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Eso’s Chronicles 392
War Against Byzantium
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The Aegis of the Tax man under One God

When the golden horde of Mongolian horse came riding to rid the world of tax collectors, it had no idea that it would win the immediate battle against what were then known as Franks, but that they would be losers in the long run, because the Beys of the Mongols would soon be tempted to become part of the Western get rich quick system and would turn against their own sacred king.


The system of fur tax instituted by the Vikings and spread by all who were tempted by the system caused a REVOLUTION of awesome  proportions.


But it was not a Revolution that was kind to or in the interest of humankind at large, and was absolutely devastating to Nature. Uncountable lives of mink, reindeer, buffalo, otters, fox, lynx, wolves, bear, wild pig, etc. were skewed on the point of an arrow, or bullet, or knife, or snapped by a trap to have its skin torn from it. Along with the disaster to living creatures, the objects of what the poet Yeats calls ‘artifice of eternity’*,  re: trees, forests, all kinds of plantlife also faced decimation. No force of contrary sentiment, no matter how genuine, has been able to stop the slaughter of nature by disingenuous users of violence on behalf of what it believes to be the interests of humankind.


The vanquished Franks fled northwest to the regions we know today as the Benelux countries, where there were settlements of Vikings who had not viked all that far south as those who had searched their origins going first east across the Baltic Sea and then to the Black or Caspian seas .


These river routes are how the system of taxation arrived in the West, where it found virgin lands and all too peaceful natives to exploit. It was in the virgin West that the Franks and Germans (the name may possibly have its roots in the act of flaying, re Baltic ‘gher-eht’ to flay; gherb-ties to put on clothes) had their greatest success and also met the greatest resistance. Of course, todays dictionaries find the root for the word ‘german’ in such words as ‘the people’ and ‘neighbors’ as, after all, who wants to be described as a professional flayer of skin. Even so, other people are not likely to have such self-interest involved in so naming the fleeing hordes of Frankish and Germanic people.


The main opposition to the refugees from the Byzantine Empire came from the early Christians, who had likely originated in the area of southwestern Asia and migrated West along sea and river routes (going upstream), who had long established relationships and traditions with nature, and to whom taxation as a form of repression to better exploit them was alien.


This is when the Franks had a brainstorm. Remembering that the Khazars, who had been allied with ore part of the Byzantine Empire, had created the beginnings of what we today know as the Pentateuch , they determined to do it one better.


Scholarship differs as to the date of the origin of the Bible. As the above link indicates, some believe it was written in BC. Others, seculars of our day, date it as not earlier than 9th century AD, with the possibility that the text was completed only after the 16th century AD. This writer holds with the latter timing. This especially, because the entire development of Christianity has undergone a number of false flag operations on its body politic .


Not least among these ‘operations’ is the U.S. operation against ‘terrorism’ following the 9/11 false flag event about which we still do not know the whole truth. It is this Western instigated rumble, which is responsible for the currently ongoing undeclared war against Russia and most of Asia, the event is an attempt to rewrite history once more to the liking of the false flag, flying the colors of the Western ‘deep state’.

*See W.B. Yeats, “Sailing to Byzantium”.

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