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Eso’s Chronicles 334 / 10
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The onanoreic leaderships of our day keep leading us on. With their left hand over the crotch and with the right hand raised in a “Hi!”, it leads us into the future, which, I for one, hope will lead us at least a thousand years into the past. This is what seed sans a womb comes to.

Next to our onanoreic governments stand ‘anti-fascist’ philosophers, who from the left corner of their mouth utter procommunist sympathies, while from the right corner support the existing capitalist-fascist order. The plague of careerism appears their goad and the a faked scandal is their red flag with which to attract the media.

I have already mentioned “Empire” by Hardt and Negri as something of a “Mein Kampf” for today’s capitalists. Another outstanding author of allegedly antifascist and procommunist sympathies is Slavoy Žižek, who alleges some sympathy for Communism and Stalin, but after having uttered it backtracks and lobs smoke grenades of denial in the wake of his verbal acrobatics.

Having myself gone back and forth over the years over this pro-commi and anti-fashi terrain, and exercised my voice in public through these blogs, such exercise has led me, at last, to perceive this ‘yes, no, maybe’ mindset as a consequence of a trap set for us by time.

That is to say, we live within an event the unraveling of which takes on a time longer than our lives are long, and on the other hand it is likely shorter than we imagine. I am speaking of ‘Our Era’, the one that began about 1800 as the Industrial Age and is about to end in the dead end of the Postmodern or Informatization economy with Quantitative Easing (QE) as propellant.

While puff stool philosophers and governments fantasize this Era as a phenomenon that has arrived to stay for ever, little or nothing is said that it is likely but a short-lived dead-end branch in the history of hominids, and that the 202 years since the 1812 overture  celebrates the victory of the East over the murderous West, is yet destined to become a true celebration for reasons of the West’s aggressiveness. Who says that 202 years is sufficient to prove the arrival of a thousand year Reich, let alone the precursor for a step on the Moon in lieu of Moscow’s surrender?

Why do philosophers not see the talk about trips to the Moon as so much glass gravel in our eyes? Why does it go unnoticed that this ‘postmodern’ age began with bloodthirsty men (and women) commanding the meek to rip the fur off the back of their reindeer milk-cows? Why did Marx not see that the ‘justice’ he was seeking was not to be had by going forward to the excessive murders of Lenin and Stalin on behalf of a demoralized proletariat, but in the rise of consciousness to the point everyone refuses to be taxed, and wealth again becomes our unforced gift to the temple?

Only by refusing to pay taxes can we renew the wood and raise the roof for a home to thousand forms of life once more. Of all the farces coming on stage during our time, the so-called ‘greens’ are the philosophers behind of the greatest of them. Of all the atheists, the greatest cowards are they who deny the need of God to back the lack of their nerve.

Our onanoreic ‘atheists’, having persuaded themselves that “Postmodernism…”, is here for good and, therefore, also has a permanent intellectual hold on academia (with Harvard University’s Business School as its ‘donjon’ ), we are certain that “…the modernization process is complete and nature is gone for good”**

We ought not to be surprised that the plans of our Onanoreic civilization reaches its peak with the Chinese government planning to move a 100 million peasants into its cities over the next six years, and the U.S. oligarch think tanks are drawing up plans to import==likely within that same six year time span==another 100 million denationalized Chinese to California to rebuild the West Coast after the present coastline separates from the mainland, and Baja Mexico extends as far as Vancouver.

The anticipated California earthquake is the only thing about the future that is not onanoreic, but Mother Earth having the last laugh. Still, the honor of closing out our era is unlikely to go to CalifornIA, but UkraIna. And while on the subject of the end of an Era, how will it be if one morning we try to bring up our computer and it refuses to “open” for days and days and days; and the radio and tv, too, are “dead”; and we have not planted our carrots and turnips; and our pantry shelf has only one package of pancake mix.
** See ** at previous blog.

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