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Eso’s Chronicles 330 / 6
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The concerns about the warming of the climate pushed by the ‘greens’ of all shades is touching, but as we all can see—of no significance in effecting any ‘real’ changes on our planet.

The reason for this is simple, but escapes notice: people who live in an urban environment differ significantly from people who used to live in the environment of the wood or countryside farm. The processes of thinking in the two environments differ radically from one another.

While we keep hearing the urban ‘greens’ argue for a ‘better’ environment, we never hear them argue that our civilization’s ‘speedy’ ‘progress’ toward ‘negative horizon’* has to be stopped in its tracks if the environment is to be prevented from collapsing and life reduced to moth and worm.

The link below leads to environmental news from China, one of the worst polluters of our planet. That country’s leadership makes-believe that it brings us ‘good news’ by issuing a new environmental ‘law’ that may somehow curb the ‘progress’ of pollution the government achieved after the meeting of ‘Mao-Kissinger-Nixon’ in 1972.  

Try as they might to revive their of Confucian tradition , it no longer stands for reason, if the government proceeds with its plans to move 100 million peasants from the countryside into cities by the year 2020 .

The ‘greens’ of China, that is to say the International Confucian Ecological Alliance (ICEA) may solicit a hundred Harvard professors to invoke Confucius (and “the classic Chinese trinity of Heaven, Earth and Man”) times 24/7/365, but if they cannot think for themselves and change the word ‘man’ to ‘life’, today even Confucius becomes inconsequential; re: .

As I see it, the problem lies in making a switch from thinking communism through ‘progress’ to thinking communism through ‘autarchy’ and self-sufficiency.

This, of course, applies to all countries. The failure of the U.S. economy ought to be a shining example of what ‘progress’ as thoughtless capitalism leads to .

Virilio argues that the “negative horizon” has been instituted by a State dedicated to “indefinitely perpetuating extermination”. He explains that the ‘extermination’ began with “Athenian autochthony… [and] a ceremony leading the panathenaeans up the Acropolis from the cemetery of the Kreameikos, from birth to the public death of these ‘sons of the fatherland, for whom time is annulled in the irrevocable return from the end to the origin”.**

Perhaps my criticism of Virilio is contained in the fact that I am unwilling to follow the neo-elite of our times to whatever their Acropolis. This means that I would be gripped by fear strong enough to cause me to step out of the line winding its way up-hill and run down the hill instead.

Rather, than return to the cemetery of the Kreameikos, I am hoping that I will be intercepted by the ‘deforested’ wood ‘miraculously’ resurrecting itself before my sight and step, and that with the genes of an ancient Slav in my blood, I would fall on my knees and praise God and Mother Earth.

Yes, a humankind practicing autarchy will think radically different from todays ‘best and brightest’. And, yes, such radical thinking is necessary, but will not come without an imposition of autarchic regimes the world over. Like my sudden fall on my knees, the sylvan environment necessarily encourages superstition and fearlessness before the scientific criminals from MIT, Silicon Valley, and Southern Cal and, who knows, where else.

But how are we to make this sudden transition from violent urban capitalism to a peaceful sylvan autarhy?

I believe that we must remember the old say by John (also  Jesus): “…for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword (Matthew 26:52, King James).

As I have argued in numerous blogs, the sword was first brought to autarchic civilizations of the wood by the Vikings fleeing the harsh environment of Scandinavia by the river routes provided by the Volga, Dniepr, Donau, and other. The rivers led the demoralized herders back to the regions of the Black Sea where they had originally come from. It is worth noting that upon their return the once peaceful herders (Johns) had become zhans d' armes (from Dutch), i.e. armed men taking suck of blood rather than reindeer milk.

Instead of milking reindeer, the Vikings now killed them for their fur and instituted a thousand year long Reich of taxation. And the men and women of the wood who resisted them, they raped and then killed, forcing their descendants to take up arms, and thus creating an armed civilization. They also substituted the religion of Gods and God of the people of the wood with an agod (? Godo) born of the city in the desert.

It is not a coincidence that the forces of NATO today are led by a presumptuous Dane named Rasmussen , and that this man is telling the Slavs that they are making “a historic mistake” by presuming the Ukraine a territory of their historical past.

It is neither Rasmussen or all the universities of the West put together that know what their history is, and that the history that they pretend is all a lie and a violence. Today history in the Ukraine acts on a psychosomatic disorder all its own.

*A term first used by Paul Virilio in the title of his book “L’Horizon Negatif”,  1984.
** Ibid, p. 175.

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