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EC 464 GoveRment is an aLien People
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The Yankee Declaw Machine
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Russia’s academic circles are long familiar with the fact that many Russian intellectuals, some of academic rank, do not support the Western version of either Western or Russian history.

Not a few Russians would like to see the western claims about history investigated by a politically unbiased scholarly body, say, by the United Nations. The fact is that the claims by the West as to its history are at a sophomoric level and simplistic to lend itself as government propaganda.

One need go no further than the 9/11 event or WW2, the latter which was won through the sacrifices of millions of lives of Russian people, granted supported by western lend lease, behind which for all its value in troucing Hitler hid the desire of western leaders to see Russia weakened to such a degree that it would be nearly impossible for it to recover from the damages of war.

What most people of the West do not understand is that the mind set of its people or, if you will, the mindset created common for all humans by Nature, differs radically from the mindset being projected by corporate executives, who owe their station not to  achievements as business men, but to the ambition of, first, bandits, who desire to expand power based on an ever increasing pile of loot, second, the same elevated to princes and, thusly, just a quantum jump away becoming part of proto-government, the taxes base of which is borne by the common people, who ever keep the name of Sancha and Sancho Panza.

The privileges of government granted to arms manufacturing corporations are not based on the business expertise of the executives of these companies, but on the strength of taxable income, which ages ago created an authoritarian government.  Secured in its place by persecutions (often called defensive violence) and the Inquisition, taxpayers--intimidated over many centuries by the violence of Inquisition and police--swim through life as if it were jellied water and they tortoises. While the American people can be proud that their government may at one time have been ‘a government of the people’, this contention became questionable during and following WW2. Some readers may remember Arthur Millers play, written in 1945 “All My Sons ”, while most have heard President Eisenhower’s warning (1961) of “the military industrial complex ”.

Nowhere has the West or the East seriously examined the history of taxation, or questioned the role of taxation in the creation of authooritarian governments.

The public has, for the most part, accepted taxation as a God given law and as intrinsic to Nature as is color green. However, the liability for $303 trillions dollars which has just been passed to the American public to pay off a debt of derivatives created by banks may come as a shock and may start another Tea Party uprising demanding the liquidation of central banks and their replacement with local banks of the credit union variety, where church congregations started to saved enough money to guarantee ourselves a burial other than in the potter’s ground. It would not hurt Russia to pass the news to the American taxpayer.

The current confrontation between the East and the West, while presenting the West as an armed Goliath, while the East is being presented as David without a slingshot, is, as the government itself proclaims, the shiny side of hubris—American exceptionalism. Still, David need not have a rock in his sling, but in its stead, a ‘curve’, a surprise, perhaps a banana peel.

Little do the American people know that their Civil War was waged to accomplish their own local kind of ‘globalization’, so the industrial north could the better annex the south to its trade network.

Globalization (a form of government sponsored ‘civil war’) has no other aim than for government elite to repress the base on which it stands, today no longer the southern states, but the East, that is to say, Russia followed by China, India, Brazil, you name it. Indeed, the ‘near East’ of Europe (the Baltics, Poland, western Ukraine, East Germany) have already been successfully annexed (with American help) by what was once known as West Germany. What the Germans failed to accomplish by the arms of the Teutonic Knights in the 13th century, and landed gentry through successive centuries, or WW1 or WW2, in the 20th century, they accomplished by the lie of  globalizing ‘individual liberties’, which protects the Balts from the claws of ‘totalitarian’ President Putin choking the living breath out of the Middle East of Europe ever so ensnared by Presidernt Obama advertising yet another movie scenario from the days when movies were but clouds rising from the swamps along the delta of the Potomac River.

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