Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mirror Mirror at the Head of My Bed
By © Ludis Cuckold
The Optical Unconscious

The following essay serves as Foreword to my unpublished short book (in Latvian) “How Eveline Came to Livonia”

When Stalin decided to destroy the Ukrainian (and Latvian, and other) family economy enterprises [which he claimed belonged to the ‘kulaks’ (fists)*], he did not do this (even though he believed he did) so much on behalf of the ‘workers’, as on behalf of city dwellers. Unfortunately, this was understood only many years later. The ‘man of steel had orientated himself toward short term achievements. He had little or no understanding that for the long term his behavior with regard to ‘the worker’ (no less that the soldier) was amoral, as if they were robots, but secular government of the Bolsheviks were God.

*Kulaks—small farmers, whose farms included such small enterprises as weaving, spinning yarn, carpentry, shoemaking, harness making, etc. This was work performed mostly during the winter months.

Neither Lenin, nor Stalin understood that the underlying interest of the people in the Revolution was not so much to rid themselves of the privileged classes, as to be rid the Industrial Age, which had interrupted a period of development of humankind a thousands years in the making in an environment of wood and field.

Neither the ‘leftists’ (or ‘rightists’) of our time understand that the true heralds of the Revolution were not the workers of St. Petersburg in 1917, but people known as Luddites.

The Luddites were English people (from Nottingham, Yorkshire, Leicestershire) who between the years o 1811 and 1816 rose against technology. Their rebellion was not only against technology, but all who supported and advertised on behalf of it. The Luddites smashed mashines, because these had robbed them of their skills as tradesmen and women, which skills had permitted them to live relatively free from government interference in their lives.

A similar revolt, but unrecorded and mired in conventional explanations by conventional historians, took place in Livonia following the Great Northern War (1700-1721), won by tsar Peter the Great of Russia over Sweden. By winning the war, Peter made a great step forward in Westernizing Russia. The war brought great havoc among the people of the land, who had built their culture on a foundation of Nature. No doubt, tsar Peter (like centuries later Stalin) stopped—in the short-term—the encroachment of the West on the East. On the other hand, the war resulted in another step in the demonization of Nature and the people who depended on it.

A segment of the Latvian people-to-be took to short-term visions of the glories of technology like vultures to rotting meat, and went up to their necks in the viscera of what was left of God, Nature and the body of their people—to this very day.

In our times the governments are the most destructive of all systems. Governments are systems that demand entitlements. The System began when warlords and princes began to use ordinary people to extort from them ‘entitlements’ for themselves, and used same to build cities. As the cities grew and could no longer be sustained by exploiting ignorance and labor, the populations of city dwellers turned to the theories of Marx (one of the wise men of the West) and turned the theory into a cargo cult.

One may say that the Industrial age is a slow progression of an effort to prevent a Revolution (through various juridicial and other devices) that would return homo sapiens back to the natural state.

Not surprisingly, the confusion and disorientation of the Bolsheviks about the core nature of the Eastern Revolution took the Revolution away from solving the problems of humankind. Instead, the problems increased. The People (Luddites is a synonym thereof) did not regain their looms or carpenter tools. However, when the mashines had woven so much cloth that whores and pimps began to dress their pets in hats and vests, the owners of the factories (the Communist Party in the instance of the Soviet Union) retooled their factories and made—unless death intervened--weapons and munitions instead.

The failure to understand the nature of social reality is not to be blamed on the ‘workers’-revolutionaries per se (the causes of their unhappiness were and remain real enough), but on the nature of the New World Order brought into the world by (?)the Vikings, who made the first steps from out of Nature into the realms of virtual reality. It was the Vikings who imposed a system of taxation (the killing of herd animals for their furs) that established secular ‘government’ as a permanent alternate society to the values of archaic Christian community.

The transition into virtual reality occured suddenly, brutally, and with such conviction on the part of those who made the actual transit [largely (?)Viking warlords] that few (exepting perhaps archetypal Christians) raised any questions or understood the real meaning of what was happening. A thousand years + passed, and only when virtual reality began to prove itself bankrupt, unable to sustain itself, and had nearly wrecked Nature, did there appear thinkers who correctly analyzed the Problem.

One of the analysts was the German philosopher Walter Benjamin. But even Benjamin grasped the nature of the Problem only when Nature came to be diametrically opposed by photographic reality.

Photography, as it were, exposed the puzzle of he Sphinx: it proved that in reality the tree that stood in Nature, was not a tree until it became a photograph and was put on the page of a magazine or an advertising brochure. It is similar with human beings: in our time they are deemed real only in the city, which believes itself to be a photograph of Nature, which it has dismissed.

The story(ies) which my blogs (‘Esoschronicles’) have tried to expose (alas! all too many times unsuccessfully), too, have enabled themselves only because—at last!—the culture that has emerged from a natural environment has been so demoralized by the violence of virtual Nature that children surely feel better when they are never born. If anyone doubts this, let them take a look at the images of rescue workers digging out infants and small children from the ruins of Aleppo in Syria; or visit my native Latvia where drunk mothers make their children drunk in the womb; grandchildren mistreat their grandparents; and expatriates return home from exile, sell their restored properties, and escape back to expatland.

The U.S. anthropologist Michael Taussig paraphrases Walter Benjamin’s revelations thus:

“The tasks facing the perceptual apparatus at turning points of history, cannot, he [Benjamin] asserted, be solved by optical, contemplative, means, but only gradually, by habit, under the guidance of tactile appropriation.”*

*Michael Taussig, “The Nervous System”, Routledge, p144. Benjamin called our Age and present system ‘the optical unconscious’; a more plain name is ‘the hidden’; also ‘the lie’.

The writing of blogs has been for me a way to get a feel for an idea, a sort of trying on of a shoe, and sometimes walking off with it even if it is not in all cases sustained by adequate proof. I have justified this by imagining the shoe as a kind of ‘subduction zone’ that kicks a mole hill, because all that the mole hill is is academic ego. To my mind this ‘academic ego’ is the essense of what Walter Benjamin called the ‘optical unconscious’ manifest through historical (economic) materialism utterly disinterested if its eksistence is due to a lie.

To put it in other words, if virtual reality determines the economy of a society in the short term—even though in the long term the economy is determined by nature—our experience tells us that history will continue as a lie and without objections from historians even if they live on the cusp of the Cascadia subduction zone of places like the U.S. northwest.

The aim of my not so easy argument has been to try nullify the certainty of a false history imposed on the present by a regime of a thousand year long violent Reich sustained through ‘religious’ pretentions. As Walter Benjamin (the Third Reich forced him to commit suicide) suggests in the First paragraph of his twenty point thesis on history, our fraudulent history is being written by a dwarf pushing chess pieces as if he were God hiding under the table. Not surprisingly such a mind blowing violation of history ‘wins’ every time.

My perspective on our history as a fraud (by no means yet ended) has its beginnings in the cancellation of archetypal Christianity by a New World Order Christianity (aka Catholicism) originating with the Vikings in the Black Sea and Aegean Sea areas. Indeed, my forebears, the Herrnhuters, were among the last of Christians who led the Ludies/People (crushed by criminal violence of the military forces of the swedes and russians in Livonia), by example of personal sacrifice.

I hope that the reader understands that to my mind John Basil and Jesus Christ are one and the same figures. However the first comes from the East, the second from the West. One, Westernized by Peter the Great and Stalin, walks on his head in Moscow, the other is manipulated by puppet masters in Rome muttering gibberish and pablum while reacting to strings pulled in secular Washington.

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