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EC 452 GoveRment is an aLien People
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Jacques Lacan and Fearmongering in Latvia
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Having stated in the previous blog that continuation of the Industrial Age is a non-starter not only for the undeveloped world, but also for all who developed in tandem with its rise to power (to the point where even after its zenith is obviously in the past tense), its advertising industry continues to fool most of the people of the world by projecting visions of travel in space.

With only 1 billion people in 1804 and today over 7 billion, of which more than a half live in poverty and most in absolute ignorance, how else could it be? Though Virgin Airlines’s Galactic spaceship crash signaled the proverbial synchronicity event, Sir Richard Branston, one of the moneyed elites among the 7 billion, promises to continue to be a savant of questionable intelligence and announces that he will construct another model. What a devotee of the gang of Positivist religious!

This brings me to the periphery of hegemony of the Industrial Age, the small country of Latvia, one of Western Europe’s easternmost borderlands, and arguably a country of political leaders=savants of questionable integrity. Before the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Latvia was believed by many Soviet people to be among its most progressive Soviets.

Latvia was renewed as an ‘independent’ country (whatever that means) in 1990  and is now in its 24th  year as an allegedly independent, but not sovereign nation of ‘residents’ as the link notes. The main cause of its renewed state is the United States of America in military alliance with Western European countries through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). While at the time of renewal, Latvia became a state within the community of Western nations, it was understood (at least by some of the Russian leaders) that NATO would not press its borders closer the Russia, but leave Latvia remain a state that separates Russia from the EU, in effect a sort of Switzerland.

This was not to be however, and NATO has used the ‘resident’ status of Latvia’s residents and pressed ever closer to the borders of Russia in a maneuver known as expanding ‘encirclement’. Having created an international crisis between western nations and Russia by way of the Ukraine and a series of encircling movements, the U.S. , NATO tanks and boots are today in Latvia. While many of the Latvian people do not support the maneuver by their government, the Latvian government throughout said 23 years has waged what Paul Virilio calls ‘endo-colonization’ of Latvias civil society, using fear mongering (see min.: 22-25, 47-48, 53-55) to justify a later occupation of Latvia by armed NATO troops and raise the money (2% of GNP in a destitute country) to pay for the occupation and hardware. Fittingly, the name of the Latvian Defense Minister is Vējonis, re: Windy John.

One example of media manipulation in Latvia’s region of Latgale from a recent newspaper article [Diena (Day) 11.11.2014], is a busy body local official who claims without presenting evidence that Russian agitators near Latvia’s Russian border are distributing literature and rumours. Whereas another official states (my translation):

“….In turn in Zilupe the vice-chairman of local government Vitalys Valdens (Party of Cooperation) komments on the security issue in expressive terms: ‘Why such disinformation about our precinct? All youths here speak perfect Latvian, and among us are great Latvian patriots. Most people here are preoccupied with making ends meet; no one has time to sign foolish (petitions)’….

”….The Security Police makes no comments about its operations in Latgale, but invite the inhabitants to speak up about activities, which are meant to compromise Latvia’s territorial integrity or constitutional government.”

In effect, the Latvians, once said to be the rulers of their country have not become identified with the ‘object petit a’ of Lacan , i.e., the Latvian government  is in effect using Lacanian methods against the Latvian people to become their “unattainable object” by means of confusing the state with its fearmongering leadership, which keeps fleeing from Latvia as a sovereign state to the empty airs of the EU located in Brussels. Re: “In the psychoanalytic theory of Jacques Lacan, objet petit a ("object little-a") stands for the unattainable object of desire. It is sometimes called the object cause of desire. Lacan always insisted that the term should remain untranslated, "thus acquiring the status of an algebraic sign" (Écrits)..

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