Monday, August 29, 2016

EC 566
Mirror Mirror at the Head of My Bed
By © Ludis Cuckold
What About Democracy?

Democracy has not served humankind well. For all the rubbish that is said about its glories, only Churchill dared say anything anywhere near right: “…democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.…”*

*Because there is no traceable ‘original’ source for the quote, it either comes from Churchill himself or is a folk wisdom appropriated by Churchil. Anyway we take it, the saying finds its way into public discourse often as if it were some sort of a joke, which the first half of the sentence certainly is not.

Even so, Churchill or untutored common folks erred, because among the “other forms” is the one and only form which—aside from the ‘naked democracy’ that prevails in the wood and field—nature intended to occupy if consciousness ever escaped the in-body consciousness that prevails among life forms in God’s kingdom.

In the blog previous to this one, I mentioned the failure of modern day consciousness to discover a form of government that would serve humankind in the ‘Industrial Age’ and not bring it to a catastrophe as our neocon appropriated democracy has done

In that same blog, I mentioned King Oedipus, who refused to lead the Thebans by example and became a king only because he eliminated child sacrifice to the mysterious Sphinx. Not that child sacrifice is right, or excusable. But Oedipus left the deed half done, because he failed in will to self-sacrifice himself at the end of his reign—unless “Oedipus at Colonus” is playwright Sophocles’ hint of what the repressed version of the story was about and why Oedipus was driven from Thebes in disgrace.

In final analysis—Oedipus did not relieve Thebes of child sacrifice, but left it to them in a more burdensome form of an unending war among brothers. This is attested to by the fact that his daughter Ismene comes bearing the news that (as per Sparknotes at above link): “Eteocles, the younger son of Oedipus, has overthrown Polynices, his elder son. Polynices now amasses troops in Argos for an attack upon his brother and Creon, who is ruling along with Eteocles.” War and pestilence is the pseudo democratic order the United States is forcing upon the world.

The ‘political scientists’ among the ‘aboriginal’ forebears of Europeans understood that politics is not a practice that lends itself to the relativist (Hegelian) philosophies that prevail in our universities and information media. For our forebears, politics was an existential and religious matter and was dealt with accordingly. The common ancient political tract was the creation myth, which spelled out the political order that was to prevail in the community that had created the myth. God, ipso facto the king, died in the process of creating our world.

The last remnant of the thought process that was inherent in the creation myths was eliminated from Western thought by discrediting Sir Frazier’s monumental collection of such myths in “The Golden Bough”. This is a collection of myths that for the most part present the reasons why our forebears supported the idea of awe inspiring sacrifice.

There are many explanations for the tradition of sacrifice. One of the most recent views is that of Rene Girard, who supports and discredits the sacrifice of the sacred king at one and the same time.

Girard explains sacrifice in terms of scapegoating, that is to say, in order to avoid violence between two major opposing forces, a third is found and killed (as a kind of Hegelian synthesis) in their stead. This sacrifice as if satisfies the bloodlust of the two enemies. But in Sophocle’s play Oedipus’ death does not prevent the untergang of Thebes or death of his sons at each other’s hand, which is why we ought to be aware that Sophocles’ implicitly dismisses Girard’s thesis. The point that Sophocles makes remains: self-sacrifice is essential if humans are to make the transition from a community of in-body conscious animals to a community of out of body conscious beings living in a realm that with the exception of homo sapiens belongs to Earthbound in-body consciousness. It is outrageous that this has gone unnoticed by literary critics and politicos in our times.

Early Christianity proposes that not only is John Basil of the Wood (known on the British Isles as Robin Hood) God incarnate, but that the future of the entire human collective is to become God incarnate. This view was represented by the Bogomils, Cathars, Waldensians, Diggers, Lollards, Husites, Herrnhuters, and many other religious congregations that were martyred for their views by neo-Christianity, which was founded by certain elites wishing to have ‘the best possible good life’ by means of a secular government that treated them as the ‘chosen’ priviledged ones.

The neo-Christian version of primal Christianity aims to restructure itself according to a caste system. This is proven in that government today is the result of a violently* imposed taxation system for the benefit of ‘entitled’ billionaires  and their subservient puppets. In practical terms, taxation is not all that different from an ‘indulgence’ that people were encouraged to pay to the neo-Roman Church in the days before the Westphalian Peace. In fact, taxation is but an updated version of an indulgence.

*I am here using the term ‘violently’ in the sense of legalized repression. While overt violence may not be noticeable, it lurks in the background as an instrument that introduces ‘acceptable repression’, i.e., an acquiescence of people in the acceptance of ‘the law’ as ‘Godgiven’. While our ‘democratic’ system may not have the unquestionef support of the people, it surely has the support of our ‘billionaires club’.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

EC 565
Mirror Mirror at the Head of My Bed
By © Ludis Cuckold
Love Without A Will

The Bible is not altogether devoid of eros, as sex is not the only way of loving. Indeed, eros is not simply sexual desire. Unfortunately eros in our time comes mostly in the guise of pornography, which is a manifestation of a focus of love via the sexual organs and denial of emotional life that includes pleasure and pain both.

Love in our times is like a computer driven car: it will go where ever the government, which has disconnected the driver and passengers from driver’s wheel by monopolizing the authority of taxation (and through ‘democract’ the word), tells the vehicle where to go. Such a monopoly over ‘The way’ (once meaning how to live one’s life) is nothing short of indirect violence, and results in violent and single minded drive toward a unipolar (all pleasure, no pain) world. The map of the route comes from government circles that drape themselves in a security blanket they call ‘democracy’. The sharade speaks for itself, when ‘democratic governments’ try keep the blanket from sliding off their beds by expanding sexuality from a nature determined heterosexual relationship into city determined phenomena called ‘transgender’ sexuality making randezvous at unisex toilets (beginning in schools) the “HOT”* spots of the future.

*“HOT” toilets: once transgender toilets become fully tested and legitimized by the court system, it is likely that such toilets will become ‘private’ establishments, acquire liquor licenses, and charge entrance fees as a matter of course. Toilet booths will be “enlarged ‘for two ’” and be known as ‘pullsex’ chambers, where the art of sexual petting reintroduces ‘the doggie position’ and licensed whores are instructors in politcorect safe and sterile sexual encounters.

The movement of autistic city people into transgenderism may be seen in negative terms (extreme deconstruction of sense of community) as well as positive ones (everyone is entitled to reconstruct community through the practice of sexual ‘democracy’). Such a ‘democracy’ may take hold (such is the aim of politcorect geopolitics) of an entire civilization if nature were to come with no limits on its resources and if the dependency of the animal body of humans were to ever become disconnected from nature permanently. While there are many who believe we are well on the way to such a disconnection, the majority of humankind remains skeptical. Marked by the imprint of thousands of years of living in nature, the majority of humankind is far from being relativitized to such a degree as to believe it can survive weightlessness for long.

The problem for the heterosexually oriented natural world is that governments that rule over it have not only succeeded in imposing on it a ‘Godgiven’ tax system, but since the end of the religious wars and the imposition of The Peace of Westphalia, they have become subject to ‘scientific’ government controls. The Westphalian Peace by stopping a prolonged civil war between two religious orientations (such as distinguished countryside and nature from the city and virtual environment) also eliminated from government religion, thereby making government unipolar in a secular way. This unipolarity and its ways, which include transgenderism, receive material support from the dogma of taxation propounded by Christianity held hostage from behind the walls of a secularized city (Romans13:1).

The readers who have followed my musings on the pathways of history from past blogs, will recognize that it is the post-Westphalian world orientation that led me to question the veracity of European history as taught in universities, and see the current version of world history as an enduring fantasy brought on by a de facto retreat forced on the natural world and the elimination of the authority of land-bound homo sapiens by cityzens in the balloon of an ever rising and insatiable civilization of city-borne Entitlements.

I must leave it to the readers’ imagination to discover how loss of religion based authority has brought us to the doorstep of World War 3, a major push toward which is manifest in the attempt to federalize the world under a United States of America dominated United Nations.

However, when eros becomes political pornography (for that is what transgender sexuality feeds on), it comes up short when it comes to love that demands endurance or needs to sacrifice the life of its bearer especially if he-she are elites. For all of its self-indulgence, pornographic love fails in will.

This is not to say that the government does not sacrifice thousands of men lives in wars, which have no reason for being. Governments do not rule by love or democracy, but by fear: if you do not go into that good night firing your gun at whomever government says is your enemy, you will die from a bullet in the back from ‘friendly fire’ directed at you by barrier troops blocking retreat. On the other hand, if you kill the enemy, then you are entitled to transgender the survivors and screw them in any way you can imagine for years after other forms of hostilities have ceased.

This is how governments perceive eros and love. The ‘only’ rape governments admits to is that of the Sabine women many centuries ago. The ‘heroes’ of governments are believed to never think of rape, for if the enemy’s woman conceives of the rapist a child, it is presumed she will love its father (therefore no longer a rapist), and through him will learn to love a criminal government.

Bluntly speaking, this is how Europe and the West were won and what government trolls celebrate.

Today almost no one believes in the perception of aboriginal people that the only legitimate government is that of a king endorsed by God. This is why in early times the was of nature, had to transcended nature, and had to be willing to die of his own free will for the sake of the people he ruled. If he refuses to die (as Sophocle’s Oedipus did), he fails to rule by example (redeem himself of his arbitrary decisions—such as King Solomon’s if he had to follow through with his threat to cut the baby in half) and risks becoming the worst of men.

Nevertheless, because governments are as arbitrary as laws written after the rape of Rome*—its early version in  Byzantium, at the time of the Fourth Crusade (1204), presumed to have been Constantinople—the fear of laws written by elites had resulted in unstable communities in all corners of our planet. Indeed, communities were held together by violence or fear of it, not by some acquiescence inherited from nature as is now implied.

*Roma, a forgotten word for a nest of a bird. There are many romas in the wood. Today there is little wood left, and Rome, Italy has appropriated the name for itself. To roam means to go from nest to nest, from rome to rome. Some romes used to be horse drawn wagons in which a people known as Gypsies or Roma traveled from place to place.

It is fear—notwithstanding propaganda to the contrary—of man-made laws that has produced the idea (Revelation et al) that it will take Armageddon to reinstate a government humankind will trust.

Queen Razhanna looks at the mirror at the head of her bed and weeps a dirge. She watches herself being raped by a cannibal. Razhanna, aka Ragana*, sees Saturn (by Goya) sit on her bed and stuff himself on her pussy.

*The word ‘pa-gan’, which derives from two words, re: lesser (pa) + Yan (gan=herder; + Ra-ganaa name that also derives from two words, re: Ra + zhenchina or zhanna, Sun+wpman, zhenchina and zhanna two Slavic words for ‘maiden’ / ‘woman’. I need ad that linguists and anthropologists have been extremely unreliable, careless, and prejudiced on behalf of propagandistic Catholic Christianity when it comes not only to history as a whole, but the history of words no less. This becomes obvious, when we surmise the true meaning of the words, re: pagan = lesser shepherd and Ragana=the Sun as shepherdess. We may deduce that the word ‘papa’ (father) derives from mysoginistic squaring of ‘Ra’, re: Ra + Ra (sun+sun in Egyptian), which may have resulted from a misreding of the Greek letter P, pronounced to this day as R.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

EC 564
Mirror Mirror at the Head of My Bed
By © Ludis Cuckold
…the Least of These…*

*Mat. 25:40: "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

It used to puzzle me a great deal what Jesus (real name John Basil kaleidaskoped by globalist ideology into Jesus of Nazareth, also John the Baptist) or those who put the words in his mouth, meant when he is reported to have said in Matthew18:2-4“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever becomes like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

How could Jesus or whoever have ever said such a stupid thing?

Little by little, after witnessing wars and disasters brought into the world by so-called ‘enlightened’ elites living in cities far removed from Nature, did it begin to dawn on me that the “little children” were the people who in the days of John Basil the Pagan and/ or Jesus* from the Crossroads lived largely in the wood and survived off the gifts of nature, one of which gifts were fish with which Jesus according to legend fed thousands. (Mark 6:30-44) In the course of time, I was enabled to reinterpret the parable about the fish by my experiences as a child in the countryside, where such ‘gifts of nature’ were still abundant in the forests and on farmsteads practicing self-sustaining economies.

*John Basil/ Vasil of Byzantium was the true Jesus, who after being reduced by Viking elite dominated secular Christianity to a pagan (lesser John/ = pa = lesser, gan=Yan) was renamed Jesus or Iesus. At first this resulted in a civil war among the various aboriginal tribes who practiced Christianity—literally meaning ‘at cross+roads’—with Orthodox Christians, Jews, and Islamists forming the opposition to secular or Viking (later Western Catholic) led  Christianity. At a later date, the Orthodox Christian priesthood was persuaded to adopt the male dominated Catholic Christian version of history, while Jews were persuaded to cede the Bible to Catholic interpretation in return for keeping the practice of circumcision.

Because of gifts of nature, which besides berries and mushrooms included locusts and rainworms, thousands survived World War 2 and Stalin’s gulags.

Though I began to earn my keep as a cowherd from the age of seven, my citified and resort town origins (white sandals and year round German nannies) were so held in awe by my countryside relatives that in spite of being a cowherd, I was not permitted to witness a bull mate with a cow, and I had to figure out by myself that when a cow made-believe mated with another cow, this was a signal that the other cow was in heat, and it was time to take her to the bull for insemination. The fact that this natural phenomenon among cows is described by city folk as “lesbian cows HOT!!!” is yet another indication that city people belong to another species of homo sapiens—if not of separate genes, then of a very different (virtualized, artificialized, institutionalized) and generally uninformed and life-inexperienced mindset.

Another puzzle created by citified people is the ‘mystery’ role of Mary Magdalene, the only woman follower (the 13th disciple; 13 = the number of full moons or menstrual cycles a woman has in a year; there were 13 months in a year in pre-Catholic Christian times) among Jesus’s disciples. There ought to be no doubt that Mary Magdalene was the 13th disciple of Jesus. Citified homosapiens, the missionaries of our times, have done their best to turn Mary Magdalene, first into a whore, then into an idealized and sanitized image of St. Mary as Mother Perpetual. Interestingly, Michalengelo’s The Pieta, is a sculpture depicting the lifeless body of John-Jesus in the arms of his concubine or wife Mary Magdalene.

If in her later years Mary Magdalene died the ‘endura*’ way of dying (miming John Basil’s and Jesus Christ’s self sacrifice) that was practiced among the Bogomils and Cathars, in terms of today’s orthodox thought, we ought not fear imagining that she endorsed sexual petting that did not necessarily involve contact of sexual organs, which sex she likely practiced when with Jesus. The fact that they had only one child, allegedly a daughter, who married a prince named Merovingian, attests to indirect sexual contact. Incidentally, the word ‘merovingian’ may be a word that is a composite of three words: mero=peace; vin=way; gian=john.

*Note how the ‘endura’ link calls the endura an act of suicide, when in fact the endura is dying without fear of death. When I say that Mary Magdalene invented the endura, I am referring to the tradition (a la Dan Brown, et al) that claims that Jesus escaped crucifixion and went to live in France (the former kingdom of Occetan occupied by the Franks), where together with Mary Magdalene he had a family. What the popular authors missed or deliberately ignored—due to their hang-ups and prejudices—is a lesson in a different perspective, one that originated in a civilization that did not fear death. One may argue that the fear of death began with the arrival of individualism, which introduced violent behavior as a matter of course.