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By © Ludis Cuckold
What About Democracy?

Democracy has not served humankind well. For all the rubbish that is said about its glories, only Churchill dared say anything anywhere near right: “…democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.…”*

*Because there is no traceable ‘original’ source for the quote, it either comes from Churchill himself or is a folk wisdom appropriated by Churchil. Anyway we take it, the saying finds its way into public discourse often as if it were some sort of a joke, which the first half of the sentence certainly is not.

Even so, Churchill or untutored common folks erred, because among the “other forms” is the one and only form which—aside from the ‘naked democracy’ that prevails in the wood and field—nature intended to occupy if consciousness ever escaped the in-body consciousness that prevails among life forms in God’s kingdom.

In the blog previous to this one, I mentioned the failure of modern day consciousness to discover a form of government that would serve humankind in the ‘Industrial Age’ and not bring it to a catastrophe as our neocon appropriated democracy has done

In that same blog, I mentioned King Oedipus, who refused to lead the Thebans by example and became a king only because he eliminated child sacrifice to the mysterious Sphinx. Not that child sacrifice is right, or excusable. But Oedipus left the deed half done, because he failed in will to self-sacrifice himself at the end of his reign—unless “Oedipus at Colonus” is playwright Sophocles’ hint of what the repressed version of the story was about and why Oedipus was driven from Thebes in disgrace.

In final analysis—Oedipus did not relieve Thebes of child sacrifice, but left it to them in a more burdensome form of an unending war among brothers. This is attested to by the fact that his daughter Ismene comes bearing the news that (as per Sparknotes at above link): “Eteocles, the younger son of Oedipus, has overthrown Polynices, his elder son. Polynices now amasses troops in Argos for an attack upon his brother and Creon, who is ruling along with Eteocles.” War and pestilence is the pseudo democratic order the United States is forcing upon the world.

The ‘political scientists’ among the ‘aboriginal’ forebears of Europeans understood that politics is not a practice that lends itself to the relativist (Hegelian) philosophies that prevail in our universities and information media. For our forebears, politics was an existential and religious matter and was dealt with accordingly. The common ancient political tract was the creation myth, which spelled out the political order that was to prevail in the community that had created the myth. God, ipso facto the king, died in the process of creating our world.

The last remnant of the thought process that was inherent in the creation myths was eliminated from Western thought by discrediting Sir Frazier’s monumental collection of such myths in “The Golden Bough”. This is a collection of myths that for the most part present the reasons why our forebears supported the idea of awe inspiring sacrifice.

There are many explanations for the tradition of sacrifice. One of the most recent views is that of Rene Girard, who supports and discredits the sacrifice of the sacred king at one and the same time.

Girard explains sacrifice in terms of scapegoating, that is to say, in order to avoid violence between two major opposing forces, a third is found and killed (as a kind of Hegelian synthesis) in their stead. This sacrifice as if satisfies the bloodlust of the two enemies. But in Sophocle’s play Oedipus’ death does not prevent the untergang of Thebes or death of his sons at each other’s hand, which is why we ought to be aware that Sophocles’ implicitly dismisses Girard’s thesis. The point that Sophocles makes remains: self-sacrifice is essential if humans are to make the transition from a community of in-body conscious animals to a community of out of body conscious beings living in a realm that with the exception of homo sapiens belongs to Earthbound in-body consciousness. It is outrageous that this has gone unnoticed by literary critics and politicos in our times.

Early Christianity proposes that not only is John Basil of the Wood (known on the British Isles as Robin Hood) God incarnate, but that the future of the entire human collective is to become God incarnate. This view was represented by the Bogomils, Cathars, Waldensians, Diggers, Lollards, Husites, Herrnhuters, and many other religious congregations that were martyred for their views by neo-Christianity, which was founded by certain elites wishing to have ‘the best possible good life’ by means of a secular government that treated them as the ‘chosen’ priviledged ones.

The neo-Christian version of primal Christianity aims to restructure itself according to a caste system. This is proven in that government today is the result of a violently* imposed taxation system for the benefit of ‘entitled’ billionaires  and their subservient puppets. In practical terms, taxation is not all that different from an ‘indulgence’ that people were encouraged to pay to the neo-Roman Church in the days before the Westphalian Peace. In fact, taxation is but an updated version of an indulgence.

*I am here using the term ‘violently’ in the sense of legalized repression. While overt violence may not be noticeable, it lurks in the background as an instrument that introduces ‘acceptable repression’, i.e., an acquiescence of people in the acceptance of ‘the law’ as ‘Godgiven’. While our ‘democratic’ system may not have the unquestionef support of the people, it surely has the support of our ‘billionaires club’.

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