Friday, August 8, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 389  
War Against Byzantium
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The West against Byzantium

Only those who are part of the oligarch clique welcome and organize the renewed Crusade currently in progress against Byzantium. The rest of the world is ill served by those who lead the world by means of ‘deep state’, aka the National Security State, . The latter came to American attention with the Bush presidencies in the U.S. and are  vigorously pursued by the Obama presidency.

Though not conclusively proven, President Barack Obama, is suspect of being a ‘deep state implant into the body politics of America (as was President Bush, Jr., whose father was the head of the CIA, the Central Intelligence Agency—even though the antecedents reach far back in the body of history.

It is widely rumored that Obama was chosen over Hilary Clinton by the secretive Bilderbergers , because he is black, not born in America, and clearly a career man without principles and has emerged as a convincing pathological liar. While the link is from RT (Russian Times web platform), the information it relays is gathered from many blog sites in the West.

The faux ‘wisdom’ of the Bilderbergers is proving itself today in many ways. While there are few Americans who go along with the official story that Obama’s origin is somewhere in the Hawaiian Islands and not Kenya, Africa , the silencing of the media owned by the oligarchs, who own most of the public media, justifies the conclusion that silence on any subject matter suggests that truth has been confirmed.

While I would contend that the false flag history that passes as world history, except for the media’s avoidance of the subject, is beyond doubt, the subject that forces this faux history to forward, remains, nevertheless, hidden.

The previous blog (EC388), however, reveals the origin of the force in the bloody business of killing and flaying animals for the sake of their fur. While the flaying of the animals may, in the beginning, seemed no more than that (a brutal force of engaged to eliminate nature), the implications for personal enrichment were grasped by all Vikings soon enough. What they did not necessarily count on is that all the other would be princes (the oligarchs and capitalists of today)—you name them—would see the success of the method as and join them.

The “System” (which for the lack of a better term, we may call ‘the Bilderberg system’) has proven itself effective because just as no subject of an interview is likely to insult the interviewer, because the publishing of the interview depends on the good will of the powers that be (in this case the editor in some obscurely located office), the tax payer is as unlikely to prevail if the taxing authority has the potential to deprive him her of all of property.

Just today (August 7, 2014) the secretary general of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, asked Russia to “step back from the brink” , though the U.S. and NATO are the ones who are bringing the world to the brink of WW4.

Or perhaps the war, which is already happening (but unannounced and as if behind the curtains) signals—at last—the end of the Industrial Era, which is the direct result to the accumulation of capital, which is a consequence of the bloody yasak, begun by the forebears of the people who call themselves Scandinavians today.

Armageddon . perceived as the war facing us, has been foretold ever since the fall of Byzantium to the forces of the Anti-Christ, sometimes at the beginning of the second millennium—in effect a long time ago—has seldom been questioned by people who hear about it. Why so?

Because: the Anti-Christ is the Christendom created by the West to justify the imposition of yasak or the system of taxation that facilitates the development of government as a community of bureaucrats over the community of humankind itself. Surely most everyone has heard how Jesus got along so well with tax gatherers, re: how in Luke 19:1-10, Jesus invited himself to the home of the wealthy chief tax collector Zacchaeus. The scene is meant to provide the justification for why the public should accept taxation as a God given phenomenon.


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