Wednesday, August 17, 2016

EC 563
Mirror Mirror at the Head of My Bed
By © Ludis Cuckold
Stupid Sex, Mindless Birth

While Julieta (the nom de plume for Queen Razhanna, the Sun’s vulva, who may once have ruled Ravenna, now a city in Italy) disputes with her mirror, a muslim preacher in Cardiff (Wales, UK) advokates the return of women to slavery status while a senior mufti in Russia advocates circumcision of female genitalia  as  harmless way to limit sexual desire in females.

Not surprisingly, such an advocacy tells us many things.

For one, it tells us that the so-called sexual revolution never was more substantial than the paper it was printed on, if only because the laws that encourage so-called secure sexual freedoms continue to enourage vaginal intercourse. In effect, the practices of the days of women enslavement continue unchanged.

Secondly, the three Abrahamic or sister religions—Judaism, Christianity, Islam—continue to practice imperialism on behalf of chauvinistic ’chosen’ males, who continue to claim their wives (and by implication all women) to be their property. This circumstance has been somewhat mitigated by the fact that the imposition of a sexually and gender neutral democracy has undermined the self-confidence of the male psyche. Unfortunately, no less undermined is the psyche of the female, who for profound reasons of her own created the male in the first place.

From the perspective of the elites of the Abrahamic religions, which have their origins in the destruction of the peoples’ original domicile—the wood and field—then succumb to the accusations of government elites as being ‘heretics’, and become reactionaries against the very circumstances that brought them into being, the muslim mufti and imam mentioned above, as well as Western Christian fundamentalists are but grist for the mill of the secular state. Not surprisingly this is reflected in the geopolitics of today.

After beating up on original Christianity (which included the Aztecs and Egyptians) and cutting down the forests of Europe (which hid the remnant of the Neanderthal Christians* such as the Bogomils, Cathars, and others), the Abrahamic religions were seized by their respective secular wings, which then endeavoured to conquer and unify the world into one polity. Though this polity is now preparing to make its final ‘victory or death’ thrust, it already has achieved many of its goals among which the main achievement is the elimination by most academics and atheist scientists of God from public discourse.

*Neanderthal Christians—proto-human beings who experienced ‘religion’ in mimetic terms. At the time consciousness made its transit from the in-body to out of body realm, which the in-body likely perceived as a transgression against itself, the in-body adopted self-sacrifice as the glue that maintained the bond between the two realms. Modern man has unglued himself from his origins as the fantasies about UFOs and space travel illustrate. 

For example, while Russia opposes NATO (an alliance of the U.S. and 28 European nations) and claims to support a poly-sovereign nationalist world system, its orientation is no less globalist than that of NATO. The same is true for China.

If the psyche of the human male is being neutered, so is that of the female. The latter is being realized by means of so-called ‘mascunalization’ that includes women among the combat forces of the military. This is made possible, because psysical strength needed to kill an enemy has been reduced to squeezing a trigger.

While circumcision of the male is not a universal practice, the sexual position that inserts the penis directly into a woman’s vagina or vanna—which becomes a male preference consequent to circumcision—IS. Out of control birthing of children is a universal phenomenon among all segments of society, except that of the ruling class, which limits the number of acknowledged descendants and relies on an expensive medical profession (which uses mercury and aluminum based vaccines on the bastards the elites have abandoned); which ‘mission of mercy’ treats autism and maintains the motor functions of those turned into ‘drones’.

The universities and academies are gradually turned into institutions that facilitate the elimination of meaningful opposition and return society to feudal values.

No wonder that homosexuality is in ascendancy*. Queen Julieta and/or Razhanna become lesbian experts at cunilingus, while the King, who knows joins the mafia.

*I perceive homosexuality less as a same sex relationship, more as preference by an autistic person to have sex with any one or thing to escape the imposed autistic ‘normal’. ‘Homosexual’ relationships are encouraged when autism proliferates and is ‘natural’ when two autistic persons with same or similar ‘natural’ personality disorders meet.

It may be worth remembering that the human male as an out of body intelligence is the creation of the in-body intelligence of the female. Though feminists today accuse the male of oppression of women, many characteristics of the male are based on will, which manifests itself only through out of body intelligence as it reflects on the nature of life confined to a body. The finest examples of male out of body intelligence are spiritual leaders such as John Basil (Jesus Christ and/or John the Baptist), Budha, and many others. The worst examples are—as the link below shows—a nightmare of a man pretending to speak on behalf of a nation’s intelligence service.

The BIG question is whether in-body intelligence possesses the same intelligence as consciousness? For that matter, may over the long run unconscious ‘animal’ intelligence not be more intelligent than conscious intelligence?

This author’s answer to the last question is—yes! at least to date. Because consciousness, demoralized by the written word as law, has proven itself morally conscious only sporadically. Perhaps this is because atheists pretend to be able to practice moral values as well as believers in God.

The denial of the existence of intelligence beyond the human brain is the kind of intelligence that has no other virtue than institutionalized hubris. The reduction of sexual contact invented by nature to that of politically motivated ‘missionary position’ is a good example of how not to use one’s head when thinking—not so much as once in 40,000 years.

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