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Eso’s Chronicles 338 / 14
Odds and Ends 
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin.


The yet untold reason why Abu Jezu was rescued by the firebird is that it was not only the Third Baba Yana who wished to capture him, but in front of the Yule fireplace stood also a dozen internal revenue tax collectors  ready to pounce on his “No tax” chocolate bars as Christmas gifts. All the bars were labeled: “Eat this chocolate, and you will have the courage not to ever pay taxes”. Rather provocatively another line lobbied the idea that: “Taxes are only for Citygens”.

As far as this writer knows, the “No Taxes” idea may not be such a far fetched idea. If what (some) market analysts predict comes true: that we stand before another financial and economic collapse (did the previous one actually end?) , and the Ukrainians and then other Europeans are rushed into yet another war , and on this occasion there is no wood left for people to flee to save themselves, but the only escape remaining is to seek Death in Great Numbers, then government may actually start considering its practicability. If it does not, banks stand in danger of becoming known as ‘cemeteries’, because “…people will start taking their money with them”.

Incredible as it may sound when it comes to “taking IT with you”, it was proven to be practicable by no lesser authority on the theory of Life After Death as the Cheshire Cat, who was created by that opium smoker Lewis Carroll, who said: “Every adventure requires a first step” . Whether the Cheshire cat actually said this does not really matter, because the ‘civilization’ constructed out of taxing people is not only cruel, but quite weird and unbelievable.

Just to make the No Tax proposal more realistic:

Most of us know that without ‘free’ gifts life on Earth could not exist. The people who lived in the wood used to call these gifts ‘gifts of nature’ (berries, roots, seeds, mushrooms). Monkeys call these same gifts “bananas”, while donkies call them “oats”.

One of the ‘free’ gifts of nature were the reindeer of Eurasia, who the Evenks (and other people) used to use as animals who gave them milk. University professors, corrupted by the prejudices of modern government, now call these people “hunters-gatherers”, while in reality few of the reindeer were ever killed—except when the marauders of Scandinavia and Western Europe began to practice theft on a permanent basis. This ‘theft’ was imposed by one of the first words in ‘new speak’: “taxes”. To secure the practice of theft for perpetuity, it had to be made believable as a ‘benign’ activity, which is why early income from theft was used to create, the government, its bureaucracy, and ‘bulletins’ that declared the ‘new laws’.

Before the invention of ‘taxes’, the People lived in nature without government. In these ‘nature’ days, the idea of government was in the heads of the people only, and the Head of the Head was known as God, who little by little was caused to become a King. Ever since tax collecting became accepted as an ‘institution’, the wealth gained by taxing People spread, and there appeared an ever greater number of oligarchs, then known as Princes.

Eventually, the Princes thought that the King (God was still supporting him then) had too much power and decided to overthrow him. In fact, this happened in relatively very recent times. King John of England was one of the earlier victims of the Princes. He was made to abdicate in 1215 to the Magna Charta, alleged to be the 1ST written document supporting ‘democracy’. The second victim was King Louis VI of France who lost his head to the guillotine in 1793. While the third and last King to die was Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, who was shot with his entire family in 1917.

Ever since the death of King Nicholas II of Russia, ‘democracy’ has been the rage of the New World or the New Order, which began in reality with the death of the Eurasian wood, which happened sometime around the 9th or 10th centuries CE. It was at this time that the idea of ‘no government’ and self-government with ‘no taxes’ began to face repression and extermination. The repression of the imaginary king was sealed by the actual death of one of the ‘imaginary’ kings who were wanderers and teachers of self-government. This ‘imaginary’ King’s name was, most likely, King John or John Basil, and he was killed by Emperor Alexis I of Byzantium, who was one of the early examples of a King as a Capitalist. This means, he was one of the first oligarchs made wealthy by taxing the People with a fur tax, aka jasak.

It was the First Capitalist King Alexis I who created, so to speak, the First King. This first King was still a fiction, because his image was built on that of John Basil with the difference that Chez Jezu agreed to accept tax collecting. When tax collecting began to be preached by the ‘new wandering preachers’, there began also what we know as the era of religious wars. These religious wars were more or less put to an end in 1648 with the Treaty known as The Treaty of Westphalia .

The defeat of ‘religions’ enabled the capitalists to make use of their favorite ‘newspeak’ word ‘progress’. By the beginning of the 19th century, nature had been brought to its knees by cities attracting an increasing number of countryside people, who lived in the new urban setting in horrendous conditions. I think of the painting by Vincent van Gogh, The Potato Eaters  as illustrative of the exchange that the people of the wood were forced to make.

Today, with the renewed ‘drang nach Osten’ , led by the U.S. and NATO, we have almost come to the end of this pseudo ‘democratic’ era. Still, there is yet one enormous barrier before the cavalry of the ‘pale horse’ can be toppled: the Prisoners of ‘Democracy’ have to engineer for themselves a break from their jail, which has been engineered for them, from the beginning, by the leading postmodern and neo-capitalist nations: the U.S.A., and F.E.U.

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