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EC 407 / God’s War
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Vampire Sovereigns as Governments 3

One of the reasons why the President of the United States of America is a Vampire on the body of the American nation is because he was born in Kenya and not American soil. Of course, this fact is vehemently denied by the White House, but at least so far, it has not provided convincing truth that it is otherwise.

I have nothing personally against Barrack Hussein Obama, the man, but do have my doubts that one born exposed to a rootless childhood as Obama’s childhood has been , and given an imaginary birthplace, re Honolulu, Hawaii, and an urban environment that is rootless by its very nature, makes for a man who is much interested in the body politic of America as a sovereign nation. Come to think of it, I have never heard Obama refer back to America’s New England Puritan roots, nor to the Americans who entered upon the continent as slaves and became attached to the American Earth through humiliation and pain.

I write as an American-Latvian, a man of dual citizenship, because unlike President Obama, I have been fortunate to have been attached to a given plot of land, Latvia, through death, pain, humiliation, and, ultimately, dispossession. It is the last, dispossession that keeps me attached to the country still. While I came to the U.S. as a teenager, and tried to earn my druthers by serving in the Marine Corps (1952-55), I never became attached to it with my heart and soul, as my circumstances (so goes my explanation) were not rural in nature, but an urban constant permeated by the airs of a factory (shop or office) environment.

Since leaving America (in 1995), I have been making a serious effort to reattach myself to the country of my origins, from which war forced me to absent myself from for 51 years. I am in Latvia now going on to 20 years, but have not been able to reattach myself to it other than exhausting all my physical resources to people in need in a vain attempt to overcome the factory environment that Latvia, too, has entwined itself with in my absence. This factor is actually a kaleidoscope of factors.

While the deep history of my part of Europe is that of single family farmsteads, which have less to do with farming than gardening (thus, better said, garden farms within a forest environment), the Soviet regime imposed on the culture a factory like atmosphere by destroying this heritage and turning the countryside into a factory by forcing the farmers into collective farms. Strangely enough, this has turned the Latvians of today, especially the youth, into anxious ants of the consumer type. I have found it difficult to accept that the countrymen of the land of my origin were no longer attached to their land, but were anxious to escape the land of their birth to live in factory lands abroad, where the only advantage was better earnings. Of course, they were fantasizing that during their absence the country of their origin would become an improved Western style factory, but to this day this has not come about, because the post-Soviet government people and politicians, advantaged by their positions of earning a better income than the people of the countryside, have—little by little—been vacating the country [about 400,000 (out of 2.2 mil have left it)] to all the better increase their own salaries. If we remember the saw that for every human being who commits suicide there are ten who are considering it, there are few, and perhaps no Latvians (outside of the government bureaucracy) left, who believe their country worth their life. Since my godfather de facto if not de jure is the first President of Latvia, I consider myself sooner as one of government bureaucracy.

My perhaps unique perspective stems from the fact that my forebears are among those who caused a people without a verbalized identity to identify themselves as Latvians (not surprisingly, it was the Herrnhuters, now the Moravian Church, which introduced Latvians to literacy by making a small library room part of every farm), and know well the life-styles of the upper and lower castes. Because of the betrayal of the ludi (ļaudis, people) by the present Latvian government, my Latvian identity now centers on the dispossessed countryside.

In any event, the situation of the American people may also be seen through the lens of dispossession of the countryside, of which dispossession a rootless and urbanized President Obama (golf is his preferred way of wasting time) is a perfect symbol. It remains to be seen whether the fifty states of the American Federation have enough sense of sovereign power left among them to stop the open borders policy of the current American government.


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