much energy in creating a song that insists that the hominids of the Industrial Age are an exception to the rule by dint that exhausted nature yields it new matter from exhausted matter as a result of hominid ingenuity as ‘scientists’. If medieval alchemists believed that lead could be turned into gold, we believe that exhausted and salty soil will yield to seeds invented by scientists turned clowns working in a monsanto sponsored lab.

To those readers who still believe these blogs a bad joke: “I really am for a return to the wood, for raising work horses (rather than race horses), and the reduction of urbanism to its precancerous level and as domicile for same sex partners only. And I would reallly replace government with a bureaucracy under the control of 47 Ronin living in an ageless dream-time-space which no one knows to find but in their heads.”

The reason we no longer have governments by Kings is because the Princes of ‘democracy’ killed them. The best known example of getting rid of a King and replacing him with a ‘democracy’ dictated by oligarchs is the Magna Charta written by English Princes who just recently delivered us the ‘freedom’ songs of Pussy Riot desecrating a Moscow cathedral. On the opposite end of these young Russian women reducing themselves to punks, are the martyrs of Islam going to their deaths with dynamite shredded heads of innocents hung like prayer beads from their belts.

Like it or not, the martyrs of Islam come up smelling like roses when compared to Russian and Ukrainian girls drunk on Western propaganda trumpeted from the lips from the likes of Madonna (Material Girl), an agent of the U.S. government whether she knows it or not. Such deadheads bespeak of a sickness unto death among the hominid species.

A failing life-style has with the aid of murderous violence managed to persuade most everyone that it is a success story for all future ages. While thousands drown trying to swim the waters to more prosperous shores  and yet others die of balloons filled with heroin bursting in their stomachs, the minds of millions under the tutelage of capitalist corporatism shrivel to the size of plastic corks bobbing in nuclear waste polluted oceans.

I truly hope that the world that exists a hundred years from now will look much like the world that existed a hundred or two years ago. In fact, I would like to see the world retreat to the time before the foundation of Papal Rome, which is back before the introduction of capitalism in the Western world under the umbrage of a God who has turned Earth into a shithouse.

True, most people alive today believe that our technology cannot be stopped. The illusion of power and our delusion over the illusion will rather drink polluted water of a cracked Earth than consider a return to the age of the horse, oceans full of fish, and for single mothers with incomes from other than state support for a job in a whorehouse in Riga.

With blog 297, I am ending a personal quest to understand the causes of the violence and barbarity of our civilization. I am planning to turn my future energies to projects closer to home. I thank all readers for their patience and interest in what has been a matter of subjective search for truth by one cricket (as I see it) of seven in the wall. Since my reader response (yes, over years) has been nearly zero, this is one instance, where the NSA might serve me as a library, while I am in the wood picking blue tulips with glowworms in their cups signaling where they be.

As the I Ching says it: “Perseverence furthers!” Save the wood. .
Saw Cross


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