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War Against Byzantium!
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Flayed Skin as Taxes: Its Western Origin

Those of my readers, who have stuck with my rather eclectic blogs, know that I fully support the Russian historian Anatoly Fomenko’s (actually a mathematicians specializing in topology) view, that so-called Jerusalem in today’s Israel is a pseudo Jerusalem, and that its proper location is the city of Istanbul.

How this magic switcheroo came about is easy enough to understand if we note that “false flag” events are not new, but are a centuries old tradition of governments. It was the ‘Western’ governments, however, which blew a common lie into such gigantic and ‘finger in your eyes’ proportions.

Never mind the 9/11 event or the renewal of crusades against Ukraine, once part of the body of the Empire of Byzantium, which events are before everyone’s eyeballs still. Today Americans are being invaded by an armada of children from Latin America, an armada that its own government has organized, but energetically denies having done so. It serves the goals of the empirians.

Why are these events happening?

In this writer’s opinion it is part of a continuation the ‘yasak’ civilization, instituted a long time ago by the Scandinavian Vikings. The ‘yasak’, a fur tax, is the origin of taxation. While the guilt of skin flaying as the origin of Western civilization is being covered up or is being blamed on Russia and Siberia, it remain a fact that it is the origin of centralized government, as the tax of the flayed benefits it most.

Where to we look for the origins of yasak?

When the Scandinavian Vikings viked their way down the Volga, Dnieper, and Dona rivers, they discovered that plunder alone did not provide a rich enough booty. However, if they yasaked (taxed) the peaceful inhabitants who lived along these river routes, say, ten pelts of their reindeer herds apiece, they would not only have booty, but they could become wealthy.

Of course, the native inhabitants of the region were not happy and soon rebelled. However, like all formerly independent people, the concept of a centralized power or government was alien to them. Thus, their struggles against the Vikings were unsuccessful, and instead of getting rid of the Viking yoke, they were soon forced to support the new Viking elite.

It is a curious fact that this elite has its origin in the region surrounding the Black Sea  and the countries immediately to its east, the southwestern region of Asia , re Khazakstan and all the other -tans. This is so, because in ancient times, it was this region— Black Sea, the Caspian seas—that was the seat of civilization.

Though this history, due to the myopic visionaries of the West, is largely unknown to the people of the West, there are enough suggestions that this is the case in the geographic and topological maps and monuments of the time. The most significant of the latter is the famous Sphinx in Egypt, which according to many experts shows erosion marks formed by water , and is most likely some ten thousand, not 4.5 thousand or five thousand years old.

Be that as it may, and though Egypt is many hundreds of miles south of the Black  and Caspian sea regions, it does not cancel out the notion (or fact) that the city which we know today as Istanbul, is in fact, ancient Jerusalem.

As A. Fomenko suggests, Jerusalem-Istanbul relocated to its present site from Egyptian Alexandria, likely because of the ever more severe drought that encroached on northern Africa. Today we live in times when that ancient Jerusalem is, in turn, being moved West to Brussels, the seat, not of the European Union (EU), as government brainwashers like to suggest, but NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, re: the pentagon transferred from America and Washington to Europe to all the better subject our planet to its beck and call.

In effect, the Americans have given themselves the role of the Vikings of our day. Yasak or tax, has played its role and established the government over the people. Now is the time to enslave the people to the thieving elites. .

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