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Eso’s Chronicles 324 / 11
It’s Not Over Until It’s Over
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Seeing that spring has arrived in Latvia, my thoughts turn more to planting some blueberry bushes and a vegetable garden than sitting before my computer and writing blogs. Nevertheless, the horrific nature and state of finding myself being a hominid creature goads me on to write one more.

I just received news (by way of my brother) that Mr. Martins Bisters, one of the Latvians who returned from his ‘reeducational’ trip to Siberia, sent there by the Soviet Government, has at long last published his book on the Latvian poet Leonids Breikshs (Breikšs) http:/ Martins was arrested (1941) at the age of sixteen and with 900 other Latvians (including said poet and my father) ended up in Astrahan on the Volga River. At one point, writes Martins, his own weight was reduced to 46.5 kilos. The poet apparently died on the floor of his prison of a stomach ailment. Of the 900 prisoners most were shot, and only 50, including Martins B., survived. The bodies of most were dumped in the sandy marshes that form the Volga delta region …. ….

Though I defend communism on the grounds of egalitarianism and it being based on hominid origin in the wood, where the species economic basis is autarchic and at asubsistence level, or, if you will, takes advantage of the gifts of nature: berries, fruits, roots, insects, worms, and fish, and see capitalism as originating with conscious thievery, I am of course more than appalled by the depths of the mechnisms of revenge that capitalism engenders.

We may also conjecture that the revenge mechanism of the hominids, is based on the depths of despair that economic inequality reduces our somatically conscious being to . While generally somatic despair induces a headache or diarrhea, it is conceivable that under certain circumstances it engenders a murderous heart. Our modern governments have long taken advantage of that murder in our hearts by enlisting it in its military forces. Not surprisingly, most line level soldiers stem from the lower levels of society.

We may probably never know what despair induces so-called ‘primitive’ men to hunt other men for the sake of keeping their heads or scalps as a souvenirs. For all I know, it may have something to do with nature turning from parthenogenetic to exogenetic procreation. Indeed, the female praying mantis eating her mate after copulation may be an early psychic reaction to exogenesis. How the early mother of hominids relays this instinct (body discomfort?) to her male offspring remains yet to be discovered.

The readers of my blogs also know that I have a long standing belief that a transcendent community of hominids (other than mother and children) is not possible without human self-sacrifice of life. Apparently this idea emerges (and emerged) from being male. Is it a consequence of a body not feeling itself comfortable at being a singularity, which the male necessarily is, but which the female escapes through motherhood? I cannot say that I know, but the very thought leads me to believe that I am not far off the truth.

To return now to the cruel revenge that the Bolsheviks released in those who agreed with them and joined their ranks. Some may call it ‘blood lust’ . In a series of earlier blogs, I even called it “”The Despair of Stalin”. In my subjective judgment, I tie the motivation to kill and torture with the centuries of repression of a people of the wood with capitalist exploitation, the latter which we, members of ‘capitalist’ society, now consider as ‘normal’.

On the other hand, we must not forget that the ‘evil’ Soviet system—after it had made its cruel sacrifices to the Gods of Equality—created a system that many of my countryside neighbors insist was ‘better’ than the present capitalist system that replaced the ‘communists’.

Now that I have returned to Latvia and have lived here nineteen years [and been witness to the ‘voluntary’ exile of some 900,000 (nearly a half of the population) of my people as laborers in ‘advanced’ capitalist countries], I can appreciate what they mean. The ‘evil’ of the Soviet system (aside of the cruelties in the ‘heat’ of the Revolution and ‘war’ conditions), has to be understood by keeping by keeping in mind capitalist propaganda preaching about the extensive benefits of consumerism, at the same time as it destroys the basis of Latvia’s countryside culture with a materialist parody of its native religion, which—once upon a time—it shared with the peoples of the entire Eurasian continent. No doubt, there is and will remain in my somatic consciousness empathy for those hurt by a system that encourages the consciousness of our species to seek relief in suicidal tendencies by the innocent seeking to revenge themselves upon the innocent.

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