Saturday, August 13, 2016

EC 562
Mirror Mirror at the Head of My Bed
By © Ludis Cuckold
A Monster Consciousness

While we live in an age where 100 silly questions are not an unusual number of questions to ask, no one seems to ask silly question 101: were Neanderthals really smarter than homo sapiens? There is not only a lot of ambiguity about the question (especially when it comes to the question of whether they did it face to face or piggyback), but a lot of deliberate avoidance of response—which hides a presumption that Neanderthals survived only as a result of inherited violence in a brutal (near starvation) environment, while homo sapiens used violence with intelligence and foresight (the former CIA deputy director at a link below is an example of the latter).

        Though the transition from Neanderthal to homo sapiens took place approximately 40,000 years ago, it has not yet dawned on homo sapiens that consciousness is but a form of out of body experience*, which for the Neanderthals may have remained in-body. This is why—I imagine—the Neanderthals may have spoken an in-body language known as mimesis. Body language is an essential part of mimesis. This may be how the sutartine type of songs and choirs (see EC554), even language originated.

   *Out-of-body—the very gait and structure of the human body points to a perspective of eyes in the forehead scanning downward across the body on to one’s feet. The Irish poet William Yeats described his soul, his essense, whatever in the body as something that is: “…sick with desire/ And fastened to a dying animal/ It knows not what it is….”

Before consciousness can deal with the body from which it inhabits, it likely experiences it as an alien thing, sometimes known as a zombie, a word likely derived from Greek zoe-zoan. Zombies are as many as there are people. As Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde illustrate, zombies sometimes have split personalities. A zombie was known to the Germans as a Doppelganger (one’s double*). One often experiences one’s double as a shadow that may appear as a kind of threatening or evil presence. It is an unlikely evil, but surely it is one’s unfamiliar self, which therefore comes across as something alien and mute. In our own day (August 8, 2016) such a Jack the Ripper type has charged forth and unambiguously taken possession of a former acting deputy head of the CIA as well as a series of cutthroats working the media.

*The German word for son, Sohn, may originate from Greek ‘zoan’, which may have been pronounced Yohn, whence Johann, even Wohnung (apartment, residence, living place).

Because our age is prejudiced on behalf of laboratory science, which is topped off by space travel, the Doppelganger appears as a Neanderthal (bloody eye and slashed face). Even so, though Neanderthal’s genes are available, we refuse to clone Neanderthals back into existence. Why? Is it because we portray them with fearsome spears and as brute male hunters, or is it because we fear that a household of berry pickers may take revenge on us and become the dead rising from their graves (see 1:30-1:57), that is to say, become like the violent selves who have taken charge of the U.S. intelligence aparatus?

I have been suggesting for a great many number of blogs that not only is our civilization a parenthesis born of ‘scientific’ megalomania, but that the very nature of ‘modern’ homo sapiens is that of a parenthetical creature. I have no idea how anyone can talk of articial intelligence as having a potential for consciousness without manifesting any potential for moral consciousness. Yes, I am aware that science has limited consciousness and confines itself to the 1260 ccs of our brain. Not surprisingly, digitalization becomes a more wondrous phenomenon than God.

The historical time-space within which we live is—though longer than any king’s dynasty in the past—a pile of dirty toiled paper in a pile of lies. Though the primary creators of the junk yard are the elites of Europe followed by the United States of America, followed by Russia, China, Japan, Turkey, etcetera, all have ambitions to own our planet in a unipolar way. Again, is this because consciousness is an out of body experience in fear of its former mute self, which out of ignorance and now hyped on fighter pilot pills it seeks to kill?

Surprised and denial prone about the failure of their ‘power’ as said powers are said to be, the horrific result of their ‘scientific’ globalizing agenda is at a new plateau:

·       Currently (August 9, 2016) the ‘doomsday’ clock to a nuclear war—with mini-nukes already in use—shows but three minutes to midnight.

Taught to surrender decision making to government and fearful of death (and believing that secularist medicine can cure just about anything), modern man is unable to overcome him-herself and be anything other than a ‘sheeple’ with a gun (as the recent killing of an imam in Queens, NYC illustrates).

·       With the death sentence eliminated along with self-sacrificial kings (by ‘sensitive’ and empathetic governments), who in the beginning used to govern God’s Kingdom as God’s stand-ins, no crime is unimaginable or may be denied manifestation. Even an unredeemable criminal has his-her entitlements.

·       With ‘progress’ and ‘growth’ having become must words for all political action groups, the destruction of nature can no longer be stopped as progress grows and makes further progress.

·       We, like the Queen consulting her mirror, sleep in our beds with our feet at the head board.

None of the five bullets suggest a human being capable of creation by conscious self-sacrifice.

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