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Eso’s Chronicles 315 / 2  
It’s Not Over Until It’s Over
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I began the previous blog with the sentence: “It has been apparent for at least a quarter of a century—since the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1991—that the leaders of the world have been cowards.”

I then went on to write about emperors named Alexius in the Byzantine Empire, and how these rulers killed the saints, specifically one John Basil or John the King, who had been a leader among the Bogomils (Godlovers), and replaced him with Jesus Christ, who—contrary to John Basil—made friends with ‘yatsak’ (tax) collectors . I did explain that ‘yatsak’ was animal fur or, if you will, animal skin. Among early tax collectors, the skin of the animals was often pulled off the animal while it was still alive. In an earlier blog, I included a video by an animal rights organization that showed a, thus, skinned dog still alive and looking into the camera.

If you are a male, imagine now the foreskin severed from your glans penis pulled back as far as your scrotum, then a further incision made and your scrotum pulled off to reveal your testes. Now imagine you are still alive. If you are a female, imagine the Vikings coming into your forest home on the shore of a river, heating their swords in your fireplace, and then shoving it up your vagina, because it causes all your neighborhood women to get drunk on mead or poppy milk before the Vikings even get there.

This is how the birth of onanoreia occurs. Not that it is as awful every time, but once you are exposed to the environment where such a thing occurs at least once in a lifetime, then you can never shake the memory of it—even if you forget it, because your parents will have internalized it and projected it on you before you’re grown.

Another way to explain this is to describe it as a personal experience of the killing of God, where after the deed you can never believe in God again though your surround appears to be unchanged. Though the brutality of yatsak as described above may not happen more often than the video of the live skinned dog, I argue that it can leave no less severe effects when the experience comes as a result of living ‘out of nature’ as, for example, when living all one’s life in the city and all that nature means to you is a ‘picnic’.

I was reminded of the bloody ‘skinless homo’ when I read at a popular internet site of Anwar* Obam telling an  audience in Holland that he was more concerned about a nuclear bomb going off in New York City than in Russia

For two reasons I was not surprised to read this. The first is because that is the typical Anglo-Saxon reaction toward organic life: its opponent’s life is worth little, while your own is worth an angel. Secondly, while I had not thought of Manhattan as being nuclear bombed, I had seen a video in which a former Russian intelligence officer, Dimitri Khalezov, , speculates that it was a ‘nuclear device’ that had brought down the NYC towers on 9/11. I found the explanations more believable than any of the other that I have heard, probably because it can be deemed least believable only by a mind organized to believe that everything in the city has its own chastity belt.

The ‘skinless’ or ‘sandblasted’ homo is a phenomenon of the Industrial Age. Ascribing to this creature the nature of a human being is a fundamental error of modern science, because he-she is ‘natural’ only until the moment he-she emerges from the mother’s womb (and we can also argue about that). Actually, from the moment the once upon a time baby is born, he-she is ‘skinned’ by artifice and scientism, and removed from the presence of God, granted, more subtly than John Basil was when he was pushed into the pit of fire. Science covers up its role as an executioner of the spirit by covering skin lesions with as many skin grafts as an upper middle age woman or man living in a Park Avenue apartment in NYC can suffer for the sake of staying young.

Anna Komnena, the daughter of Emperor Alexis I, describes the ‘skinning’ or scraping of God off of John Basil believably, and approvingly:

As John Basil, stands at the edge of a large pit of fire from which roar searing flames, he slaps his thighs and uses all his resources of subjectivity to assert his belief in God—for himself and his followers in the audience. When his guards rip from him his shawl and throw it into the fire, but the heat propels it upward, John boasts how the angels are with him. It is the moment, when Emperor Alexis’ men, see John at his most vulnerable, and overcoming their own superstitions, seize him and thrust him into the fire. Not even a sizzle is heard.

God is so dead from that moment onward with regard to John Basil, that even secular power (in the hands of Goths at that time) felt the need that he has to be reinvented (under a different name) for the sake of its own believability.

So, while I have not given here (as maybe I led you to believe) a precise definition of ‘onanoreia’, I have presented a number of scenes where its existence is, I think, self-evident:

1.    When wood dwellers lived without a ruler, but invented God or      Gods in his-her place;
     2.    When a child is still in his-her mother’s womb;
     3.    When God is torn from man and replaced with someone the likes of Anwar* Obam or Hillary Clinton in Washington;
     4.    When ‘skinned’ hominids turn ‘terrorists’ to avenge the absence of God;
     5.    When ‘terrorists’ become ‘progressives’ and identify with ‘Madonna’, ‘Lady Gaga’, ‘David Bowie’, and others like them;
     6.    When "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free [as if you were still living in the wood] that your very existence is an act of rebellion." – as per Albert Camus;
     7.    When you are in the bowels of the NSA and know that even if no one reads you today, your ‘stuff’ can be retrieved from said bowels, where it has been ‘saved’ for a thousand years to come;
     8.    So, say whatever the f**k you please, but be non-violent, or Anwar Obam will send a drone with a missile after you.
     9.    When the Onaneirics in power make you feel that life is unbearable, do not attempt to escape into drugs, because ‘they’ will stuff the cities even more full with the likes of you and introduce compulsory industrialization to reeducate you: (I think it’s a good read, but, no, I am not endorsing capitalism).

*Anwar—a real life character in a documentary film called “The Act of Killing” .


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