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Eso’s Chronicles 396
War Against Byzantium
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Mohammed may yet Save Christianity

Though the Crusade of 1204 mustered against Byzantium by Western Christendom ended in victory, that is to say, Byzantium was sacked and its holy relics and other valuables transferred to the West (first to Avignon, then Rome), the West was able to occupy it only until 1261, when the survivors of the Byzantine Empire retook the city and with many ups and downs held onto it until 1453, when the Ottoman Turks liberated it for the Muslims and former early Christians who had become the warriors for the newly risen Muslim faith.

The puzzling fact that the Crusade never followed through, as was originally announced, to the Jerusalem on the East coast of the Mediterranean, should be proof enough that the object of the Crusade was to destroy that early form of Christianity that was at the foundation of the faith of the Ludis. The sack of the Christian cities of the Ludi: Zara (along the coast of the Adriatic) and then Byzantium, which were, after all Christian did not pass without dire consequences.

While the historians of the ‘consensual’ history which is popular today, argue that the split in Christianity between the orthodox East and a Catholic West has its foundations in the Fourth (aka the First) Crusade. The split resulted not only in the Orthodox Church betraying the Ludis (by  accepting the Catholic or Western neo-Christian theology, which was inscribed into the New Testament), but saw much of early Christianity accept the message of the Messenger of Mohammed, which message in the following three hundred and more years grew into a new faith in such proportions that by 1453, it led to a counter Crusade by the Ottomans, who seized Byzantium for the Muslim faith.

As we see in our own days, the Muslim faith survived the onslaughts by the Catholic West, even that of the Orthodox East (which the West had forced to substitute John Basil with Jesus Christ), which caused forms of governments that forced their own people to pay unjust taxes to ever more unjust,  greedy, and violent leadership.

While after the sack of Byzantium (Jerusalem) by the West, the counter punch crusade against the West was still more than three hundred years in the future, Orthodox historians to this day wonder why the First Crusade never reached its alleged destination, but went on to sack Byzantium (now called Istanbul), the city holy to ludi, the dwellers of the wood, for whom any city was a rare phenomenon and something out of the fairy tale. We see their wonder pictured in the church steeples of Moscow..

Those who are opposed to my argument will claim that the Franks were also found on the East coast of the Mediterranean and all had not all fled to Benelux. The retort is easily countered by pointing out that when Genghis Khan’s golden horde roding into the camps of the Vikings, it scattered their descendants, in all directions. While the majority fled West, some went East where they had established (seized) trading post within easy reach of he Silk Road to the very Far East.

The all surpassing catastrophe that the tax collectors caused humankind was the introduction of violence which sustains elitism to this day, which has in our own day has presumed for itself the secular Godhead through American neoconservatism (a presumption of manifest destiny in the extreme), which is kept in office by the Western Christians.

No wonder the Muslim faith is rising in violent opposition to a Christianity no longer able to muster the energy needed to throw and topple the spiritual lepers who sit on their neck Still, such movements on the part of the Muslims as todays jihad (a policy pursued by the brainless) does not meet the standards of those truly faithful to the doctrine that continues to hold that God is Love.

The blame for the failure of the West no longer rests with Western Christianity, however, as it has proven itself a failure in all matters of faith except in violence.

Nevertheless, the Eastern Orthodox Church, which at one time was the direct heir of that early form of Christianity that prevailed among the ludi in Europe and Asia, refuses to admit that it accepted the Western version of Christianity as its own. The refusal of the Eastern Orthodox Church to reject Western theology and renew the option of the repressed alternative, plays into the hands of secular Muslim Zionists, who no less than the Christian version are rampaging all over the Middle East killing their own and such Christians as still remain there.

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