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EC 401 / God’s War
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Betrayal of History leads to War

The betrayal of history begins with the advent of taxation. Taxation concentrates enormous economic power is the hands of a few (a band of bandits) and removes homo sacer (the bare human) from the wood and places him in an evolving social structure (uncertain of its steps, but governed by the effects of ever increasing economic power), which we may call history, but which history is betrayed as soon as it occurs.

The betrayal of history is committed by the few, who as a result of rapidly accumulating wealth that follows the imposition of taxation seize control of society. The manipulation of history is an after-thought after an event worthy of being called historical. Thus, soon after the imposition of the fur tax, the guilt that is redounds on those who impose it by the desire of the victims to kill them, forces them to seek escape by transposing the guilt on some other party. It is this other party which is to do the tax collecting. In the case of the faux history of the West, the ‘guilty party’ emerges from among the ludi-at-large, from a sovereignty minded tribe—i.e., the lewd Jew. The neo-Christians emerge from the transference of guilt as Saviors, whom we know as Catholics and/or Globalists.

The most telling betrayal of history is the manipulation of events in such a way as to make taxation as if acceptable to society as if from times immemorial, which times meld into what we call consensual history, which is history betrayed, yet proudly raised as a false flag.

Consensual history was first created by the Vikings, who after the revolt of the ludi (the word whence the word ‘the people’), reconstitute themselves as the Catholic Church, which projects its reconstitution on the ludi. It does so with the help of tactics of torture exercised by the Dominican monks (a more or less spontaneous outgrowth of neo-Christianity) trained to be murderous Inquisitors.

To quote philosopher Ewa Plonowska Ziarek: “[Such an] extreme mode of… exclusion from symbolization, the polis [not to mention removal from the anti-polis environment of the wood—EAB) and kinship, reconstituted enslaved life as a nameless, invisible nonbeing—as pro nullo.” (see 10th para.);view=fulltext

The ‘pro nullo’ entity is alive in our time, is on the internet, and survives in the author of these blogs (about which more in blog 402).

In a seeming paradox, the pro nullo, homo sacer creature, is a creature that engenders or progenits perpetual resistance, and eventually out of such resistance the Final War on which we have embarked in present day Ukraine. True to faux history, the war does not occur in and around Jerusalem in present day Israel as neo-Christianity and Catholicism predicts, but is being fought in and around the territories of former Byzantium. As the Russian mathematician and historian Anatoly Fomenko ever so strongly suggests, Constantinople, once known as Byzantium, is Jerusalem, which neo-Christians shifted from the Bosphorus to the eastern Mediterranean (see A. Fomenko, “History: Fiction or Science, Vol. 2, p. 75ff). This circumstance suggests that the War against Byzantium may, in due course, shift from the Ukraine to the Strait of Bosporus and Istanbul or occur all about and have the Black Sea as its center.

While it may appear that I am connecting some lose ends of heretofore unknown historical events, all that I am doing is shifting emphasis from what may seem purely psychic events to actual events. The psychic aftermath of taxation (in its post-developmental stage) was belatedly observed by Foucault, who formulated it as the consequences as birth of biopower . To quote Foucault:

..."By this I mean a number of phenomena that seem to me to be quite significant, namely, the set of mechanisms through which the basic biological features of the human species became the object of a political strategy, of a general strategy of power, or, in other words, how, starting from the 18th century, modern Western societies took on board the fundamental biological fact that human beings are a species. This is what I have called biopower"...

Foucaults ‘mechanisms’ are but taxation and the consequences of capital accumulation by state organs, which phenomena he sums up (see link) as

"…discipline… deployed to make individuals behave, to be efficient and productive workers, biopolitics is deployed to manage population; for example, to ensure a healthy workforce".

In effect, the rebellion against said ‘discipline’ is what creates unceasing unhappiness and leads to war.

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