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EC 463 GoveRment is an aLien People
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Ivan and John Become Cognates Again / 2
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It is an old tactic to fight an attacker by retreating, but at the same time the retreat is used to lead the enemy deeper into the wood, an environment that he is not familiar with and the swing of his sword is checked by the branches of the brush. This tactic was used by the Russians against both Napoleon and Hitler. But this is a conventional tactic, and does not suit the present situation, because what the Russians need to do is not only retreat and fool the U.S. and NATO to come deeper into its territory, but in order to be able to turn the tide, Russia has to be able to throw a curve ball that whizzes past Goliath’s nose guard, knocks out his eye, and confuses his bearings.

This is where the government of Russia may ask assistance from and offer assistance to the Russian Orthodox Church—if the same issues Goliath a challenge: “Look behind you! You have no credible history backing you!”

True, the Moscow Patriarchate will have to admit that fearing ridicule of western Catholic (including Protestant) institutions, and coveting peace, it cowered for centuries behind a wall of silence. Nevertheless, if it can master throwing a curve ball (not withstanding unrelenting Catholic bluster), this is the occasion to throw it, just as David dared throw the stone in his sling at Goliath. Initially the Patriarchate may wish to endorse Anatoly Fomenko’s studies, then request a UN sponsored international body of historians to form a Council of Historians to renew the study of world history.

Do you, dear reader, think that the West will laugh, shrug shoulders, and proceed with the plan of attack unchanged? This possibility cannot be rejected. However, the curve ball comes from an unexpected direction: the attack is not a militarily one, but one that makes a claim on Malta as an alternate See for the Russian Patriarchate in Moscow. After all, the Vatican reserves a claim to a similar See.

As a link to the Order of St. John explains:

The “…. modern Order of St. John is an ecumenical, international, Christian organization directly descended from the close collaboration of Crusader Knights with the Hospitaller activities at the Hospice founded before the turn of the 12th Century by Amalfi merchants for pilgrims in Jerusalem.

The resultant Knight Hospitaller Organization was recognized as an Order of Chivalry by Pope Pascal II in a Papal Bull dated February 15, 1113. The Order strongly influenced history in the Holy Land, Rhodes and Malta over the next six tumultuous centuries, and established itself in its hospitaller role as well. Our modern  Order of St. John descends from the Russian Priories established by Grand Master Tsar Paul I of all the Russias who, following the conquest of Malta by Napoleon in 1798, welcomed the Order.” That is to say, many of the Knights of Malta were given refuge from the French on Russian ships at harbor in Valetta, Malta, and hence came to St. Peterburg, and thereafter elected Tsar Paul I as their Grand Master.

As the last paragraph in the link and apologists for the Catholic point of view explain, the order is not unified, but since 2010 is actively seeking to accomplish such a unification, re:

There has since been a relentless search for a way to unify these branches and a first step was achieved in 2010, when during the Sovereign Council held in Budapest, Hungary, a document of unification was signed by four of these Orders.  That document was not seen, however, as a final destination, and endeavors are still in progress in an earnest effort to reach out and unify with these other branches of the Orders that have as a common root their belief in the legal and valid continuity of the Order headed by Tsar Paul I.

With the West beating loudly the drums of war and ready to oppress humankind by burdening it with criminal misuse of tax moneys by its banks, it should be in the interest of the Moscow Patriarchate or close ally to call for the unification of the Order of St. John, convene a meeting of the Sovereign Council or the Order, and if necessary question the validity of the history as told in the West today. It may also request in the Republic of Malta a See for the Moscow Patriarchate.

This may produce a thunder clap loud enough for the world to hear, pay heed, and produce a dialogue over values other than oil. Indeed, we may hear that John Basil is the real name of Jesus, and that Jesus was created to follow John, who died fighting a government of aliens destroying the potential of life with taxes, which have, so far, wrought more death than life.

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