Thursday, May 8, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 342 / 1
6th Book of a Series
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin.


The criminal activity of the eye on top of the capitalist pyramid  has for some time been moving toward becoming a ‘state’ that is separate from the body of society at large.

It has been preparing to cut itself free of the bottom part of the pyramid, which in effect leaves the main body to its own devices (most likely to die)—as the eye and its three legs: God, Son, and Holy Ghost feed off of the rotting delusional body of ‘human rights’ that has become the rest.

Having effectively destroyed the wood and its hominid inhabitants and replaced the wood with the city and renamed its inhabitants citygens, the Eye quickly embodied itself in what is now known as the National Security Agency (NSA), which acts as a kind of pupil of the Eye. Moreover, the pupil no longer sees citygens as human beings, but as sheeple, a word derived from a derogatory attitude to all things that are of or can be made to resemble sheep.

Curiously, the sheeple survive not off grass, but off the desert of the urban landscape, which acts as a huge digesting machine of all that is yet to be found on the land that once was overgrown with wood and was the living space of all things ‘wild’, including the hominids themselves.

With the wood and its derivative, coal, become destructive when used even by the gens of the Eye, the ‘stomach machine’ has turned the radiant eye of ‘wild life’ into a poisonous array of leftovers from nuclear radiation. The most illustrative consequences of this poison come from the West coast of the U.S., where not only marine life, but kelp contains cesium and is likely, over time, to turn the Pacific Ocean into a container of a deadly variety of secular ‘holy water’.

The so called ‘alternative news sources’, mostly to be found on the internet, have rightly concentrated much of their attention on the Pyramid Eye. Since the revelations of NSA activities by whistle blower Snowden and the demonstrative suicide of hacktivist Aaron Swartz , the awareness of the moves made the Eye to separate itself from the body of the nation (whether the U.S., E.U, or Russia, or China) has notably increased. However, what has not increased is the awareness of what to do about it. Not all of the mentioned are equally intense in the movement toward separation, the leader of which is the U.S.

The confusion exists largely as a result of a millennium long period of ever growing violence as a means toward ‘peace’. Ever since the explosion of the nuclear bomb over Hiroshima, a ‘negative peace’, aka ‘peace through deterrence’, a gap between the body of governors and the People ‘governed’ has been growing seemingly ever more irreversible.

The recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court not to review the right of  the U.S. military to arrest U.S. citizens and hold them indefinitely has been called by Chris Hedges of  as the beginning of the end of the ‘Constitutional Era’. That the decision of the Supreme Court is not a matter of this particular court only is indicated by the nomination to the supreme court of a lawyer by the currently ‘democratic court’ of President of Obama.

Worse, the U.S, military now consists of volunteers; and since the economy of the country is unlikely to recover and recoup its 20th century pace, one of the options of jobless men is to volunteer for the military forces, even as the U.S. government continues to distance itself from the interests of the ‘common man’. Not least alarming is the arming of the police with arms of the ‘military’ and the deliberate acts by the police to alienate itself from the ‘civilian’ population through deliberate and unnecessary acts of violence.

As this writer has argued, this trend is not merely inspired by the post WW2 era, but was deliberately begun over a thousand years ago with the incineration of John Basil of Byzantium. However, more important than Byzantium is the fact that John was a man of the wood, held his court outdoors (even as John the Baptist baptized outdoors), and believed in a civilization of self-governance.


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