Saturday, April 15, 2017

Of Cities and Citybred Monsters
By © E. Antons Benjamiņš, 2017

It has finally come to be that the atheist-controlled community of government has become the fake Godhead over the community of Nature.

4 The Fantasies of Citybred Idealists.

The Catholic-globalist ideology found its greatest opportunities in the building of cities. This was made possible by taxation instituted by the Malik King after he overthrew the Sacred Self-Sacrificial King of autocephalic  communities, and turned the Religion of Self-Sacrifice into a Secularist Capitalist Religion (aka fashism), and increased human sacrifice, violence, and war a thousand fold.

Ancient Christendom was based on the office of the Self-Sacrificial King.* As that office was practiced by the Khazarian Jews, it did not recognize taxation, but supported the office of the Sacred King with gifts, which in later days were renamed ‘tribute’ and ‘taxes’. The custom of gifting was still practiced at the time of the birth of Jesus: the Three Wisemen attest to that. Gifts to the King were of a free will, while taxes are a vote delivered due to extortion. The stories that Jesus was a friend of tax collectors surely proves interference by the state by employing redactors who argued (in the New Testameny for example) on behalf of the much hated practice of usurping the right of the people through taxation and establishing the government as an alternative society based on form of canibalism. Taxation makes possible not only the building of cities, the cutting of forests, and killing of forest animals for their skins, sport, and consumption of meat, but is also for the financing of wars and increasing centralization of government power.

*The reason why the organizational structure of the Russian orthodox church is autocepshalous rather than centralized is that each autocephalous unit used to serve a different region or community governed by its own Sacred King, who in the course of time devolved into an archbishop, who in time of need consecrated the malik as the head of the defense forces.

Stalin was, nevertheless, fooled by the power of tax financed activity introduced by governments supported by Western Rome. What Stalin saw was the same we see projected on our television screens—except in Stalin’s days the daily news was not on a screen, but in the field. Like many, Stalin was fooled into believing the priests and the elite who (following the 1054 Schism) supported the theology of the ‘new’ Rome. It did not occur to him (or Marx, or Lenin) that globalist theologians were creating a New (Atheist) World Order (NAWO), which did all it could to replace the self-sustaining economy of the forest dwellers with that of city dependent factory workers, and that it was the country dwellers who suffered from the NAWO generated fashism most.*

*As already pointed out, fashism is best understood as  a form of cannibalism in our times.

Neither Lenin, Stalin, or Marx took into account the fact that the New Church and the Tsars with their knyazes had turned forests into fields of grain to collect more taxes*, and replace the sacred City of the Lamb (Jerusalem) into cities for fashists. Though the breadth of the Russian Revolution depended on the support of peasants, Stalin saw that the power of the moment lay with the factory workers who lived in the city. Needing militant supporters, Stalin robbed the peasants to support the underpaid workers of the factory. Not surprisingly, one of the first cities built by Stalin was Magnitogorsk. The city is no less a disaster than the Amrican city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. which was founded by the post Ancient Christians, the Herrnhuters (Moravian Church), whose spectacularly successful form of Christianity (sometimes associated with Communism) was repressed and failed in Amrica no less spectacularly than in Livonia: in both places a spoken language, the language of the heart, was replaced by dead letter texts that crystalized living languages into corrosive words and languages** at will. The latest example of this language based fenomenon is the attempt to CNNize or institutionalize ‘Fake news’ in Amrica.

*Just as the boyars and barons turned forests into tax bearing golden fields of grain, so Stalin turned the same into yet more efficient tractor serviced kolkhozes.    **The most spectacular example of what the written word does to the spoken word is to be seen in Eurasia, where the ‘endearing’ word (reduced by the written word to a ‘diminutive’) still spoken a century ago has been practically eliminated from the written vocabularies of Slavic, Germanic, and Baltic langages. Note that English as used today is, first, a written language, which is thereafter translated into a spoken language. This is why over the long term English may (like Latin) vanish from the world of the living.

The critics of Stalin are no less fooled by appearances than Stalin was fooled by the tailings of those who preceded him. The fiction about the success of technology, mechanization, robotization is perpetuated by government propaganda agencies such as NASA. Presumably the ‘truth’ of our age gets proven by robotization, a process in which human intelligence replaces itself with that of mindless repetition. This poses an interesting situation: since robotic intelligence possesses no consciousness, and consciousness cannot be without emotion, the question arises—how will humans, who we presume to be conscious, deal with it?

How will emotional consciousness deal with the consciousness that creates our grotesquely ideated robotic intelligence borne of the fashist church, the city?

The author suspects there is about to occur a Second Ludite Revolution. While most people have been brainwashed into believing that Ludites were fools and have been removed for ever, a Second Coming of Ludites may be about to prove that conscious and emotional intelligence is superior to robotic intelligence. This time around it will not be machinery, but cities the Ludites smash. Moreover,  among the destroyers of the cities will be (by subtle means) the builders of the cities themselves.

Stalin’s and Lenin’s ideated conviction that the greatest enemy of humankind is to be sought among Western capitalists, overlooked the origin of the capitalists in warrior princes, who descended directly or indirectly from the Vikings. The latter, originating in the herders, particularly from the Black Sea region, when trapped north by the Storrega tsunami* and/or a rapid meltdown of the northern icecap (2:30 min), translated** the need of the trapped herders to survive into greed.

*Storrega landslide may or may not be the cause of this cultural catastrophe of humankind. This author does not exclude the possibility that a significant contribution to the cause of the catastrophe ariso from Velikovsky’s theory of planetary collisions at about the age of the pyramids.  **One of the unresolved elements in the corruption of the history of humankind is the element of TIME. Western historians use time in determining the chronology of events, thereby arriving at a very rigid sequential scenario. This author has chosen to ignore Western chronology by replacing it with a scenario of episodes rearranged according to plausible (i.e., taxation allows gift giving, whereafter the Sacred City becomes a Secular City) consequences emergent therefrom.

Though this metamorphosis of need into greed occurred more than a millennium ago, and the war between West and East is a millenium long, few in the fascist West realize that Western leaders never managed to impose the Capitalist system over the people of the East as effectively as they desired. This is why the U.S. and NATO are back in the Ukraine once again and trying to erase the schism between the East and West by effecting a government change not only in the Ukraine, but Russia. This is why this very morning (April 15, 2017) the West may be attacking North Korea to erase the schism between North and South.

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