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EC 457 GoveRment is an aLien People
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Death as Autodictat
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NO HISTORIAN has pointed out that so-called ‘Revolutions’, for the most to have been the French, Russian, and Chinese REVOLUTIONS. did not change anything, though they did for a brief time redistribute the old wealth patterns. A real Revolution is more like a miracle as it is achieved by non-violent and not-violent means and leads to a democracy as a God given government, not in the city, but in the wood and field.

Such a Revolution necessarily takes us back to Nature, where creation occurs gradually and is tested every inch along the way. Though today ‘reformers’ shift their dreams from a gasoline driven car to a car powered by electric batteries, a civilization that lives in Nature would have few engines more powerful than the bicycle and the horse drawn wagon. These have the benefit of slowing down the factory-like pace  of life. Such a civilization will have no armies, except perhaps wild pigs in the wood coming to raid unprotected potato fields.

Nice though Nature is, the question is”: How are we to return to it on a permanent basis?

I am inclined to reply that we cannot return by an act of will, but only through the collapse of the will that presently drives us toward a global civilization of liberal (exploitative) capitalism. This may in fact be happening as I write, though we will only be sure of this when life in the city cannot go on as presently, but realities demand it be dismantled and the people let exit its gates. To put it bluntly: let us leave a famine drive the buddhas in our cities through the gates and force them to see what lies beyond their Castle of Thieves. The sheeple buddhas may experiencee enlightenment and realize that Nirvana is not found in the deserts of our cities https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OL-Q1u-jkqs,

To those who criticize our contemporary society as intolerable, the ‘humane way to shed the oversupply of zombies is through narco-hypnosis as Aldous Huxley suggested. In effect, our money-bound and demoralized society ought not be fought against or demonized, but let go its way of least resistance by legalizing drugs, and leaving the policing of their use to individuals. In this way, the people in the cellars and alleys who shoot themselves up with H or meditate themselves out of stress by accepting the capitalist is as IS, either reach for an overdose or return to Buddha as singulars, so that those destined to survive may become horse owners again.

If narco-hypnosis is fought by governments as it does it today, no miracle is possible except at an enormous cost of violence and lives; and no way out of the closing in chaos. Such a scenario guarantees an almost certain death not only of individuals beyond repair, but those who have a chance to survive and create viable tomorrows.

One of the tools to lead us out of dead-end Industrial Revolution will be the King or Queen reinstated by a  reverse Revolutionary act.

I support an imaginary monarchy, because if the reinstated King fulfils a real function and is taught the history of his=her office by a learned anthropologist, he=she  will eventually become full blown imaginary figure through the fact that, he=she committs to taking his=her life just as God did after he had created the world. No, God did not ‘rest’. After He resurrected himself, He made statues of Himself as He was when dead or, to put it another way==as the state he is in today .

Jesus and John Basil become the ‘objects petit a’ ("objects little a") of their own desire. While this sounds contemporary and Lacanian, it was a perspective shared by the ancient Egyptians through their Gods Atum and Ptah, who masturbated to create the world. While the phallus of our time is manifest as a computer guided rocket, the Egyptian king always held in his hand the ‘djed’ or, if you will, the vertebra of his spine.

What our time has forgotten is that there is a difference between an actual object and a visualized object. The visualized or painted object can never be an actual object, and is, therefore, always part of a vision. What distinguishes a photograph from the actual and visionary is that it straddles both worlds by the fact, that our mind has prior knowledge that the object in the photograph is actual. What a photographer as an artist learns to do is obfuscate the actual in such a way as it tends to become a vision of somewhat unreal object(s), which forces the viewer to look at the photograph not only as a graphic, but as the act of an object in the process of becoming something more.

In this way the creative masturbator or masturbatrix exits from his-her inner imagination into a world of objects. This happens in the act of Isis  resurrecting Osiris. As we of today know, human creators have created a world that is a desert, while the Goddess Isis-Hathor rose our of Herself as the Sun introduces no taxes, but receives from us gifts, which are our prayers.

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