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EC 409 / God’s War
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God’s War = Christian Civil War
The Peace Treaty of Westphalia (1648) ended religious wars in Europe . While Protestants, Lutherans specifically, were the obvious benefactors or the peace treaty, the ‘peace’ engendered new wars, of which the War of the Industrial Age, which began about the year 1800 and is ending about now, devastated the nature-at-large on our planet by unleashing secularized Capitalism (accumulation of anything) on a global scale.
The treaty also engendered and maintained many falsehoods. For example, my own country of Latvia, which was engendered by the Bohemian religious sect of Herrnhuters, were ultimately denied their accomplishment, because Lutherans were able to point to the treaty, which not only established sovereignty of nations, but created Lutheranism as a de jure revolutionary religious power. As a consequence of having established the middle class as the prevailing class, the treaty denied equal rights to the ludi, who were the ‘common people’, and who exuded an unpleasant ‘smell’ when coming in contact with the inhabitants of the city, where middle class Lutherans were largely residing.
In spite of such kudos, the peace treaty introduced a new calamity: it unleashed Capitalism and secularist Christianity (communism).
While we know that Capitalism and Communism fought among themselves a civil war known as the Cold War, and that this war was ‘won’ by Capitalism, the latter began an expansion toward the East, of which the current undeclared war in the Ukraine is the beginning of a much larger and more extensive war than presently imagined.
Under the rubric of ‘more extensive’ comes recognition of a new history, which is what my blogs are proposing a story for. Such a history will be necessary for the powers to the East of West to create the moral ground necessary to justify the devastation the war (likely to be a prolonged one) is likely to unleash.
The war will also release heretofore repressed religious forces as my previous blog (408) argues. By repressing religious wars, the Treaty of Westphalia left unresolved the nature of westernized history, which the defeat of Byzantium in an earlier age allowed the Catholic Church to introduce. The revised story of history resulted in many misinterpretations. For example, it may be argued that Lenin introduced communism, a secular and Christianized form capitalism, which, to use a current phrase, was to bear ‘a human face’. As we know, the ‘human face’ as interpreted by Stalin continued the war of revisionism (Marx and Engels) against the ludi. The immediate forebears of present-day Ukrainians bore much of the brunt of Stalin’s terror, which created irrational angst that supports Ukrainian nazism which is exploited by the federal government of the U.S.
The renowned ‘terrorists’ of our day, who claim the religion of the Islam as their own, are in large part a consequence of the Treaty of Westphalia. Prophet Mohammed created a ‘new’ religion out of his disappointment over the defeat of the early Christians (turned over to the Greek-Russian Orthodox Church) by the Gothic Christians of the West. While the Russian Orthodox Church has retained many ritualistic aspects of the early Christian congregations, it accepted the revised ‘New Testament’, written by those who favored forms of government created by the system of ‘new wealth’. Contrary to their wishful thinking, after the consolidation of taxation as ‘the new order’, the brunt of ‘the order of the eye of the pyramid’ was borne by the ludi.
The war in the Middle East, of which the war in the Ukraine is part, is a war arising from the repression of an extended map of Transcaucasian ludi , who—as I have been arguing—coincide, more or less, with the former people of the wood exercising their right to their interpretation of longue durée history. It is they who give rise to the warriors, aka ‘terrorists’, and in due course deliver their inheritance as proto-communist warriors to Lenin and Stalin. If the same, now become Muslim ‘terrorists’ (of whom the Ukrainian Banderists are, not surprisingly, close cousins), gain the upper hand over the West (or East), where populations are largely neo-Christian in orientation, they will not hesitate to kill a large number of them in an irrational frenzy of anti-Stalinist revenge—though they will not know whence the motivation
The above ought to give sufficient reasons to do further research on the chronology of history as proposed by the Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko. A new chronology and a new story will go hand in hand, and will inform us of what we will at a later time perceive as obvious. Last, but not least: Orthodox Christianity and Russia need to come clean on the nature of history—if either has the will to survive the attack of the Goths.
EC 408 / God’s War
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War—A Form of Vampirism

Michael Lowy, French sociologist writes: “For Marx, the origin of capitalism does not relate to any religious ethics, but to a brutal process of plundering, murder and exploitation, which he describes as "the primitive accumulation of capital. As real as murder and exploitation is, “a brutal process of plundering” soon makes it virtual and unreal to those who are doing the murdering. The simple reason for this is that the guys who accumulate capital sit in velvet and leather offices and their secretaries, the ones who send out the directives, will give them a fuck anytime they wish. It is great for forgetting the consequences of any deed by a written word. It is the beginning of the creation of a virtual world by virtue of taxation.

The failure by Marx is to fail to see that accumulation of capital starts with taxation and that taxation leads to a form of government unknown to the ludi (or is it monkeys?) of the wood. As the ‘primitive’ governments of the ludi, lutvi (?eventually Latvians) and the Indians of Amazon show, such ‘primitive’ governments are self-governing households of as many people as a households manages to acquire and create a tradition of. The typical Latvian household was formed by the immediate family to which, as time went on, were added any number of individuals who for one reason or another found themselves without a family support system, but were welcome as an additional hand at securing a life in the wood. The Latvi called this system of self-governance ‘a saime’, which word from the word ‘saite’, a belt, a bond. Apparent this system was convenient to the ludi living in a northern wood, whereas the Amazonian Indians, who live in a tropical jungle, congregated in a number of systems, one of which included houses for men and a women and children separately, another which lived in a common space in trees .

Our current system of government begins with the word ‘vampire’ . The link traces the word to Vlad Tepes, a Romanian neo-Christian hero of the 15th century. This fits neatly with my retrospective projection as being the time when the tax system became consolidated and sure of itself. Nevertheless, the word may be traced back even further to the perception of the dead among the Slavik ludi. The word itself is apparently derived from its Polish form . Here, too, the link to  government as a form of exploitation (vampirism) by taxation is obvious. Please note: the word ‘dragon’ morphs into ‘vampire’.

As I suspect most everyone knows, our post-modern time is witnessing the collapse of governments established by taxation for the simple reason that there is no one to tax anymore—at least not among those we still may call ludi or people.

The sense of anxiety among those of us who live in the virtual labyrinth (no longer the real one, which we knew as the forest or wood), the city, arises from our belated realization that it is a human approximation of the desert. That is to say, when the cities of the world have become so ubiquitous as to have exhausted every corner of nature on our planet of its resources (once known as ‘gifts of nature’), it becomes inevitable that the financial system of our pseudo-civilization collapses—regardless of what government propaganda says and federal banking system does. It is the financial system which speaks to us first, even as governments continue to deny the obvious.

The human population of our planet is faced with the inevitability of having to return to the wood; of having to scrap our automobiles and begin raising horses again; of having to go from a virtual environment back to a real environment. The dreams of oligarchs are at an end and they are quite right to be in a state of panic, which forces them to seek solutions in highly unrealistic schemes such as printing money ad infinitum and planning wars of world conquest known as globalization. Direct evidence of this comes by the oligarch President of Ukraine, one Petro Porosheko , who obviously wishes the West to go to war on behalf of his fantasies (supported by the U.S. government). The people of the Ukraine do not yet understand that consumer society has come to a ‘virtual’ end. While the country has little woods left and is entirely dependent on the largesse of the Russians with regard to gas as what keeps them warm in winter, large as the country may be, it is the canary with regard to the present state of the world.

Is human kind able to make the transition from the Industrial Age back to the age of the wood without poisoning our entire planet with radiation and other ‘goodies’ from nuclear meltdowns?

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EC 407 / God’s War
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Vampire Sovereigns as Governments 3

One of the reasons why the President of the United States of America is a Vampire on the body of the American nation is because he was born in Kenya and not American soil. Of course, this fact is vehemently denied by the White House, but at least so far, it has not provided convincing truth that it is otherwise.

I have nothing personally against Barrack Hussein Obama, the man, but do have my doubts that one born exposed to a rootless childhood as Obama’s childhood has been , and given an imaginary birthplace, re Honolulu, Hawaii, and an urban environment that is rootless by its very nature, makes for a man who is much interested in the body politic of America as a sovereign nation. Come to think of it, I have never heard Obama refer back to America’s New England Puritan roots, nor to the Americans who entered upon the continent as slaves and became attached to the American Earth through humiliation and pain.

I write as an American-Latvian, a man of dual citizenship, because unlike President Obama, I have been fortunate to have been attached to a given plot of land, Latvia, through death, pain, humiliation, and, ultimately, dispossession. It is the last, dispossession that keeps me attached to the country still. While I came to the U.S. as a teenager, and tried to earn my druthers by serving in the Marine Corps (1952-55), I never became attached to it with my heart and soul, as my circumstances (so goes my explanation) were not rural in nature, but an urban constant permeated by the airs of a factory (shop or office) environment.

Since leaving America (in 1995), I have been making a serious effort to reattach myself to the country of my origins, from which war forced me to absent myself from for 51 years. I am in Latvia now going on to 20 years, but have not been able to reattach myself to it other than exhausting all my physical resources to people in need in a vain attempt to overcome the factory environment that Latvia, too, has entwined itself with in my absence. This factor is actually a kaleidoscope of factors.

While the deep history of my part of Europe is that of single family farmsteads, which have less to do with farming than gardening (thus, better said, garden farms within a forest environment), the Soviet regime imposed on the culture a factory like atmosphere by destroying this heritage and turning the countryside into a factory by forcing the farmers into collective farms. Strangely enough, this has turned the Latvians of today, especially the youth, into anxious ants of the consumer type. I have found it difficult to accept that the countrymen of the land of my origin were no longer attached to their land, but were anxious to escape the land of their birth to live in factory lands abroad, where the only advantage was better earnings. Of course, they were fantasizing that during their absence the country of their origin would become an improved Western style factory, but to this day this has not come about, because the post-Soviet government people and politicians, advantaged by their positions of earning a better income than the people of the countryside, have—little by little—been vacating the country [about 400,000 (out of 2.2 mil have left it)] to all the better increase their own salaries. If we remember the saw that for every human being who commits suicide there are ten who are considering it, there are few, and perhaps no Latvians (outside of the government bureaucracy) left, who believe their country worth their life. Since my godfather de facto if not de jure is the first President of Latvia, I consider myself sooner as one of government bureaucracy.

My perhaps unique perspective stems from the fact that my forebears are among those who caused a people without a verbalized identity to identify themselves as Latvians (not surprisingly, it was the Herrnhuters, now the Moravian Church, which introduced Latvians to literacy by making a small library room part of every farm), and know well the life-styles of the upper and lower castes. Because of the betrayal of the ludi (ļaudis, people) by the present Latvian government, my Latvian identity now centers on the dispossessed countryside.

In any event, the situation of the American people may also be seen through the lens of dispossession of the countryside, of which dispossession a rootless and urbanized President Obama (golf is his preferred way of wasting time) is a perfect symbol. It remains to be seen whether the fifty states of the American Federation have enough sense of sovereign power left among them to stop the open borders policy of the current American government.


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EC 406 / God’s War
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Vampire Sovereigns as Tax Collectors 2

Major support for the biocentric perspective comes from medicine, which traces its beginnings to ancient healers, both male and female, whose treatment began with ‘magic words’ or prayers, proceeded to healing and  cleansing teas, which involved plants containing chemicals that enabled the ill person to travel to such realms, where the healers touch was as if that of the loving mind of an angel.
True, often such healing methods were unconventional, and to our mind not a little bit strange. For example, one method involved the drinking of the healer’s urine. This was because the healer had experimented on him or herself with toxic plants, such as, for example, the Fly agarie, aka Amanita muscaria .
The urine of such healers contained the healing ingredient in diluted form. Some religious scholars (notably John Allegro) have put forward the idea that early Christianity has its origins in partaking in a cult that used the mushroom to cross-over from our space and time to that of a neighboring multiverse. The word ‘soma’ used in India, is a word that describes the state of being in a parallel multiverse, which introduces the drinker of soma to immortality .
It is of interest that the mushroom Amanita muscaria was widely spread throughout the Eurasia and North American continents. The early herders of reindeer, who wandered throughout the spaces of these continents, were, no doubt, widely acquainted with the properties of the mushroom. What is perhaps twice as interesting is that the use of soma tea, which reduced fear of death, was gradually dismissed as poisonous and harmful after the introduction of the tax by the Vikings in the kingdom of Byzantium.
Fear of death serves governments (composed of a horde of onanists) which emerged from the habit of violent groups, which extracted booty from peaceful wood dwelling people, who they subjected to taxation. Perhaps the so-called Christians, who are said to have died in great numbers in ‘Roman’ circuses, were thrown to the lions by the emperors, because of their reputation as being fearless in the face of death.
By filling the circuses with an audience whose mind was perhaps dulled by alcohol (vodka is said to have been discovered by neo-Christian monks in the service of Russian boyars) and depriving the early Christians who were to be fed to the lions of their sacred mushrooms, was a quick way of reducing the sovereign ludi (the people) to slaves and serfs.
Just as the expensive drugs of today can be afforded only by wealthy city dwellers, the merciless mass slaughter of the ludi (tens of thousands of males were decapitated, subjected to castration, and imprisoned) began after the introduction of the tax. The tax was imposed  by none other than the emperor and his court—all who dulled their minds with either alcohol, an overdose of soma, and debauchery to all the better induce the fear of death in humankind-at-large.
As the illustration by Durer of the Four horsemen of the apocalypse illustrates, the physically largest rider is the tax collector not with a sword, but the scales of a tax collector in his hands . Indeed, this and like pictures have their origin in the story of the slaughter of ten thousand early Christians by tax collecting ‘Christians’.
The perception in our time as Martin Armstrong argues s , that governments have (finally) grown large enough to declare themselves the sole and sovereign representatives of humankind (perhaps four or five in numbers), makes the history of humankind valid not in our present consensual versions, but as a matter of hindsight, a consequence of innumerable false flags raised in the course of many centuries of virtual history as an act of terror.


EC 405 / God’s War
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Vampires Eat Wood and Drink Tar

The unrelenting deforestation of our planet by economic forces released by post-Christian ‘Christianity’ and now exploited by post-fascist fascist governments, including that of Latvia, marches on .

Whenever accused of sowing mayhem, the atheist and post-christian governments excuse themselves as being ‘democratic’ and point to the obvious fact that the ‘democracy’ being practiced today preaches fanaticism on behalf of ‘individual rights’ and is reactionary with regard to ‘communal rights’—as if delays in action to avert the catastrophe now in progress is ‘normal’ and acceptable.

While the deforestation of the Amazon as per link above brings to our attention the death of trees and the life that shelters in their umbrage, the cannibalistic individualist psyche has since some time transferred its attentions to the underground resources of our planet. Here, too, a catastrophe is in the offing . As the link points out, the imminent collapse of the West produced by its onanistic (aka vampiric) psyche is being fostered by the grandiose optimism of its princes cum oligarchs. Deadly to human and all life forms, the onanistic psyche is faced with little censure except perhaps the unpredictable outcome of the wars it fosters around the world.

The vampire psyche destroys not only the human mind by means of rigidifying it on behalf of some vampire mold, but it also eats wood while keeping mute about its caviar—wood resin, a material widely used in the past and of great potential in the future as replacement of oil tars. While, for example, the birch tree, widely disseminated in certain climate zones of our planet has useful tar exudates, today some foresters in my country (Latvia) have been known to call it a weed, whereas they should be making experiments of how to use the tar of birch bark into useful objects and engine fuel.

The reason for the failure to investigate the uses of wood products is the result of a deep seated prejudice of the wood. Such a prejudice is  disseminated my our tax collecting culture, which refuses to admit that this ‘civilization’ is defined by the brutality of our governments, which, needless to say, do all they can to repress such facts through myth about the advantages of agriculture and city life.

Why then do human beings fail to overthrow the tax based system?

One answer, for sure, is the fear of death instilled by the violence of governments. Violence is not only of such governments as led by Stalin and Hitler, but is imbedded in the very nature of tax collection. The myth of ‘resurrection’ is not a story of hope, but a lie perpetrated by the usurpers as were the direct beneficiaries of taxation imposed on the oral cultures which preceded the ‘written law’ oriented systems.

There is ample evidence that oral cultures do not fear death for the simple reason that their uncensored contact with nature provides them with a faith that death is illusory.

The contact with nature, where there are many plants, enables the right hemisphere of our brain to function as intended; that is to say, it enables the users of such plants to experience such parallel universes as only recently quantum physics proposes in an attempt to explain the nature of matter—even as it dismisses so-called ‘objectivity’ as not in the least objective because of its self-limiting nature.

In order to liquidate our violent ‘civilization’, humankind finds itself confronted by the dire necessity of losing the myth that causes it to fear death. All of us know that only through a loss of such fears, will we be able to do away with the militarized police forces that our governments are engaged in creating in order to perpetuate themselves and the ‘civilization’ of taxation that perpetuates them.
One ‘science’ that is moving us in this direction is that of Biocentrism , which this author discovered through the efforts of Robert Lanza, MD, who is promoting the idea that it is not the body, but the mind that is immortal. As Lanza writes: “Immortality doesn’t mean a perpetual existence in time, but resides outside of time altogether.

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EC 404 / God’s War
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War Among Sovereign Vampire (?Fascist) States

In the afore mentioned article by Ewa Planowska Ziarek (refer to 401), we read: “Although the history of the hunger strike is often obscure, it was practiced in ancient Rome, medieval Ireland, and India as means of protest, usually, to force a debtor to return his debt or to exert moral pressure.”

However, we need to ad that a hunger fast is an old and honored method used by the Cathars when departing this life. The ‘method’ was known as the endura, which we may associate with ‘endurance’ of life until it “fastened to a dying animal, knows not what it is” (W.B. Yeats, Sailing to Byzantium) and the ‘animal’ that the soul rides dies, and the ‘fastened one’ recognizes it, him- or herself as bare and naked. Seen from this perspective an endura is the toll, we pay Chiron to bring us from our side of the divide to the other .

Death by a hunger fast confirms the strength of one’s will, the strengthening of which one may perceive as the purpose of life in a mortal body. If such a death were to become Christian practice again, Christianity would stand a chance to overcome the usurpers of life—the sovereigns (by means of written law)—which after their thousand year neo-Christian Reich, they have proven to be worth exactly nullo.

This writer, now 81 years old, was once nearly killed by the tools of war of the nullos. The first near death occurred at the age of seven, with a repeat episode at the age of eleven (in 1945), I sometimes wonder if having stayed alive is not an illusion and the aftermath an extended act of disbelief. Had I and mine died on either one of the occasions, we would not be counted a sacrifice given the hegemonic and exclusionary sovereignty of the victorious post-fascist fascist establishment.

Yet I wonder. If homo sacer, the bare man (and woman) is not killed by either human or natural causes, but survives and lives out its ‘natural life’—what becomes of the soul shorn of the traditions and history it once had? Would it not survive only to become a vampire upon what it may perceive as the “artifice of eternity” (W.B. Yeats, Sailing to Byzantium) of the sovereign governments which expelled it from their victorious fascist circles? Would it not, thus, cannibalize (in the sense of collateral damage), its own and what remains of life.

The current undeclared war in Ukraine (through which the Western powers are attempting to entangle Russia), despite the evidence that the West is the aggressor and the East is on the defensive, does not provide homo sacer or the dispossessed public with evidence that it has a purpose other than the hegemony of  one or the other sovereign fascist state.

This lack of clarity about the benefits of the war to the public-at-large is the topic of most of ‘Eso’s Chronicles’, which argue that the current Industrial or post-Industrial State are passing pseudo-cultures set within the larger context of history as a False Flag event that began approximately a thousand or slightly more than a thousand years ago in or around the Black and Caspian seas where the current war in Ukraine is taking place.

While a thousand years ago the East suffered a defeat by the hands of what became known as the West, the East of today refuses to confess that that defeat was accompanied by an imposition by the West (and acceptance by the East) of a rewritten ‘Western’ version of Christianity. Any successful defense by the East to this author’s mind must come to see the globalization (or catholicization) of the human realm is a reactionary endeavor by would be civilizers attempting to impose a Universe on an eternity that is Multiverse in its nature. We can see this error by the East manifest in Sergey Glaziev’s (an adviser to Russian President Putin) statement in the interview appearing at the following link . The advisor identifies entirely with the myth of ‘achievements’ by the West and is entirely ignorant of Russias’ early history for which he should be consulting with Anatoly Fomenko, a member of the Russian Academy.

To repeat, I hope not ad nauseam, the fear instilled in the ‘civilization’ of today of the wood leads to the annihilation of the human race.

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EC 401 / God’s War
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Betrayal of History leads to War

The betrayal of history begins with the advent of taxation. Taxation concentrates enormous economic power is the hands of a few (a band of bandits) and removes homo sacer (the bare human) from the wood and places him in an evolving social structure (uncertain of its steps, but governed by the effects of ever increasing economic power), which we may call history, but which history is betrayed as soon as it occurs.

The betrayal of history is committed by the few, who as a result of rapidly accumulating wealth that follows the imposition of taxation seize control of society. The manipulation of history is an after-thought after an event worthy of being called historical. Thus, soon after the imposition of the fur tax, the guilt that is redounds on those who impose it by the desire of the victims to kill them, forces them to seek escape by transposing the guilt on some other party. It is this other party which is to do the tax collecting. In the case of the faux history of the West, the ‘guilty party’ emerges from among the ludi-at-large, from a sovereignty minded tribe—i.e., the lewd Jew. The neo-Christians emerge from the transference of guilt as Saviors, whom we know as Catholics and/or Globalists.

The most telling betrayal of history is the manipulation of events in such a way as to make taxation as if acceptable to society as if from times immemorial, which times meld into what we call consensual history, which is history betrayed, yet proudly raised as a false flag.

Consensual history was first created by the Vikings, who after the revolt of the ludi (the word whence the word ‘the people’), reconstitute themselves as the Catholic Church, which projects its reconstitution on the ludi. It does so with the help of tactics of torture exercised by the Dominican monks (a more or less spontaneous outgrowth of neo-Christianity) trained to be murderous Inquisitors.

To quote philosopher Ewa Plonowska Ziarek: “[Such an] extreme mode of… exclusion from symbolization, the polis [not to mention removal from the anti-polis environment of the wood—EAB) and kinship, reconstituted enslaved life as a nameless, invisible nonbeing—as pro nullo.” (see 10th para.);view=fulltext

The ‘pro nullo’ entity is alive in our time, is on the internet, and survives in the author of these blogs (about which more in blog 402).

In a seeming paradox, the pro nullo, homo sacer creature, is a creature that engenders or progenits perpetual resistance, and eventually out of such resistance the Final War on which we have embarked in present day Ukraine. True to faux history, the war does not occur in and around Jerusalem in present day Israel as neo-Christianity and Catholicism predicts, but is being fought in and around the territories of former Byzantium. As the Russian mathematician and historian Anatoly Fomenko ever so strongly suggests, Constantinople, once known as Byzantium, is Jerusalem, which neo-Christians shifted from the Bosphorus to the eastern Mediterranean (see A. Fomenko, “History: Fiction or Science, Vol. 2, p. 75ff). This circumstance suggests that the War against Byzantium may, in due course, shift from the Ukraine to the Strait of Bosporus and Istanbul or occur all about and have the Black Sea as its center.

While it may appear that I am connecting some lose ends of heretofore unknown historical events, all that I am doing is shifting emphasis from what may seem purely psychic events to actual events. The psychic aftermath of taxation (in its post-developmental stage) was belatedly observed by Foucault, who formulated it as the consequences as birth of biopower . To quote Foucault:

..."By this I mean a number of phenomena that seem to me to be quite significant, namely, the set of mechanisms through which the basic biological features of the human species became the object of a political strategy, of a general strategy of power, or, in other words, how, starting from the 18th century, modern Western societies took on board the fundamental biological fact that human beings are a species. This is what I have called biopower"...

Foucaults ‘mechanisms’ are but taxation and the consequences of capital accumulation by state organs, which phenomena he sums up (see link) as

"…discipline… deployed to make individuals behave, to be efficient and productive workers, biopolitics is deployed to manage population; for example, to ensure a healthy workforce".

In effect, the rebellion against said ‘discipline’ is what creates unceasing unhappiness and leads to war.

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EC 400 / God’s War for the 11th Commandment
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Leaching Gold from Moondust? or from Blood?

As the reader of this series of blogs has probably noticed, the writer is vacillating between calling the series “War Against Byzantium”, or “God’s War for the 11th Commandment”, and his own sense of having become with so many others a homo sacer to governments that know themselves only for the sake of themselves. As I hold a dual citizenship (that of U.S. and Latvia) I address both governments. From the very beginning of these 400 blogs, I have been arguing that what we know, loosely, as “The Modern World” is at its demise, and that its replacement is not some surviving remnant escaping to the Moon, but that the surviving remnant will survive in the wood—such as remains, and such as the Modern World destroyed to emerge from.
Of course, I am not the only one with such a dolorous perspective. One has only to listen to the podcasts authored by James Howard Kunstler to realize that there are many who share my unease. What sets me apart from the others is that I trace the origin of the catastrophe not to capitalism as such (though surely it plays a major role), but to a deliberately falsified history; or, if you will, history as a false flag, which began with the imposition of the fur tax, which then evolved into a welfare program for the elites who constitute the government circles of our day.
Since the financial debacle of 2008, and the appearance of the U.S. led solution for it, the so-called QE, or Quantitative Easing, or unrestrained printing of paper money (which clearly does not solve the problem), in spite of the sleight of hand by would be magicians, we are beginning to realize that the QE (and all the other names it goes by) is but another form of taxation. In short, the QE is but a fantasy tax at the expense of those who no longer can afford to pay a tax. To put it another way, our murderous ‘democratic’ governments—in order to maintain the illusion that virtual reality is real reality—demand that our descendants become more murderous than our current institutions. In effect, the government has made the citizens its slaves.
For all that, aside from such writers as myself, Kunstler, et al, there have been thinkers in government with as pessimistic a view, but unlike such as myself, have chosen to believe that escaping the catastrophe lies in accelerating the programs that separate the government from the people even more radically, and will take the marauding dog packs of government, led by a cur from Kenya in case of the U.S., to the Moon.
And, surely, the pack will go to the Moon—if only enough real wealth remains to finance its trip and for the building of air tight (or is it vacuum tight?) dwellings, and a gravy train of rocket shipped produce (carrots, turnips, and chicken legs) from Earth to keep the freeloaders fed—until they figure out a way to leach gold from moondust and cover the trillions of paper money their printing mashines have set upon the world.
Not that a colony on the Moon will ever raise as much as a cucumber or a head of cabbage.
To put such fantasies as being saved by the Moon to rest is not impossible. However, to do so will require such a will as the Aztec God Nanahuatzin had . When midnight struck number 12, he closed his eyes and jumped into a pit of fire out of a sense of duty to the still living—and, thus, proved to the Sun the extremity of human need. This is not to say that I advocate self immolation, but I do advocate hunger strikes by the government enslaved citizenry.
Seeing the sacrifice or Nanahuatzin to be real, the Sun felt reinvigorated, and, came morning, made a wobbly ascent above the storm-tossed sea.
The sacrifice of Nanahuatzin shamed the greater part of humankind, especially the elderly whose experience governments had long neglected in order to push forward its own inexperienced ‘experts’. Taking their cue from Nanahuatzin, the elderly began to congregate in groups of 47 and, taking the 47 ronin for their example, determined to revenge the insult government had shown their forebears, when it had forced them to kill their beloved reindeer herds to support government by murder.
When the war was over, governments, which had come to believe them and demonized, and homo sacred) people, were put to such shame that they went out of business. It is then that governments became kingships again, where the king rules as if he she were 1 of The 47.

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EC 399 / God’s War for the 11th Commandment
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The war of the elites against Byzantium (aka Jerusalem) has its origin in the oppression of the people of the wood with the fur tax. That war proceeded in stages:
First, the Viking bandits impose on the people who live along the shores of the great rivers that flow into the Black and Caspian seas the fur tax.
Second, the bandits among the Byzantines grow jealous of Viking success, and become the princes and boyars of late Byzantium also.
Third, after monopolizing the tax, the marauders announce that it is they who are the government for ages to come (the original Reich of a Thousand Years). The government of the Reich is to be a sovereign entity. It is this entity that raises the polis’ prominence over nature. Eventually (in our day, when the city has exhausted most resources of nature), the government retreats to the castle or fort, which was the original abode of the vikings. It is at this stage that the government declares itself to be the people. This is happening as I write.;view=fulltext .
In any case, the government announces the collection of taxes a necessity and indoctrinates the people, aka ludi, that civilization without taxed is not possible. To make the tax more acceptable, government announces socialism as its goal, and begins to dispense government aid to the poor and senior citizens. Compared to expenditures on armaments, such help involves relatively small sums.
Fourth, Moses, a leader of the Jews, is captured by the Vikings, and the commandments he has inscribed on clay tablets are destroyed. Instead of the projected 13 commandments (the old calendar, the Moon calendar, measures the year as 13 months) , the new secular government, having instituted itself as de facto God, issues 10 commandments.
Fifth, to facilitate the indoctrination of the ludi, the government rewrites the Jewish Pentateuch, which rewrite becomes the New Testament, which accepts taxation as God given.
Sixth, governments (there was more than one) corrupt the Jewish people or ludi by bribing and otherwise compromising them in order to have them become tax collectors. This causes a prolonged division and civil war among the People, the Ludi, because some Ludi become wealthy, while the majority remain poor.
Seventh, with virtually no opposition to governments that support themselves on the basis of taxation, all governments proceed to try to capture the world for themselves.
Eighth, there follows a prolonged period of wars in which various governments battle for the honor of world dominion. The wars are like the stone that the legendary King Cadmus throws between two standing armies said to be like teeth in our mouth. The teeth gradually grind one another into extinction, until only an upper and lower tusk are left.
Ninth, the tusks teeth battle with each other, and eventually destroy each other. This becomes known as God’s War to reinstate the 11th commandment.
Tenth, after a major conflagration in which most of the human population is killed, the survivors return to live in the wood.
Eleventh, a new era and civilization begins.
At this very moment, we hear the trumpets of the twins calling us to the last war. Interestingly, the war begins in ancient Byzantium and Israel, the vicinity where the fur tax was first instituted. This is not just coincidence, but proof that myth is as scientific as so-called science.
The war coincides with a civil uprising in the empires under the control of both twins: in the U.S. the uprising begins in Ferguson, Missouri, while in Russia it begins in St. Petersburg. As in Ferguson, so in St. Petersburgh, the uprisings are violently repressed—with much loss of life. The rest of the populations begin to realize that the police are there not to enforce order, but to protect the government
As the writer of the above blog, Martin Armstrong, states: “The police are being transformed from protecting the public into protecting government from the public.

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EC 398 / War Against Byzantium
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The Institutionalization of Persecution

Most of us know someone by the name of John, or Ian, or Ion, or Jean, or Ivan, or Johann, and by names that come in many more variations. All these names are, in effect, cognates. What is less clear is what word of these cognates (daughters) is their progenitor. I confess that I do know, yet suspect that the word originates in a name of an occupation, in this case, the occupation of a herder, re Yan.

The Yan herded whatever animals lent themselves to herding. Such behavior is not noted only among humans. Some ants, too, herd insects, for example, aphids, who excrete and provide them with sugar. Thus, for all I know, the original name for ‘ant’ may have been ‘yant’. This may not be as far fetched as it may seem, as any word that begins with a vowel may supplement that vowel with a Y sound. Thus ‘Iesu’ or ‘esu’ may come to be written and pronounced ‘Jesu’.

The herder may facilitate his trade with various tricks of the trade. For example, he may castrate the male animals of his herd, which procedure tames them, and allows them to be trained for work. Thus, a castrated stallion becomes an obedient plow horse, and a bull becomes an oxen pulling the woodman’s cart. For long centuries, castration was also applied to prisoners of war, which the victors then turned into obedient serfs or slaves.

The Chinese Han dynasty, may have named itself Han, because Han may be also pronounced Yan, that is, the Hans may have come from a tribe of  reindeer herders—as did the Vikings. The Hans used castration widely and passed it on as a tradition to other Chinese dynasties.
Because castration was widely resisted by human males, who in order to avoid being castrated would choose death before surrender, which made subduing an enemy that much more difficult, castration gradually disappeared as a tool of governance.

Nevertheless, the temptation by the elites to make other men compliant did not cause the secession of violence as a tool of social control. Instead that tool became extreme social prejudice (the more collective by its nature the better), for example, such as Western Christians were encouraged to exhibit toward Jews (see previous blog) and Christian heretics as these were defined by the elite of the church.

These latter forms of social control gradually replaced the seemingly more primitive forms of control practiced by the herders, because the institutionalization and subtle divinization of taxation by the New Testament enabled the practitioners of taxation (the Vikings) to accumulate such large amounts of wealth as caused the dissemination of prejudice, aka demonization of a social group, to be practicable.

Today society is being controlled by ever more subtle forms of subjection, by such as reducing the role of government in governance through the ‘privatization of everything’, and through advertising, which promotes less a product or a ‘sale’, as it advertises perpetual ‘growth’.

As society is experiencing this ‘growth’ syndrome currently, those of us who are able to step back a little from the phenomenon, may see growth to be sooner a snake that mistakes for ‘growth’ the act of it devouring itself. At the beginning of our times, such a snake was called a dragon, and the process of devouring one’s self ended at one’s face which projected violent rage. The violent rage became, in turn, two horns or tusks, which became two armed men, who immediately took the other for his enemy and both dueled until both were dead.

Early Christians portrayed such mutual anihilation through a number of stories. In one, two giants (Otus and Ephialtes) decide they wish to rape Artemis, the very Mother of Earth. To have a better chance of catching Artemis, who has turned into a deer, each brother goes his own way. Artemis is clever enough to avoid the brothers until they are on opposite sides of a clearing in the wood when she appears to both brothers at the same time. When the brothers throw their spears, Artemis applies her magic and turns invisible, but the spears continue their trajectory until they reach the brothers who stand directly opposite each other.

Is this scene not the very scene now taking place in the Ukraine? Brother East, metamophosed over the centuries into the likeness of Brother West, has sprung from the same dreadful face of our times as his brother. Those of us, who hope to survive, hope to see the brothers dead.

EC 397 / War Against Byzantium
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All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin.

How Began the War between the Ludis and Jews

Armageddon City , which is integral to Armageddon the Happening (some call it Rapture), was predicted following the destruction of early Christianity which prediction was told by the remnant of that faith of old that had no churches but the wood. The story continues till and is in the daily news on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, that remnant of the people of the wood is still being chased from the wood (in the name of ‘development’) as the following pictures from just ten days ago show us: In short, Armageddon is in full swing ever since, say 1111*, the year that John Basil the King suffered murder committed by Emperor Alexis I of Byzantium. Though I have identified Byzantium as the last city that still knew native Christianity, it was, nevertheless, also a city of an Empire the rulers of which had succumbed to the temptations for power through the imposition of yasak-taxes on humankind at large.

It is from about the time of the First Crusade that the elites (secular and religious) began to pursue, more intensely than ever, a campaign against the Ludis (aka the jews, the people). While this may seem puzzling to some, the following recap may explain the thinking behind it at the time.

It is obvious that the elite cannot do without the common people altogether, as the latter provide the labor and services for it. However, ‘divide and rule’ instigated and controlled by the elites facilitated the transfer of power from the Ludi-Jews into their hands.

This is how the elites-princes-boyars decided that taxes will not be collected by them, but that they will chose an identifiable group from out of the Ludis to do their dirty work. Since apparently the ‘Jews’ formed (for whatever reason) such a group, the king (as the chief of the elites and Ludis) picked the Ludis-Jews as tax collectors. The Ludis-Jews agreed (not least because they were to receive an ‘incentive’), because the king promised them his protection.

However, the lesser elite, did all they could to cause the ‘other’ Ludis to resent this privilege presented to the Ludis-jews. After the Franks were driven from Byzantium and found themselves in Benelux, virgin territory, so to speak, for the resumption of taxation among the people, and had seized effective control of the Church by nepotistic tactics, they set about to cause civil strife among the common people.

One of the tools used to increase strife among the Ludis-bare and the Ludis-Jews, was not only as a result of everyone’s resentment of the tax, but when the elite of the church had progressed far enough with the creation of the New Testament story about Jesus Christ who accepted taxation as God given, they set upon a campaign to destroy the common man, who was resentful enough, because his millennium, a long tradition, was being destroyed by the tax. The weapons chosen by the Catholic Church were vicious enough.

The following example cited from R.I. Moore’s book, “The formation of a Persecuting Society”, Blackwell, p 31, should prove enlightening: “…we should date the ‘tradition’ which appeared in some towns of south-western France, including Toulouse, Beziers, and Arles… of striking a Jew on the face outside the church on Easter Sunday. That ceremony was commuted to a tax on the Jewish community in Toulouse at least as early as 1077** prompts the suspicion that like other ‘customs’ of this period it was developed specifically for the purpose of raising revenue, in this case levied by the Church in a region where its resources were under particularly severe pressure.” Surely, if one can strike a Jew on one Sunday, why not also on the next; and if in one town, why not other.

Indeed, the victory of the anti-Christ is near becoming a total victory today. Perhaps the only reason this not yet true is because the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Muslim faith continue the struggle against the West. While this struggle is fog-bound and has not yet awakened to the fact that it belongs to a radically different historical chronology and story line, it is a wonder that it is continuing at all. This is why the concept of longue durée history is so important to us.

*+** These blogs are not being written to set dates, but to outline a new story of history. The dating ought to be established more accurately by further research based on the basis of this  outline.