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EC 404 / God’s War
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War Among Sovereign Vampire (?Fascist) States

In the afore mentioned article by Ewa Planowska Ziarek (refer to 401), we read: “Although the history of the hunger strike is often obscure, it was practiced in ancient Rome, medieval Ireland, and India as means of protest, usually, to force a debtor to return his debt or to exert moral pressure.”

However, we need to ad that a hunger fast is an old and honored method used by the Cathars when departing this life. The ‘method’ was known as the endura, which we may associate with ‘endurance’ of life until it “fastened to a dying animal, knows not what it is” (W.B. Yeats, Sailing to Byzantium) and the ‘animal’ that the soul rides dies, and the ‘fastened one’ recognizes it, him- or herself as bare and naked. Seen from this perspective an endura is the toll, we pay Chiron to bring us from our side of the divide to the other http://www.cathar.info/12011005_endura.htm .

Death by a hunger fast confirms the strength of one’s will, the strengthening of which one may perceive as the purpose of life in a mortal body. If such a death were to become Christian practice again, Christianity would stand a chance to overcome the usurpers of life—the sovereigns (by means of written law)—which after their thousand year neo-Christian Reich, they have proven to be worth exactly nullo.

This writer, now 81 years old, was once nearly killed by the tools of war of the nullos. The first near death occurred at the age of seven, with a repeat episode at the age of eleven (in 1945), I sometimes wonder if having stayed alive is not an illusion and the aftermath an extended act of disbelief. Had I and mine died on either one of the occasions, we would not be counted a sacrifice given the hegemonic and exclusionary sovereignty of the victorious post-fascist fascist establishment.

Yet I wonder. If homo sacer, the bare man (and woman) is not killed by either human or natural causes, but survives and lives out its ‘natural life’—what becomes of the soul shorn of the traditions and history it once had? Would it not survive only to become a vampire upon what it may perceive as the “artifice of eternity” (W.B. Yeats, Sailing to Byzantium) of the sovereign governments which expelled it from their victorious fascist circles? Would it not, thus, cannibalize (in the sense of collateral damage), its own and what remains of life.

The current undeclared war in Ukraine (through which the Western powers are attempting to entangle Russia), despite the evidence that the West is the aggressor and the East is on the defensive, does not provide homo sacer or the dispossessed public with evidence that it has a purpose other than the hegemony of  one or the other sovereign fascist state.

This lack of clarity about the benefits of the war to the public-at-large is the topic of most of ‘Eso’s Chronicles’, which argue that the current Industrial or post-Industrial State are passing pseudo-cultures set within the larger context of history as a False Flag event that began approximately a thousand or slightly more than a thousand years ago in or around the Black and Caspian seas where the current war in Ukraine is taking place.

While a thousand years ago the East suffered a defeat by the hands of what became known as the West, the East of today refuses to confess that that defeat was accompanied by an imposition by the West (and acceptance by the East) of a rewritten ‘Western’ version of Christianity. Any successful defense by the East to this author’s mind must come to see the globalization (or catholicization) of the human realm is a reactionary endeavor by would be civilizers attempting to impose a Universe on an eternity that is Multiverse in its nature. We can see this error by the East manifest in Sergey Glaziev’s (an adviser to Russian President Putin) statement in the interview appearing at the following link http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-08-23/putins-chief-integration-advisor-warns-transition-has-always-come-about-through-war . The advisor identifies entirely with the myth of ‘achievements’ by the West and is entirely ignorant of Russias’ early history for which he should be consulting with Anatoly Fomenko, a member of the Russian Academy.

To repeat, I hope not ad nauseam, the fear instilled in the ‘civilization’ of today of the wood leads to the annihilation of the human race.

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