Tuesday, August 9, 2016

EC 561
Mirror Mirror at the Head of My Bed
By © Ludis Cuckold

The inventors of the Bible also invented circumcision, which resulted in the ‘missionary position’ for women during the sex act. Fear of injuring the exposed glans penis, caused the male to subsequently to limit sexual intercourse to an insertion of it into a woman’s vagina, which provides not only soft tissue, but is a direct path to the ovaries and, therefore, increases the likelihood of pregnancy.

At first, the missionary position resulted in a permanently high birthrate among the ‘chosen’. The method proved so successful that (like the invention of money) it it was adopted by all of humankind.

The institutionalization of circumcision may not, at first, have been perceived as something that would result in a catastrophe. Nevertheless, it can hardly be denied that overpopulation has increased tensions among social groups, which in turn has led governments to centralize power in hopes that this will result in a solution by means of some government dictat. The coercision of European nations to form a federalized empire (28 states so far) by the United States of America is one such perceived solution. It follows in the footsteps of Nazi Germany, which aimed to use euthanasia, i.e. abortion to achieve birthcontrol.

One may say that the search for a solution to the prevailing high birth rate has been desperate. The relentless march of the capitalist economic system is, indeed, one result, because it causes the economy to grow relentlessly and gives the illusion of keeping up with the growth of the population. Unfortunately, relentless ‘growth’ results in a catastrophe for our planet’s natural environment. Few dispute the collapse, though it takes away our attention from the fact that it, too, tells of the on-going destruction of our planet.

As everyone knows, the opposition to capitalism is communism. The opposition recently collapsed, because under the rule of Lenin and Stalin, the communist system perceived its role as furthering the interests of the workers rather than returning the workers to the nature they were driven from by the fortresses and cities that were built by leaders of gangs of warriors, who indeed were the proto capitalists.

An unopposed capitalist system, despite its many cosmetic ‘educational’ institutions, is no closer to a solution to uncontrolled growth in population than the communist system. However, one unintended positive consequence of the unipolar leadership of capitalism is the “rich grow richer and the poor become poorer” phenomenon. Its unstopability and race toward a certain dead end, is focusing the mind of humankind on finding the chink in the wall that will allow a solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem.

The reader will, hopefully, excuse me for bringing the attention of his-her mind away from the currently prevailing brain lock fixated on the ‘scientific’ doghouse. I propose that it be replaced with pareidolia, a thought process used by artists such as shamans, poets, musicians, painters, even everyone.

Let me illustrate by pareidolizing the name of Obama and the radical associations it may result in. The name is not all that far removed from the name for one of human early ancestors, the ‘bonobo’. The procedure of association is simple.

Remove from the word of ‘bonobo’ the consonant b, and you are left with ‘onobo’; now switch the consonants n and b around, and you have ‘obono’. All you have to do now is replace the latter 2 os with 2 as, and you have ‘obana’. Then make the n sound as an m, and (O my gosh!) say “obama”. Many words may, thusly, be returned to their original meaning. For example, kings Luis of France and Ludwig II of Bavaria, were kings of the People, which names derive from the word ludi meaning people.* That is to say, ‘people’—before they were moved to the city or polis—were known as ludies.

*Not surprisingly the origin of word-name ‘ludi’ has been conveniently forgotten by linguists as well as historians**, even though not so long ago it played a notable role for the ‘Ludites’, the English artisans who in 1812 revolted against technology that destroyed the dignity of labor for Common man and craftsmen in England. **To this day neither linguists or historians can decipher what’s behind the “’mythical’ Ned Ludd and in an unholy alliance with those who are in support of robots***, hold the name LuddS in ridicule. ***Robots from lobots (by transposing the consonant L with R) = lobotomized workers from the wood or countryside.

As we may note in the following, bonobos are no swans when it comes to competing or soliciting love. Bonobo females initiate love contacts by giving the male a punch or kick. By doing so, a female indicates to the male that she is, both, lacking love and wanting it. Human females make use of this method as well. Unfortunately, human males seldom get the message right away.

In any case, the ‘swan’ ritual is replaced among humans by word rituals of which the most common is poetry and song.

Given that bonobos evolved into naked creatures known as ‘modern man’, it raises the question of just how did the hairy creature by the water (see above ‘bonobo’ link) become a naked killer.

The only answer I can think of is that he-she are profoundly unhappy and dissatisfied, and the only way to get satisfaction is go and kill somebody. No wonder governments are so obliging when it comes to making war.

Not to say more, our time (the millennial cusp of 20th and 21st centuries) is the time of road kills: live women turn into dead bodies, and men puff their minds into beer belly like baloons. Which is why this may be the time for a real rather than a virtual sexual revolution (the latter initiated by urban women disbelieving they are more virtual than real). This revolution will be because of the outdated sexual habits of contemporary men and women, and because of human need and despair that has resulted from it.

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