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Eso’s Chronicles  210/ 2 
Responsibility to Death (2)
© Eso A.B.

As I was listening a few evenings ago to the Senators of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee grill three members of the U.S. executive branch, John Kerry, Chuck Hegel, and John Dempsey, I heard someone say: “Make statesmen responsible to laws”.

Yes, I thought, that should be, but what about asking to “…make statesmen responsible to death”?

Is ‘death’ a law? Or an office? Or a living thing?  Indeed it is—in numbers of ways.

First of all, if there were no death, there would be no laws or, better, there would be only rules. I do not much care for laws, given that in our time these are much abused, not least, by some of the highest offices and courts, the latter which appear—as in the U.S.—to have come to the conclusion that they are a law unto themselves. Rules, however, are more like traditions, and are, sometimes, imbedded in our very language. I have—so it seems to me-- endlessly repeated through my blogs the example of the ‘endearing word’, which grammarians mistakenly call ‘the diminutive’. Indeed, ‘the diminutive’ diminishes nothing, but expresses an attitude of endearment, in the worst case giving it an ironic tilt. For example, by saying “Johnny, be a darling boy”, when in fact Johnny has been a bad boy and has taken from his sister her favorite toy by force. In my country, Latvia, several centuries ago, before the universalization of the written word and ‘education’ of the ‘peasants’, the ‘endearing word’ was ubiquitous. It belonged to the oral tradition. Even at the beginning of the 20th century, Latvian poets used the ‘endearing word’ rather frequently. For example, as the poetess Aspahziya wrote: “Mazā sirmā kumeliņā, jāj pa ceļu pasaciņa”: re: ‘on a small grey and dear foal, rides the dear fairy tale as she comes our way….’ With the oral tradition by now replaced with urban ‘news reports’, the ‘endearing word’ has almost disappeared.

Today endearment (of a rock, a mote, a knife, or a bird) has been replaced by its really real ‘hard equivalent’. For example, a spoon [karot(e)-ihte] has become an inflexibly hard ‘karote’. The loss of the suffix “-ihte” has meant the loss--even death--of the Latvian language. Of course, this does not mean that the written language of a clever writer cannot be endearing, but this is so only for the reader-connoisseur, not for the Latvian community as a whole as it used to be when it was still ‘a peasant’ in rural districts or inhabited the wood.

“Responsibility to death” is forgotten when “…responsibility to law” is imposed. As the leadership of the U.S. is proving to us at this very time as it seeks excuses to make war on Syria “…responsibility to law” is relative if you have the ‘power’ of violence on your side. The President of the U.S. may simply ignore the law ‘on the books’ and make one himself. Neither Russia allied with China can prevent ‘Obama of the U.S.’ from surrounding them with missile launchers on their geopolitical underbelly, and threatening them with evisceration, i.e., spilling their gut for those under ‘Obama care’, while leaving the office once occupied by ‘oriental’ heads and brains of these empires for himself and his military and oligarch barons.

For all that, if the world were to suddenly recover “…responsibility to death”, “…responsibility to law” would become moot. If you wish to know why (?) the answer is (:) “…because death is the only ‘law unto itself’ there is”. There are no presidents or autocrats who can escape the dictates of death. There is no physicist who with the help of a quantum computer will enable one to jump ‘the gap’ from material to organic reality, no matter how many dream of discovering a way.

During the last several decades, the ‘mechanist philosophy’ has become increasingly aggressive with ‘dreams’ of achieving equivalency with organic reality. It has begun black listing ‘the gap jumping methods’ of living organisms. For example, some internet platform will not allow you to post a link that contains words such as ‘cannabis’, ‘narcotic’, ‘X ’, and the like, simply because mathematics and ‘computer mechanics’ has come to believe that theoretically it can make calculations regarding matter that will enable them to replace the chemistry laboratory and become a religion, which like neo-Christianity will henceforth seeks miracles of its own. It is my hope that this ‘miraclemongering’ will fail sooner than neo-Christianity did. As neo-Christianity proved, ‘miraclemongering’ is a violent pastime, among its victims being such profound men as Jan Hus  and Giordano Bruno , both of who were burnt at the stake, because both took “…responsibility to death”  seriously.

At a time when the ‘really real word of science’ may with some justification  be proud of ‘quantum mechanics’ and the discovery of (potential) parallel universes, the same theory persuades scientists that ‘the gap’ that exists between ‘a thing’ and a thing as ‘a wave’, though ephemeral, is bridgeable by turning the ephemeral into matter. Hence physics is now engaged in the repression of the divine which cannot be reached by the agency of ‘the law’ or quantum computers, but only death.

Wherein lays the tendency to gain control over the human mind?

I have argued that it is to be looked for in the transformation of oral language into a written language, because the latter has a tendency to turn itself into bureaucratic ‘Law’, which attempts to turn the organic world into an urban setting, which ultimately is little more than a desert.

In terms of history, this transformation belongs to a book. We call it the ‘Bible’. It is the curious ‘genius’ of the Bible to order and dictate human behavior. It probably began when a Jewish ‘wise man’ determined that on the third day of ‘creation’ God said: “Let the waters under heaven come together into a single mass, and let dry land appear… and God saw that it was ‘good’” [NJB]. The judgment of ‘good’ begins the tradition of moralizing and biblical ‘miracle mongering’, which is a matter of imposing belief and demanding faith that the imposition is ‘good’, which can be achieved only through violence. The Zionist State of Israel today continues to impose the Laws of the torah over Palestine and judge its seizure of Palestinian land a ‘good’.

Now the Jews of Khazaria were not the only ones to create Laws, but it so happened that it was through their torah that this tradition of elitist violence (after all, the Vedas created the repressive and violent caste system of India) entered the West and most directly influenced what came to be known as neo-Christianity or the ‘religion’ of Western Kings, who then ordered to be written the so-called New Testament and created out of the ancient folk hero, King/Basil, the theatrical figure of  (King) Jesus Christ.

Of all the ‘Holy Books’, it is the neo-Christian ‘New Testament’ that specifically eliminates “...responsibility to death” by making death an irrelevancy by claiming ‘Christians’ to be immortals.

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