Friday, September 2, 2016

Mirror Mirror at the Head of My Bed
By © Ludis Cuckold
Self, God, and Fascism

Doubt is a seed sown by governments in the soil of Self in a world made by God. As explained below, God may be the Doppelganger of Death.

Doubt began with taxation imposed on Neanderthal* man by a recently risen tribe of violent homo sapiens. These homo sapiens arose from reindeer herders (possibly crossbred Neanderthals), who were trapped in northern Europe by a flood (possibly called Storrega) that cut off their return route south. The entrapment and the harsh conditions that prevailed within the entrapment, which the surviving herders had to endure, turned them from a culture of worshipers of life or anthropomorphs, into a culture of greedy (and hungry) killers.
*Neanderthal—here the name is used in a symbolic sense, and describes homo sapiens living in a natural environment that is friendly to their needs.

I am here presuming that we are the descendants-successors of their conditioning. (Only John or Jesus attempt to uncondition them.) We have not been able to let go of that conditioning. We have some would be reformers, but they they have made the false story propagated by Western history their religion, and, therefore, any reform turns into empty dream.

Because homo sapiens in our time have habituated themselves to support a culture of violence, he-she fails to see the possibility that ‘we’ may at another time have come of a culture that was willing to subject itself without fear to a death it called God.

Death may have been called God by homo sapiens in order they could escape the mark of Cain, i.e., becoming killers. Homo sapiens were happy to leave the matter of death to God who they did not fear, but were in awe of.

While the possibility of the word for God originating in Death may seem implausible to modern humans, there is plenty of evidence this was not so in the culture which preceded the Vikings. The latter were homo sapiens first trapped in northern latitudes by the flood unleashed by a natural catastrophe most likely caused by the melting of the glaciers of the Ice Age. The evidence of a gentler predecessor culture is deposited in the languages of the people who were later subjected to the cult of taxation, which cult subjected them to a civilization in permanent want, permanent state of unhappiness, war, doubt, and Godlessness (also deathlessness).

One such language (in spite of the disrespect it presently receives from its own) is Latvian. Contrary to the habit of turning words into pseudo objects by writing them onto paper or digitizing them into a computer, Latvian and other languages of its kind retain the ability to turn the objects/ nouns they describe into the ‘ghosts’ the nouns had always been. Specifically, the ‘ghost’ is the endearing word which our civilization of grammarians and compulsive objectifiers call the ‘diminutive’. Latvian (once but a spoken language and never intended by the people who used it to be other) anthropomorphizes and to this day retains the ability to ‘re-vaporize’ every objectified word into the ghost the mind ever intends it to be.

Our catholic and globalist fascist secular rulers (governments, cities,  universities, and an endless number of mind boggling organizations) do their best to destroy the languages homo sapiens once created and continue to retain the ability to create yet again.

A timely illustration of institutionalized mental illness is offered by Princeton University, which institution has issued a call for homo sapiens to stop using words of a ‘gender inclusive ’ nature (example: don’t use actress; use actor). Apparently the university does not realize (or realizes all too well) that it is putting its institutionalized mindset in service of genocide of peoples and languages dependent on gender inclusive inflections. Of course, Princeton U. will not admit that its academic authoritarianism turns the very Self of homo sapiens, into that of fascist ideologues*. Which ideology tries to erase the language of homo sapiens with a virtual language from this or that Zombie University.
*Fascist—(the simplest definitionthat  I know of:) everything for the Ego of any institutionalized Self.

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