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EC 422/ God’s War
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The tree behind me is a wild apple tree. A metre above ground its streight trunk is 61 cm wide. I guess it grew in this same place in 1729, when my forebears, the Herrnhuters (now the Moravian Church) from Dresden moved to Latvia and discovered and created the Latvian people as a brotherly (friends) congregation. Currently the tree is suffering from gross neglect, its lower branches, due to their great age and weight, have been torn from the trunk by storms and winter snows.
The following post from a few years back. It tells of my continuous interest in the altered history of the world. Altering histsory is not only something that is ‘performed’ by the West and world secular powers, but is also the way of the current government of Latvia, which for 24 years (since the renewal of ‘independence’ in 1990) has done its best to ignore the history of the region, which in fact has more in common with Catalonia and Occitania  than Latvia of the 20th or 21st centuries. I maintain that the long eliminated Cathars (Kheceri in Latvian) had established a branch in Livonia of the 12th century. This branch was destroyed by a Crusade led by Catholic bishop Albert from Bremen along with Albigensian Crusade in 1209. Not surprisingly the repression of religion and history in Latvia continues under the catholic theology obsessed Lutheran Church of Latvia. I will devote the next blog to the GREAT REPRESSION of religion by secular governments and their pseudo religious allies that followed the ‘peace’ treaty of Westphalia . Incidentally, the reason why Russians began to make pilgrimages to Jerusalem in 1829 is because Napoleon had by that time changed the name of Byzantium to Jerusalem, and removed the city from the the Straight of Bosphorus to Palestine.

Monday, January 12, 2009


The following are posts to Truthdig sent in the last few days.

Philip Stephens, Financial Times, January 8 2009: Israel will never turn armed might into strategic security. If need be, it could win a war against all its enemies combined. But if it wants peace it must face the decision it has avoided for 40 years: withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories. Military victories and land grabs are futile. Security will come only with political resolution. ...................................
Stephens fully reflects my opinion. I would only add that Jerusalem, too, must be shared with the Palestinians. However, there stands a huge obstacle in the way of compelling Israel to give in to world opinion. 1) That world opinion is all emotion; 2) both it and its leaders do not know the history of how their world came about.
As most of the posts at this site illustrate, Americans are woefully uninformed about the history of the world. Even if most posters here do not agree with my taking Anatoly Fomenko’s view, one cannot get away with Biblical myth as history. As long as the ladies and gentlemen at this site believe that Biblical myths reflects the history of Israel, they are on the side of Israel.
Yes, I know, the Arabs, and Christian Orthodox, and others have bought into the ecclesiastical chronology of history as set in place by the Catholic Church in the 16th century. All the same, it is impossible for there to be peace until the unstated policies of the West--i.e., to control the economical and political future of our planet--are shown up to be anything but raw power play. That is what the myths support, and therewith MF us.

ALL our foreign politics are geared toward control of the Earth by the West. That is why so few speak up for Gaza or the Palestinians: they fear demolishing a false myth. …………………………………………………………………..
Why are we so indifferent to the death and destruction in Gaza?--The headline question by Robert Sheer.
Who here addresses the question? I have tried to argue that the answer is to be sought in a false history that is threatened to be revealed if the "real" answer were to be sought. The answer has obviously to do with digging up the real history of the West. That real history involves the West changing history and using the false story as a weapon against the East. The answer is as simple and complicated as that.

Israel currently serves the interests of the West. Gaza is the corner where the Palestinians have been driven into, and when their slaughter calls forth desperate measures as we see Hamas take, we call them barbarians.

Of course, the only real weapon the Palestinians have is non-violent direct resistance by way of self-sacrificial acts in public places. Unfortunately, this tactic due to the zeitgeist of violence was not considered and may be too late now to implement. It takes great courage to do and to organize such a thing. But it ought to be tried nevertheless. It might change the East and give it the moral upper hand again.
In previous posts, I suggested that the key to Middle East violence must be looked for in the use the West makes of history as a tool of war. That is to say, the West changes history and then imposes its interpretation on the rest of the world. The West does the same with words. For example:
Yaroslaw = Jerusalem;
Yaro in Russian = the spring;
Slawa in Russian = honor
Thus Yaroslav = Jerusalem = Spring of Honor
Those who are curious might want to use their Search buttons and see why in 1829 so many Russians made pilgrimages to the City of Honor and why before this date no one made pilgrimages to Jerusalem .
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