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EC 405 / God’s War
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Vampires Eat Wood and Drink Tar

The unrelenting deforestation of our planet by economic forces released by post-Christian ‘Christianity’ and now exploited by post-fascist fascist governments, including that of Latvia, marches on .

Whenever accused of sowing mayhem, the atheist and post-christian governments excuse themselves as being ‘democratic’ and point to the obvious fact that the ‘democracy’ being practiced today preaches fanaticism on behalf of ‘individual rights’ and is reactionary with regard to ‘communal rights’—as if delays in action to avert the catastrophe now in progress is ‘normal’ and acceptable.

While the deforestation of the Amazon as per link above brings to our attention the death of trees and the life that shelters in their umbrage, the cannibalistic individualist psyche has since some time transferred its attentions to the underground resources of our planet. Here, too, a catastrophe is in the offing . As the link points out, the imminent collapse of the West produced by its onanistic (aka vampiric) psyche is being fostered by the grandiose optimism of its princes cum oligarchs. Deadly to human and all life forms, the onanistic psyche is faced with little censure except perhaps the unpredictable outcome of the wars it fosters around the world.

The vampire psyche destroys not only the human mind by means of rigidifying it on behalf of some vampire mold, but it also eats wood while keeping mute about its caviar—wood resin, a material widely used in the past and of great potential in the future as replacement of oil tars. While, for example, the birch tree, widely disseminated in certain climate zones of our planet has useful tar exudates, today some foresters in my country (Latvia) have been known to call it a weed, whereas they should be making experiments of how to use the tar of birch bark into useful objects and engine fuel.

The reason for the failure to investigate the uses of wood products is the result of a deep seated prejudice of the wood. Such a prejudice is  disseminated my our tax collecting culture, which refuses to admit that this ‘civilization’ is defined by the brutality of our governments, which, needless to say, do all they can to repress such facts through myth about the advantages of agriculture and city life.

Why then do human beings fail to overthrow the tax based system?

One answer, for sure, is the fear of death instilled by the violence of governments. Violence is not only of such governments as led by Stalin and Hitler, but is imbedded in the very nature of tax collection. The myth of ‘resurrection’ is not a story of hope, but a lie perpetrated by the usurpers as were the direct beneficiaries of taxation imposed on the oral cultures which preceded the ‘written law’ oriented systems.

There is ample evidence that oral cultures do not fear death for the simple reason that their uncensored contact with nature provides them with a faith that death is illusory.

The contact with nature, where there are many plants, enables the right hemisphere of our brain to function as intended; that is to say, it enables the users of such plants to experience such parallel universes as only recently quantum physics proposes in an attempt to explain the nature of matter—even as it dismisses so-called ‘objectivity’ as not in the least objective because of its self-limiting nature.

In order to liquidate our violent ‘civilization’, humankind finds itself confronted by the dire necessity of losing the myth that causes it to fear death. All of us know that only through a loss of such fears, will we be able to do away with the militarized police forces that our governments are engaged in creating in order to perpetuate themselves and the ‘civilization’ of taxation that perpetuates them.
One ‘science’ that is moving us in this direction is that of Biocentrism , which this author discovered through the efforts of Robert Lanza, MD, who is promoting the idea that it is not the body, but the mind that is immortal. As Lanza writes: “Immortality doesn’t mean a perpetual existence in time, but resides outside of time altogether.

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