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Eso’s Chronicles 298 / 11  
A Civilization of Persecution
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin. This series begins with 288.

The present Ukrainian leadership has allowed political wool to be pulled over its eyes. Presently Ukraine is going up in flames, as various leaders hem and haw as to what to do. A full blown civil war or even a WW is not out of the question. Such could break out in the nearest future as the West attempts to grasp in its embrace Kiev, the capital of Russia many years ago and deprive Russia of its naval bases in Crimea.

The Western media, playing the role a priesthood that affirms government policy through the sacrament of agreeable repetition, has managed to pollute the sphere of information like the plastic scum that drifts with ocean currents. No intelligence may be had by reading so-called ‘official media’, such as the New York Times, The Washington Post, or listening to television channels such as CNN or BBC. One can only express joy when reading that the public is abandoning these for the Internet, where one can read a wide variety of opinions both pro and con and a lot more diversified and no less authoritative.

In an earlier blog of this series, “The ‘Knellen’ of EU Nations” (blogs 275-288), and subsequent “A Civilization of Persecution” (blogs 288-297), I suggest that Ukraine be partitioned into East and West Ukraine and recommend that the form of government of the West Ukraine not be a democracy, but a form monarchy with its authority and leadership deriving from ‘47 Ronin’, the latter gaining their inspiration from the behavior of 47 Japanese samurai. The 47 samurai, when deprived of the head of their Estate, all agreed to commit seppuku, aka hara kiri. Such commitment and loyalty has been long lost to the West, which is not to say that it not in need of it.

As I explain in an  earlier series of blogs “The King and I” (blogs 264-274), the ‘democratic’ order of government, engineered by various political parties holds no charisma for the public. The reason for the rupture of government and the public is that the government has accrued to itself all law-making, and all laws decree that it is the public that must sacrifice life in the event the government decrees war.

In the above mentioned series, I suggest that one of the solutions to the problems of governing Ukraine, is to partition Western Ukraine (whence most of the ‘freedom’ seekers) from Eastern Ukraine. As I see it, the border of the partition begin at Chernobyl and moves south along the eastern borders of the states of Zhytomyrs’ka and Vinnyts'ka (or even further west), while its capital is moved in the city of Ternopil’ (state of Ternopil’s’ka), dividing the Ukraine in roughly 1/3rd West, 2/3rds East

While I realize that the separatists from Western Ukraine may not be happy with getting the lesser half of the Ukraine, they are getting it sans an all out civil war and a huge cost of lives to themselves, not to mention the world seeing its electric wiring burned out by a few electromagnetic nuclear bursts.

By joining the EU and NATO, and, therefore, putting their sovereignty at risk (as all other East European, post-Soviet States have done), Western Ukraine may yet strike a ‘knell’ for freedom as their negotiators stipulate that they will join the EU only as a monarchy of ‘47’ (see above). By such a stipulation, they not only will create a potentially new form of government for the world's sovereign nations, but guarantee sovereignty for themselves.

To those who argue that this means that the ‘new’ Ukraine becomes a fascist state, the answer is: ‘You asked for it!’ Clearly, the ‘democracy’ being peddled to the world by the U.S. is a democracy not for the People or of the People, but a ‘democracy’ for the ‘new’ Princes, the Oligarchs of our time. I speak from experience.

While the East European country of my experience is Latvia, I invite anyone to come to any of the post-Soviet East European States and see for themselves what U.S. Capitalism with Harvard School of Business leading it has accomplished here. It is no mere hearsay that single mothers of said area are being forced to go to the capitals of their own and foreign countries to earn a living for their children as whores, hopefully in such ‘paradisial’ job creating centres as Paradise in Stutgart or Pascha, Cologne .

As for those who claim that fascism is inherent within monarchies, I suggest that by exercising democratic not-violent terror (the awe of self-sacrifice) to suppress latent aggression arising from nationalist midst (we ought to remember that while Germany lost WW2, it never gave up on fascist ideology), such danger would no longer be real. If we had a “free press”, we would have learned long ago that it is capitalist ‘democracy’ that introduced fascism in the first place.

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