Friday, August 15, 2014

EC 399 / God’s War for the 11th Commandment
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The war of the elites against Byzantium (aka Jerusalem) has its origin in the oppression of the people of the wood with the fur tax. That war proceeded in stages:
First, the Viking bandits impose on the people who live along the shores of the great rivers that flow into the Black and Caspian seas the fur tax.
Second, the bandits among the Byzantines grow jealous of Viking success, and become the princes and boyars of late Byzantium also.
Third, after monopolizing the tax, the marauders announce that it is they who are the government for ages to come (the original Reich of a Thousand Years). The government of the Reich is to be a sovereign entity. It is this entity that raises the polis’ prominence over nature. Eventually (in our day, when the city has exhausted most resources of nature), the government retreats to the castle or fort, which was the original abode of the vikings. It is at this stage that the government declares itself to be the people. This is happening as I write.;view=fulltext .
In any case, the government announces the collection of taxes a necessity and indoctrinates the people, aka ludi, that civilization without taxed is not possible. To make the tax more acceptable, government announces socialism as its goal, and begins to dispense government aid to the poor and senior citizens. Compared to expenditures on armaments, such help involves relatively small sums.
Fourth, Moses, a leader of the Jews, is captured by the Vikings, and the commandments he has inscribed on clay tablets are destroyed. Instead of the projected 13 commandments (the old calendar, the Moon calendar, measures the year as 13 months) , the new secular government, having instituted itself as de facto God, issues 10 commandments.
Fifth, to facilitate the indoctrination of the ludi, the government rewrites the Jewish Pentateuch, which rewrite becomes the New Testament, which accepts taxation as God given.
Sixth, governments (there was more than one) corrupt the Jewish people or ludi by bribing and otherwise compromising them in order to have them become tax collectors. This causes a prolonged division and civil war among the People, the Ludi, because some Ludi become wealthy, while the majority remain poor.
Seventh, with virtually no opposition to governments that support themselves on the basis of taxation, all governments proceed to try to capture the world for themselves.
Eighth, there follows a prolonged period of wars in which various governments battle for the honor of world dominion. The wars are like the stone that the legendary King Cadmus throws between two standing armies said to be like teeth in our mouth. The teeth gradually grind one another into extinction, until only an upper and lower tusk are left.
Ninth, the tusks teeth battle with each other, and eventually destroy each other. This becomes known as God’s War to reinstate the 11th commandment.
Tenth, after a major conflagration in which most of the human population is killed, the survivors return to live in the wood.
Eleventh, a new era and civilization begins.
At this very moment, we hear the trumpets of the twins calling us to the last war. Interestingly, the war begins in ancient Byzantium and Israel, the vicinity where the fur tax was first instituted. This is not just coincidence, but proof that myth is as scientific as so-called science.
The war coincides with a civil uprising in the empires under the control of both twins: in the U.S. the uprising begins in Ferguson, Missouri, while in Russia it begins in St. Petersburg. As in Ferguson, so in St. Petersburgh, the uprisings are violently repressed—with much loss of life. The rest of the populations begin to realize that the police are there not to enforce order, but to protect the government
As the writer of the above blog, Martin Armstrong, states: “The police are being transformed from protecting the public into protecting government from the public.

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