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EC 455 GoveRment is an aLien People
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The Only Revolution: Prayer
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NO HISTORIAN has pointed out that the so-called ‘Revolutions’, for the most part imagined as the French, Russian, and Chinese REVOLUTIONS did not in effectively change anything, though they did for a time redistribute the old wealth patterns. Still, they created new wealth patterns more or less resembling the previous pattern. In effect, the ‘Revolution’ did not revolve in any true sense of the word.

Why did Revolutions not change anything for the long term?

When a child, I remember learning a ditty from the well known German poet Goethe: “Der Zauberlehrling”==The Magician’s Apprentice . The class was asked to memorize the poem, which, unfortunately, I have forgotten, except for the the magic incantation:

Walle! walle
Manche Strecke,
daß, zum Zwecke,
Wasser fließe
und mit reichem, vollem Schwalle
zu dem Bade  sich ergieße.

The story of the poem is that of an apprentice to a magician deciding to use the little knowledge he has—in the absence of the master—to try imitate the master’s magic without knowing how to undo what he has started. Walt Disney  and many others have used the story to their own (mostly commercial) ends. A variation on the story is found as far back as the ancient Indian Mahabharata.

When analyzed in the context of my argument, it leads to the conclusion that our Western-Global Civilization is an apprentice who is out of control and causing events that lead to the End of the World.

Is the Master Magician. i.e. God, ever going to return home?

Answer: Maybe he will, and maybe he will not. It depends on whether the apprentice decides to PRAY for the Master’s return. Yes, fold his palms and PRAY.

So, why is prayer important, when our ‘realist’ teachers are teaching that it NEVER WORKS?

In attempting to answer, we get entangled with what in our time is known as the ‘Quantum Theory’. As the link explains: “He [Max Planck] found that by making the assumption that energy existed in individual units in the same way that matter does, rather than just as a constant electromagnetic wave - as had been formerly assumed - and was therefore quantifiable, he could find the answer to his question.

Prayer assumes that what is being prayed for is QUANTIFIABLE, which is to say, a prayer for ‘a matter’ may be answered if the ‘matter’ is not presumed to be a continuous wave based on the presumptions of an apprentice, who almost inevitably comes to presume himself to be God. This is what I mean by ‘pareidolia’ (my way of finding connection or entanglements), which as I see it is the echo effect of one word as meaning expressed in a cluster of words and does not pretend to swallow an entire language or universe.

The prayer as taught to Christians by Jesus is pretty much summed up in Luke11 and Matthew 8:25 (You of little faith, why are you so afraid?). I have no objections to the quotes, as it does not involve prayer for an increase in government taxes, but applies to a cluster of people (his disciples) or a community. It is not a prayer to benefit me alone.

So, the Apprentice Magicians of today are the Levithans: the U.S., NATO, Russia, China, and everyone who has or has been infected by the expansionist attitude either toward today or tomorrow.

The only problem with the theory is that it did not work for John Basil, the Bogomil physician, whom Alexis I, the emperor of Byzantium threw into a raging pit of fire, or Jesus at the Garden of Getsemani, or for the Aztec God  Nanahuatzin  who jumped into a fire pit to either cause the Sun to rise or himself become the Sun God.

John Basil was clearly troubled when forced by Alexis to face the raging flames. His walk slowed and he slapped his thighs and sides. For all three Gods, the words of Jesus at Getsemani sum it up best: He said: "My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass me by. Nevertheless, let it be as you, not I, would have it." Then, a little while later, He said, "If this cup cannot pass by, but I must drink it, yours will be done!" (Matthew 26:42)”.

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