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EC 453 GoveRment is an aLien People
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Government, History, Truth Same Same
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Western Civilization is impermeable. That is to say, it is a linear and perpetual false flag by virtue of its consequences, not only in one or a few instances (as in the Pearl Harbor and 9/11 events), but over centuries that extend over more than a thousand years. It serves the governments of our time, as witness the Ukraine events, which are nothing but a return of the so-called 4th Crusade of 1204 in 2014, a distance of 810 years).

As I have argued in these blogs, there is one major event that provoked the war of 1204: the imposition of taxation and its adoption (due to its success in creating governments of power) by (eventually) all governments. In short, no government was ever defeated by a Revolution, the latter purely a delusion created by delusional change.

Of course, this is not to say that the event(s) were apparitions from nowhere, but were preceded by a period of developments, the extent of which we do not know, because of the view disseminated by most historians that 1) acceptance taxation by governments is many times older than, say, a thousand years; 2) that the war of 1204 and periods before were not followed by revolts, which in effect chased from the area of the Black Sea and the deltas of the Dnieper and Volga  rivers to the delta of the Rhine (the Benelux) the Franks, who were descendants of Vikings and their like; and 3) historians are not wedded to the lies of government, which historians, neither of this or then time, dared to contradict); and 5) that in spite of evident reasons for their corruption historians are not bedfellows of governments.
There are some exceptions. For example, the Swiss historian Daniele Ganser , who has written extensively on Gladio, the deep government run by NATO in post-WW2 Europe; the American historian Bernard Lewis who has written extensively on the 9/11 cover-up; and the Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko, who has studied early European history and found it to be a matter of chronologicl shifts of certain historical events by a method of literary displacements such as, for example, the events of the Iliad and Odyssey , both attributed to Homer (8th cent. BC), and  the Aeneid  by Virgil (1st cent. BC), the Bible, and more. The parallels between the overlapping histories are not insignificant, but point to the likelihood that one historical event was used to overwrite another.

This raises the question of whether the numerous chronological shifts discovered by Fomenko  have not become so habitual that our current history is the last in a series, or that current events are concluding events of the last of a series. If the latter, then it is likely to end as WW3 beginning either in the Baltics * or Ukraine (part of Byzantium and Homer’s event). At least one researcher (Vinci) includes the Baltic area in the map  of Homer.

What is disastrous about government and history being bedfellows is that it presents a homosexual state of being as a ‘natural’ state of being that NO religion has objected to. NO HISTORIAN has dared draw conclusions and point out the consequences of a prolonged period of not telling the truth and creating truth as a Para reality. For example, NO HISTORIAN ==as far as I know—has pointed out that ‘democracy’ is a system of government that is a direct result of history as a lie. NO HISTORIAN has pointed out that the modern environment is a consequence of Nature superseded by the Unnatural. NO HISTORIAN has pointed out that the only place where democracy exists in the long term is the wood. NO HISTORIAN has pointed out that our present history is accepted because to contradict it meets either with complete silence or the barrel of a gun, which amounts to about the same thing.

NO HISTORIAN has pointed out that the many times lauded separation of state and religion without elimination or radical circumscription of the power of the state to tax—leads the state to acquire for itself religious authority as well, which is where our civilization finds itself at this time.

* \.D||||  \.I||||  \.E|||| \.V||||  \.E||||  Ļ||||  \.I||||  x 47:  Sts. Devils x 47: One of the 47 ‘devils’ (a group of protestors—naming themselves after the famous 47 Japanese samurai (recruitment in effect) Antons Benjamins has announced a hunger strike in connection with the irresponsible actions of the Latvian government reflected in the absence of protests regarding the occupation of Latvia by NATO forces, which includes the stationing of nuclear capable aircraft. Russia has protested these actions by NATO as a threat to it and its citizens.

Because of incliment (cold) weather Mr. Benjamins is presently ill, which is why he is temporarily replacing the hunger strike with that of a fast as part of the Advent season. He is asking the citizens and ‘residents’ of Latvia, including the members of the Latvian Saeima, to join him in a prayer and a fast on behalf of the security of Latvia and its inhabitants.

Mr. Antons Benjamins (named after his grandfather) is the descendant of two well known editors of Latvia’s major newspaper (Jaunākās Ziņas—Latest News, 1911-1940). Janis Benjamins, the last editor in chief of the newspaper was arrested by the Sovied Cheka and was shot at Astrahan in 1942.

Mr. Benjamins (81) returned from living 46 years in the United States and has lived near twenty years in Latvia, near Burtnieku ezers, a well known lake in northern Latvia, in Braslavas precinct, where he occupies himself with writing, bloging,  and by helping needy neighbors in the tradition of his forebears Herrnhuters, now better known as the Moravian Church.

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