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EC 467 GoveRment is an aLien People
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The ‘Yankee’ Declaw Machine / 4

As I have written previously: God is necessary in a ‘materialist’ ruled world for reasons of politics. We see this clearly in an age when the public is forced to give politics 10x the attention it ever did God.

Notwithstanding the ridicule of atheists bred by a materialist world, which have built their fortreses on cityscapes, it is obvious to anyone that resistance to the philosophy of ‘desertification’ meets with defeat, because the great majority of human kind cannot ‘screw up’ the courage to die when tought that it is born only once, and that death is as final an event as birth, because one is helpless to refuse to be born.

The failure to gather up courage becomes inevitable, when those in leadership positions refuse to recognize their responsibility to exhibit consciousness and fail to lead by example. This practice of leaders is attested to by ancient governments, where the king almost without exception dies a sacrificial death—either by his own will or as a sacrificial lamb at the hands of the High Priest of the community. The community justifies the High Priest to act as the Executioner of a cowardly King. If the High Priest must act, the act makes him or her responsible for the atonement of the act through his her own sacrificial death.

The cowardice of modern govRmnt is not only made clear by its obvious lack of sacrifice even as thousands of ordinary men are sent by its ‘authority’ to their deaths at some irrationally drawn ‘red’ line, but the clearness becomes distilled, when even a casual look at the methods of govRnance show ‘conscious’ evasion by the ‘authorities’ to bear similar sacrifice to ‘good government’ by all members of a community. In our day, irresponsible chaos by govRment (first discovered in my “Oedipus Rex Rewritten” is the avant-garde to the globalized civilization it proposes for tomorrow.

That humankind would come to this was prophesied a long time ago by John Basil (substituted by Jesus Christ), when he allegedly told his listeners (Matthew 10:34) that:

 Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword….” He even suggested that the Kingdom of God would come only when we gave our lives over to the ‘poor’, which is where he evidently saw as the greatest of problem for consciousness to achieve. The rich had evidently already made being ‘poor’ inevitable.

The decay of self-sacrifice and the support of such decay offered by western Christianity is illustrated by so-called ‘Crusades’ or ‘just wars’ perpetrated in the name of humankind by a combination of secular and religious authorities. The western Christian community, led by the Christian Right in the U.S., is not only especially war mongering in this respect, but perverts the very core of Christianity which (whether led by John Basil or Jesus Christ) is self-sacrificial by example of its founder.

The fact that the message of self-sacrifice has left a residue in the New Testament, testifies to the fact that its writers were conflicted by the lies they were recruited and/or forced to offer to the greater public. This is why an ultimate reconciliation between the future rewriters of the NT and its original presenters is still possible, and why the name of the founder need not be John Basil or Jesus Christ, but suffice it to be God.

This leaves us with the question of which leader, nation, or community will declaw or defang the machine that was set into motion by the Byzantine Franks and is now being thrust forward by the exceptionalist govRment machine of America? Will it be the current Globalist Pope? Are there somewhere yet another 47 samurai?

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