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Eso’s Chronicles 296 / 9  
A Civilization of Persecution
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin. This series of blogs begins with 288.


For birth to occur there must pre-exist a condition of trust. Such trust must pre-exist for even the smallest form of life. Materialists may call it ‘optimum conditions’.

Today no trust worth trusting exists. The hominid species is rapidly destroying the conditions necessary for life on planet Earth—from sardines, to dolphins, to their own kind. Distrust is sown by capitalism to facilitate ways to better confuse and f**k you.

This is why it is not surprising that life everywhere is at some stage of dying, and if not yet dead, but of hominid species and no longer a child, it is likely thinking how it may come to its death. It is a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with suicide ever on the mind.

While this blogger admits to suffering from PTSD (how else could I come to write about it?), I do not admit to being hopeless nor to wishing those who have engineered the death our civilization dead by any other hand or mind but their own. However, to think thus is nothing new for me. I have thought this way since 73 years ago, which brings me back to the year 1941, when I was eight y.o.

I have already—a number of times—used the Japanese story of the “47 Samurai” as an example for action to escape the curse of PTSD, and hope that the story becomes better known in our corrupt civilization, of which Japan is not only one, but one of the best examples. Contrary to myth, which proclaims that the story of the ‘47’ is well known and admired in Japanese society to this day, this is a lie. The behavior of current Japanese leadership stands their past on its head.

Another name for the 47 ‘samurai’ in Japan is ‘ronin’ , which according to the link explains that ‘ronin’ means samurai left without a master. The link gives a decent description of what samurai without a master are like. The link also serves to describe contemporary hominids the world over—whether they be Spaniards, Americans, Germans. Italians, Tibetans, or Latvians, young or old.

It is interesting that in Latvia the word ‘ronin’ rings onomatopoetically to the word ‘ruhnihts’ (castrated). I take the liberty to use a pareidolic association to make these two words synonyms. Their common origin lies (likely) in the times, when in spring, both peoples drove reindeer herds from the Black and Caspitan seas regions to the Asian northeast, but one party went east (and became Japanese), while the other moved west of the Urals and became the Goths (whence the French, Germans, and Norman English).   

[From my perspective, the Japanese and Latvian cultures have both been ‘roninized’ (castrated) into ‘law-abiding’ and subjectivity lacking muted mentalities. The Japanese were struck by this tragedy after Commodore Perry ‘opened’ Japan in 1854, while the Latvians (and Western Russians) got the brunt of Gothic-Roman tax collecting ‘higher’ culture from such representatives as the Swedes, Danes, Germans, French, Romanized Poles and Lithuanians from the 12th century on.]

Indeed, the Ronin without a master have behaved as one may imagine  castrated samurai will; and modern man without a God (be It One or many who are worthy of the Name) is no less an impotent creature. It is not for me to condemn the Japanese for representing a castrated culture, as it was done by one of their own writers—Yukio Mishima , a three time candidate for the Nobel Prize, which he did not get allegedly because of his anti-modernist perspective asked an equal sacrifice of the leadership than it asked of the common Japanese man and woman.

Japanese elite were so impressed by American capitalist ways that four decades after meeting ambassador Perry, it attacked China and Korea (1894) . Apparently the Japanese were impressed with the way capitalism, while dictating laws to others, managed to preserve its greed obsessed subjective meme a law unto itself or  free of the law. Up to the time of meeting up with capitalism, the Japanese had, so to speak, put their noses into the hole in the wall dug there by the samurai code of honor known as bushido .

Freed of ‘bushido’ by America, the Japanese elite transformed Bushido into Japan’s feudal laws, and Japan’s went on the attack, eventually also against the shining tower of capitalism, America itself—for which daring it received the honor of being the first whose ‘populist’ segment was to suffer annihilation from the nuclear bomb.

The suffering incurred by the atom bomb destabilized the self-posession of the Japanese elite even further: they determined to unleash the Japanese subjective meme in as undisciplined a fashion as that same meme became unleashed among the Americans and they began to write polarized ‘laws’ as were ‘inspired’ by their subjective wishes.

Among the wishes of the Japanese elite is the wish not to have to apologize to anyone who its elite ever ordered attacked and murdered. By persuading the average Japanese to accept the reasons of murderers and, thus, removing from the consciousness of the ordinary Japanese any sense of guilt, it inspired its military plebs to turn into kamikaze pilots and sacrifice their lives to save the Japanese establishment (the Sun King including). The elite began to wait until more fortunate times came their way again and they could again become aggressors . Though such times take time to arrive, the Japanese establishment is so sure they will come, it has put the country 200% into debt of its GDP . Currently, the Japanese capitalist mind is represented by its Prime Minister Shinzo Abe , which puts Japan on par with America led by its Kenya born (Bilderberger concocted relativist) President.

In our capitalist hall of mirrors, the insignificant Latvian elite fit in as if in a made to order hologram with Japan and America. Economic ‘growth’ in the Latvian economy is accomplished by driving up to 900,000 (out of 2.2 milion) of its people from the country as economic refugees. Few  Latvians take issue with this fate, unless one considers the non-stop foul language on the country’s internet sites, which means that on the subjective level the language of the people is suffering from a deadly variety of Turrets Syndrome, which may be a way of escaping PTSD.

Is there any ‘out’ of this ‘cramp’ of persecution by the ‘legalized’ capitalist meme and return to the once extensive ‘freedom’ of the  subjective landscape?

No one knows, except the ’47 Ronin’—whenever it is that they see fit to come together. When and if that happens, I would hope that they are of venerable old age, to avoid the unfortunate habit of young heterosexual Japanese committing suicide to affirm their love in an otherwise meaningless public space.

The 47 x 47 (=2009) Japanese officials Plus (government and private company) who are responsible for the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant will never pay for their crime, which has caused pollution of the entire Pacific Ocean, is killing sea life by the tens if not hundreds of thousands, causing yet unfathomable mutations, and is making swimming on the west coast of the U.S. (let alone Japan) dangerous, and has smeared the reputation of hominid intelligence with Japanese snot.

My personal judgment of the story of the ‘47 Ronin’ is that the ronin made a mistake by killing their lord’s enemy. As I see it, they should have taken their lives to shame Kira into doing likewise, because if he did not do so, he would surely be identified with Homo Sacer . Still, the story sets a precedent for 47 unknown Japanese to repeat the act today before the Nakamon or inner gate of the Imperial court (formerly Edo castle). Not only would they  by their act give the dead Japanese king new relevance and life, but reintroduce an old ethic to government officials the world over.




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