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EC 459 GoveRment is an aLien People
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How Ivan Became Peter 1
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Sergey Ivanov the head of Russian Presidential Administration believes that he knows best what ails religion and the world, both.  In a recent statement to the media, see link , he blames the West for the religious intolerance shown by the violent ‘muslim’ factions known as or associated with so-called IS (Islamic State).

To those of us who follow the alternate chronology of history opposed to that promoted by the West (and by the Russian establishment) and most recently promoted by the Russian mathematician turned historian Anatoly Fomenko (he decisively proved that the Russian novel “Quiet Flows the Don” was not authored by Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov., but Fyodor Kryukov , a Cossak and anti-Bolshevik, who died in 1920 of typhoid fever), Mr. Ivanov is misstating the case. Though minimally correct, Mr. Ivanov stretches the truth to accommodate the views of the post-Soviet orthodox elite of the Russian government, thus accommodating the Soviet (largely Western) view of Russian history.

Russian history (so far as History before the 16th century can be called history) was equal to being the history of the world until the ‘Great Schism’, which (according to ‘history’ subject to western catholitization and/or globalization processes) occurred in 1054. As the link explains, the Great Schism initiates a history that has both an Eastern and Western perspective. This perspective becomes wholy a Western perspective following the reign of Peter (so-called) The Great.

It was at the time of Tsar Peter that the East was compelled to recognize the methods of violence practiced by the West (Holy Roman Empire et al) as superior to the opposition offered it by the yet prehistoric culture predominant in the East. While violence was not unknown in the East, by comparison to the West, it was still under the influence of restraints offered by the relatively nonviolent culture practiced by the nomadic reindeer herders who once defined the life style of Europe and Asia, but which life style was increasingly pushed by the West to the East, and which border at Peter’s time was defined by what we today know as the East of the EU as defined by NATO, re: Finland, the Baltics, Poland, western half of the Ukraine, and Belarus. Indeed, it is for this reason why Ukraine today is still remembered as meaning “border land” and why the Ashkenazy Jews until recently spoke ‘Yiddish’, a vernacular of German, a language with roots in the Frankish people living at the time in the areas around the Black Sea. This is also whence the so-called ‘Volga Germans’, who at a later date were concocted by Tsarina Catherine tGrt (1762) to be German peasant immigrants, an unbelievable number of who (15 million) were said to have been sent to the Gulags by Stalin.

The event known as the Great Schism was a proto-World War, which separated the East and from West, the latter arising from the Germanic Franks, who were driven from Byzantium westward, and left the area about the Danube, Dniepr,  Don, and Volga deltas for the deltas of the Elbe and Rhine in the northwest of what is known as Europe. In other words, Yiddish did not arise from German, but the German language arose from its proto-language—Yiddish.

The Great Schism resulted in a great confusion of peoples. What had once been an area of the Balts (now Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles, Western Ukrainians, Belarusians) were contended over by the Franks and the Slavs. All, except the Belarusians came decisively under the control of western Catholicism, which was spearheaded by the Holy Roman Empire, made up of proto-Germanic states and princi[paliies or baronies.

For all that, the post-Soviet era, offers the same have a chance to reincorporate themselves into their ‘prehistoric’ entity. Unfortunately, the very idea is blocked by the superior methods of verbal and physical violence now become the legacy of the U.S., which it returns to Europe under the false flag of NATO. One need only mention the recent revival of Swedish Imperialism and total vacuity with regards to history by the current Latvian Foreign Minister Rinkevics (Latvia soon to chair the Presidency of the Council of the European Union)  and Lituanian President Gribauskaite.

Still, not all hope is lost, as the imminent bankruptcy and non-repayable debt of the world’s corporate capitalist economies (said to be 303 trillion dollars by the U.S. alone) suggest that the only way out of their dead-end creationism (by way of elitist and ‘scientist’  governments) is a return to life in the wood where non-payment of taxes recreates the religion and civilization stolen from the Balts over a thousand years ago.

The institutionalization of taxation, which I contend, brought about the Great Schism in Christianity—dividing it in an eastern anti-taxation vs a western pro-taxation branch, squeezed and decimated the in-between Baltic region, which came under the influence if not in all cases under the occupation of the Holy Roman Empire.

We can trace the Fourth Crusade (1204), the Swedish led Great Northern War (1700-1721), the Napoleonic  invasion of Russia (1812), Hitler’s Nazi attack (1941-1945), and the current NATO aggression  (2014-..) to the above described geopolitical reality Unfortunately the burial of historical events by western Christian persecution of historical truth continues to this day, and prevents the post-Baltic people of taking advantage of a unique historical opportunity of uniting,  and presenting to the East and West and effective geopolitical barrier to a conflict now more than eight hundred years in duration.



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