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EC 397 / War Against Byzantium
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How Began the War between the Ludis and Jews

Armageddon City http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user5/imageroot/2014/08/garbage%20tower%204.jpg , which is integral to Armageddon the Happening (some call it Rapture), was predicted following the destruction of early Christianity which prediction was told by the remnant of that faith of old that had no churches but the wood. The story continues till and is in the daily news on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, that remnant of the people of the wood is still being chased from the wood (in the name of ‘development’) as the following pictures from just ten days ago show us: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/aug/01/amazon-tribe-makes-first-contact-with-outside-world In short, Armageddon is in full swing ever since, say 1111*, the year that John Basil the King suffered murder committed by Emperor Alexis I of Byzantium. Though I have identified Byzantium as the last city that still knew native Christianity, it was, nevertheless, also a city of an Empire the rulers of which had succumbed to the temptations for power through the imposition of yasak-taxes on humankind at large.

It is from about the time of the First Crusade that the elites (secular and religious) began to pursue, more intensely than ever, a campaign against the Ludis (aka the jews, the people). While this may seem puzzling to some, the following recap may explain the thinking behind it at the time.

It is obvious that the elite cannot do without the common people altogether, as the latter provide the labor and services for it. However, ‘divide and rule’ instigated and controlled by the elites facilitated the transfer of power from the Ludi-Jews into their hands.

This is how the elites-princes-boyars decided that taxes will not be collected by them, but that they will chose an identifiable group from out of the Ludis to do their dirty work. Since apparently the ‘Jews’ formed (for whatever reason) such a group, the king (as the chief of the elites and Ludis) picked the Ludis-Jews as tax collectors. The Ludis-Jews agreed (not least because they were to receive an ‘incentive’), because the king promised them his protection.

However, the lesser elite, did all they could to cause the ‘other’ Ludis to resent this privilege presented to the Ludis-jews. After the Franks were driven from Byzantium and found themselves in Benelux, virgin territory, so to speak, for the resumption of taxation among the people, and had seized effective control of the Church by nepotistic tactics, they set about to cause civil strife among the common people.

One of the tools used to increase strife among the Ludis-bare and the Ludis-Jews, was not only as a result of everyone’s resentment of the tax, but when the elite of the church had progressed far enough with the creation of the New Testament story about Jesus Christ who accepted taxation as God given, they set upon a campaign to destroy the common man, who was resentful enough, because his millennium, a long tradition, was being destroyed by the tax. The weapons chosen by the Catholic Church were vicious enough.

The following example cited from R.I. Moore’s book, “The formation of a Persecuting Society”, Blackwell, p 31, should prove enlightening: “…we should date the ‘tradition’ which appeared in some towns of south-western France, including Toulouse, Beziers, and Arles… of striking a Jew on the face outside the church on Easter Sunday. That ceremony was commuted to a tax on the Jewish community in Toulouse at least as early as 1077** prompts the suspicion that like other ‘customs’ of this period it was developed specifically for the purpose of raising revenue, in this case levied by the Church in a region where its resources were under particularly severe pressure.” Surely, if one can strike a Jew on one Sunday, why not also on the next; and if in one town, why not other.

Indeed, the victory of the anti-Christ is near becoming a total victory today. Perhaps the only reason this not yet true is because the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Muslim faith continue the struggle against the West. While this struggle is fog-bound and has not yet awakened to the fact that it belongs to a radically different historical chronology and story line, it is a wonder that it is continuing at all. This is why the concept of longue durée history is so important to us.

*+** These blogs are not being written to set dates, but to outline a new story of history. The dating ought to be established more accurately by further research based on the basis of this  outline.

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