Monday, September 26, 2016

Mirror Mirror at the Head of My Bed
By © Ludis Cuckold
A Secular God in Crisis

Several blogs ago, I concern myself over the invasion of language by academe. I am specifically referring to Princeton Univerisity’s attempt to reform the English language into a gender inclusive and sex exclusive language and the tendency in America for artists and intellectuals to use the academe as an embalming fluid for the thinking process. Perhaps this is the result of the infiltration of the abstract expressionist movement and ‘art circles’ by the CIA.

The CIA’s infiltration of the academe may be seen as the end point of a process of a thousand year long attempt to penetrate the vagina of an uncooperative female. The process began with turning the Sun from the feminine gender into a male gender;it ends with denying the feminine gender rights. In earliest of times, it began with the disassociation of Isis (mother of Iesus?) from the gender dominant deity it used to be. While liberal thinkers do not deny the feminine a part in the Divine, they, nevertheless, reduce it to the part that a halo plays behind the heads of an endless number of male saints.

The elimination of ordinary homo sapiens from participation in the formation of language—except for dirty words and slang—has a long history. As the reader may note, I have been tracing such history back to Rome (in the East). In more immediate times, I trace it to the Westphalian Peace Treaty of 1648, and the American Revolution (1765-1783). In the latter, the 13 American Colonies (13 is a feminine number in that 13 moons in a year equal the number of menstrual cycles of a woman) are said to have rejected the British monarchy and aristocracy in order to found the democracy of United States of America. Alas, ‘13’ is still called an unlucky number.

As we ought to know, the evolution of the USA took an undemocratic course with the American Civil War (1861-1865), a war that allegedly took place between secessionists in Southern states known as the Confederate States of America and the Unionists of the Northern States. Like the long war between Archetypal Christianity and Western Catholic Christianity (ending in Westphalia), the anti-slavery causes of the American Civil War are among the great lies of Western ‘civilization’.

Contrary to the political propaganda of historians, the American Civil War was to stop any and all progress of Achetypal Christianity in America from usurping British borne Capitalism which had the support of the British aristocracy (actually City of London Corporation) going back to the time of the deposition of the King John of England (1216). As the real history of American blacks attests, the issue of American blacks as an underclass was never the REAL issue of the American Civil War or subsequent times. As Black Lives Matter proves, the intellectual proves of blacks has in the interim declined (so has white intellect) rather than risen.

While the sense of entitlement plays a very significan role in the politics of America today, its role is entirely negative on a landscape in which the remnant of American Archetypal Christianity (however mixed up with Fundamentalism it may be) struggle to reemerge. I say this from a sense that secular politics in America appear to have played out its mission, which appears to have been to expose its limitations.

The struggle to exclude Archetyal Christianity from America and Amercan led New Word Order continues in the figure of the current Islamist American President Obama. This is not to say that I object to Islam per se, but that in my perception Western Christianity is essentially a religion controlled by secular forces of a limited intellect.

I also do not necessarily object to homosexuality, except that I believe that its tsunamis like appearance is the result of the elimination of the countryside and nature, and its replacement with the virtual environment of  deadly cities.

The Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Act of 2010 while limited to those serving in the military, was—in retrospect—clearly meant as a precursor to Obama’s current transgender toilet use act. Be that as it may, the act puts into focus Obama’s marriage as a gay marriage in which his wife plays the role as a fe-male crossdresser.

Won’t we be surprised when ex-President Obama pretends surprise over the nature of his marriage partner!? No less, Black Lives Matter Org , a city dedicated group of black nerds will continue to abandon Green Africa in favor of black concrete. Black Lives Matter fails to understand that the’nuclear family’ is not Western-prescribed, but is a necessity borne of city life*. For all of its problems, the nuclear family maintains the spirit of small community on the up, not the down.

*In Latvia 42% of couples or ‘families’ are not married and the children of these relationships grow up without existential direction or life goals. To be without life goals means to mistake the white scum of a polluted stream for the river itself.

Not only does the above illustrate that America is currently led (and lets itself be led) by political clowns, but warns that current European and American elites (including those of the Bilderberg Group, now infamously associated with the presidency of Obama/over Hillary) are frivolously playing with the lives of billion of people…

Contrary to the group’s delusions about being somehow ‘revolutionary’, Black Lives Matter illustrates how subordinate the black community has become to neocaon ideology.

I herewith come to a halt in my blogging. During the last month or so, I have been venting my brain and putting to words a short book. The book is in Latvian, a language that has no circulation beyond the limited 1.5 million people that remain in the country after the post-Soviet leadership emptied the country of nearly ¼ of its population by sending it (after the collapse of the Soviet Union) in search of jobs the world over. While the American Indians have their memories of Wounded Knee, a similar, though overtly less violent holocaust among the Latvian people has taken place under the umbrage of Brussels and NATO.

Whether I return to this site at some future date, I am not sure. The holocaust caused by U.S. export of ‘democracy’ and pretentious exceptionalism, NATO’s heavy hand of propaganda, and betrayal of the country’s sovereignty by Soviet cosmopolitanism (manifest through an inconsequential information media that for all practical purposes must be considered ‘censored’) and a Latvian leadership educated under Soviet aegis, but now claiming allegiance to Brussels, brings a heavy heart. Alas, short of venting myself by some means of violence, I pray God strike Brussels dead.

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