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EC 448 / GoveRment is an aLien People
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Saule’s Placebo--Saul
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Just how the Sun (Sonne, Saule, Solntse) came to change her feminine aspect to that of a male is largely ignored by linguists. One may suppose that their excuse is that linguists are not historians. Which is to ignore that historians of our day are as ideology bound as Catholic historians who wrote Christian history and subsequent events. This is essentially what the Russian mathematician and historian Anatoly Fomenko is trying to tell us, even as American historians perceive Western history the way the American government dictates it happeaned or what it means. While there are some American historians who question the American government’s perspective of the 0/11 event, most academic historians toe the government line eventsof9/11 . Now imagine, if a thousand years from now that same ilk of historians parot the historians of today as those of today parot the Catholic historians of the 16th century?

But there it is: suddenly Saule becomes the name of a male king (of a Jewish Commnowealth, no less) and his name is pronounced ‘SaulS’ . To bring the story told at the link back in line with the fact that it most likely refects the time when the predominance of the feminine was changed to the predominance of the male. To do this is as difficult as it is to read ‘Sauls’ backward, re: SluaS.

This is why pareidolia becomes a necessary tool. Its echo=like effects help unravel the notes after they get shaken in a tin can with a handful of pebbles, and we are told what we heard is Beethoventh 9th Symphony.

Every skeptic of the story in the Bible is likely to have his-her own methods of reconstructing the events back to when the disturbed whole was still Sun. I will start my version by reading Sauls without the suffix ‘s’, re: Saul; which in my ear rings very close to the word we know as ‘soul’.

Back in the days before materialist ideology had seized power and declared itself to be the Truth, the soul‘ was the ineffable substance or  breath of life, a kind of ghost, within us at the time of our baptism or some other kind of initiation. The New Testament, the Catholic story of the origins of Christianity, portrays the soul as a dove  that lingers above the head of Jesus while he is baptized in the River Jordan by John, the embodiment of pre-Catholic Christianity, when its believers still largely resided in the wood or field. If we look closely, we will note that while both men have haloes above their heads, the halo above John is slightly larger. We may interpret that Verrocchio who painted the picture, still had a vague memory by way of history longue duree of the Suns former eminence. The halo is of course a replica of the Sun. In effect, the halo is to the Sun, what the name John is to the name Jesus—both are power-over replacements made after the introduction of governments which came to power through the imposition of taxation. Unfortunately, the American Revolution against the rule of the English, primarily because an unfair imposition of a much resented tax, is the last time the people/ludy rebelled against it.

However, this is not to say that the Boston Tea Party are the last of revolts against taxation. Very likely a significantly larger revolt looms before us (again in America, though it could be in my own Latvia), because today the imposition of the tax is the exercise of private corporate or parliamentary power over the people, and the government has created levels of debt that only death of the present form of government (capitalist controlled democracy) can bring about.

Interestingly, most academic and government savants would argue that it means the ‘End of the World’ as we know it. And, indeed, that is likely, just as the original ‘fur tax’ led to the displacement o the Franks from Byzantium to the Benelux. The event also resulted in the rewriting and redoing (unfortunately) of early Christian practices with the violence of Western Catholic/ globalist cultures (the seizure by the tsars of Siberia and Alaska is a direct result of the bloody fur tax). Unfortunately, the Siberian natives did not have a rich Uncle Sam to buy them their freedom--though in light of today’s events one may argue that the American people, too, were ultimately enslaved by the burden of taxation.

It remains to be seen how the issue of taxation resolves itself, but the recent formation of the Tea Party movement Tea Party movement gives us a hint, and the issue of taxation gives it a hint of the path to pursue in the future.















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