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EC 400 / God’s War for the 11th Commandment
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Leaching Gold from Moondust? or from Blood?

As the reader of this series of blogs has probably noticed, the writer is vacillating between calling the series “War Against Byzantium”, or “God’s War for the 11th Commandment”, and his own sense of having become with so many others a homo sacer to governments that know themselves only for the sake of themselves. As I hold a dual citizenship (that of U.S. and Latvia) I address both governments. From the very beginning of these 400 blogs, I have been arguing that what we know, loosely, as “The Modern World” is at its demise, and that its replacement is not some surviving remnant escaping to the Moon, but that the surviving remnant will survive in the wood—such as remains, and such as the Modern World destroyed to emerge from.
Of course, I am not the only one with such a dolorous perspective. One has only to listen to the podcasts authored by James Howard Kunstler to realize that there are many who share my unease. What sets me apart from the others is that I trace the origin of the catastrophe not to capitalism as such (though surely it plays a major role), but to a deliberately falsified history; or, if you will, history as a false flag, which began with the imposition of the fur tax, which then evolved into a welfare program for the elites who constitute the government circles of our day.
Since the financial debacle of 2008, and the appearance of the U.S. led solution for it, the so-called QE, or Quantitative Easing, or unrestrained printing of paper money (which clearly does not solve the problem), in spite of the sleight of hand by would be magicians, we are beginning to realize that the QE (and all the other names it goes by) is but another form of taxation. In short, the QE is but a fantasy tax at the expense of those who no longer can afford to pay a tax. To put it another way, our murderous ‘democratic’ governments—in order to maintain the illusion that virtual reality is real reality—demand that our descendants become more murderous than our current institutions. In effect, the government has made the citizens its slaves.
For all that, aside from such writers as myself, Kunstler, et al, there have been thinkers in government with as pessimistic a view, but unlike such as myself, have chosen to believe that escaping the catastrophe lies in accelerating the programs that separate the government from the people even more radically, and will take the marauding dog packs of government, led by a cur from Kenya in case of the U.S., to the Moon.
And, surely, the pack will go to the Moon—if only enough real wealth remains to finance its trip and for the building of air tight (or is it vacuum tight?) dwellings, and a gravy train of rocket shipped produce (carrots, turnips, and chicken legs) from Earth to keep the freeloaders fed—until they figure out a way to leach gold from moondust and cover the trillions of paper money their printing mashines have set upon the world.
Not that a colony on the Moon will ever raise as much as a cucumber or a head of cabbage.
To put such fantasies as being saved by the Moon to rest is not impossible. However, to do so will require such a will as the Aztec God Nanahuatzin had . When midnight struck number 12, he closed his eyes and jumped into a pit of fire out of a sense of duty to the still living—and, thus, proved to the Sun the extremity of human need. This is not to say that I advocate self immolation, but I do advocate hunger strikes by the government enslaved citizenry.
Seeing the sacrifice or Nanahuatzin to be real, the Sun felt reinvigorated, and, came morning, made a wobbly ascent above the storm-tossed sea.
The sacrifice of Nanahuatzin shamed the greater part of humankind, especially the elderly whose experience governments had long neglected in order to push forward its own inexperienced ‘experts’. Taking their cue from Nanahuatzin, the elderly began to congregate in groups of 47 and, taking the 47 ronin for their example, determined to revenge the insult government had shown their forebears, when it had forced them to kill their beloved reindeer herds to support government by murder.
When the war was over, governments, which had come to believe them and demonized, and homo sacred) people, were put to such shame that they went out of business. It is then that governments became kingships again, where the king rules as if he she were 1 of The 47.

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