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EC 408 / God’s War
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War—A Form of Vampirism

Michael Lowy, French sociologist writes: “For Marx, the origin of capitalism does not relate to any religious ethics, but to a brutal process of plundering, murder and exploitation, which he describes as "the primitive accumulation of capital. As real as murder and exploitation is, “a brutal process of plundering” soon makes it virtual and unreal to those who are doing the murdering. The simple reason for this is that the guys who accumulate capital sit in velvet and leather offices and their secretaries, the ones who send out the directives, will give them a fuck anytime they wish. It is great for forgetting the consequences of any deed by a written word. It is the beginning of the creation of a virtual world by virtue of taxation.

The failure by Marx is to fail to see that accumulation of capital starts with taxation and that taxation leads to a form of government unknown to the ludi (or is it monkeys?) of the wood. As the ‘primitive’ governments of the ludi, lutvi (?eventually Latvians) and the Indians of Amazon show, such ‘primitive’ governments are self-governing households of as many people as a households manages to acquire and create a tradition of. The typical Latvian household was formed by the immediate family to which, as time went on, were added any number of individuals who for one reason or another found themselves without a family support system, but were welcome as an additional hand at securing a life in the wood. The Latvi called this system of self-governance ‘a saime’, which word from the word ‘saite’, a belt, a bond. Apparent this system was convenient to the ludi living in a northern wood, whereas the Amazonian Indians, who live in a tropical jungle, congregated in a number of systems, one of which included houses for men and a women and children separately, another which lived in a common space in trees .

Our current system of government begins with the word ‘vampire’ . The link traces the word to Vlad Tepes, a Romanian neo-Christian hero of the 15th century. This fits neatly with my retrospective projection as being the time when the tax system became consolidated and sure of itself. Nevertheless, the word may be traced back even further to the perception of the dead among the Slavik ludi. The word itself is apparently derived from its Polish form . Here, too, the link to  government as a form of exploitation (vampirism) by taxation is obvious. Please note: the word ‘dragon’ morphs into ‘vampire’.

As I suspect most everyone knows, our post-modern time is witnessing the collapse of governments established by taxation for the simple reason that there is no one to tax anymore—at least not among those we still may call ludi or people.

The sense of anxiety among those of us who live in the virtual labyrinth (no longer the real one, which we knew as the forest or wood), the city, arises from our belated realization that it is a human approximation of the desert. That is to say, when the cities of the world have become so ubiquitous as to have exhausted every corner of nature on our planet of its resources (once known as ‘gifts of nature’), it becomes inevitable that the financial system of our pseudo-civilization collapses—regardless of what government propaganda says and federal banking system does. It is the financial system which speaks to us first, even as governments continue to deny the obvious.

The human population of our planet is faced with the inevitability of having to return to the wood; of having to scrap our automobiles and begin raising horses again; of having to go from a virtual environment back to a real environment. The dreams of oligarchs are at an end and they are quite right to be in a state of panic, which forces them to seek solutions in highly unrealistic schemes such as printing money ad infinitum and planning wars of world conquest known as globalization. Direct evidence of this comes by the oligarch President of Ukraine, one Petro Porosheko , who obviously wishes the West to go to war on behalf of his fantasies (supported by the U.S. government). The people of the Ukraine do not yet understand that consumer society has come to a ‘virtual’ end. While the country has little woods left and is entirely dependent on the largesse of the Russians with regard to gas as what keeps them warm in winter, large as the country may be, it is the canary with regard to the present state of the world.

Is human kind able to make the transition from the Industrial Age back to the age of the wood without poisoning our entire planet with radiation and other ‘goodies’ from nuclear meltdowns?

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