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EC 444 / GoveRment is an aLien People
Eso A.B.
Govelment is a Gover*- 2
Translation © Eso A.B.
The second example (see EC443 for the first) of Truth embedded in a Lie is from Anna Comnena’s biography of her Father Emperor Alexis I (1048–1118) of Byzantium. While the scene precedes that of the crucifixion of Jesus on which the chronology of Scaligarius is based, but post-dates the event by some eleven hundred years after the crucifixion. Writes Anna Comnena in her “Alexiad” (quoted from p204, The Bogomils, Dmitri Obolensky):
A very large trench was dug and a quantity of wood, all tall trees piled up together, made the structure look like a mountain….. Then they… took him and pushed him… into the middle of the pyre. And the flames, as if deeply enraged against him, ate the impious [and ‘adamant’—EAB] man up, without any odor arising or even a fresh column of smoke, only one thin smoky line could be seen in the midst of the flames….
“…The thin smoky line” is all the recognition our Western post-quantum mechanics civilization will allow the civilization of our forebears. The hubris of our days rides high, as one Latvian critic (biologist Vents Zvaigzne) opines about research of near death experience (RL, 11/2014) and confesses being confounded and confused by “…the news and facts of the jokers about the activities of the brain during the period of clinical death.” Though the orthodox biologist does not accuse the ‘jokers of not being scientists, he does belittle them for being of ‘populist’ orientation. Such snobbish attitudes are a common characteristic among intellectuals from cultures they see as too insignificant to be a populist part of.
The above examples are among the founding examples on which Western materialist philosophy grounds the superiority of the printed and copyglot (printed ad infinitum) word (?a la Twitter) over that of oral communication, which communicates resonances clearly absent from the pseudo juridicial (writing as validation of truth) copyglot process.
For all that, we have come to a time when the written word no longer carries the weight the U.S. Supreme Court and the science establishment continues to endow it with. This is in belated recognition of the problem that beset physicists in the first part of the 20th century, which was solved by the theories of Nils Bohr, which Albert Einstein at first refused to recognize. Yet the ‘quanta’ of Nils Bohr proved to be the right solution.
Might not such ‘quanta’ also be applicable to our mundane reality? This is where I believe experimentation with pareidolia comes in. I.e.: the ‘observer effect' is as aplicable to measurement as to naming.
While no Einstein, I am a determined egalitarian, and some would even call me a ‘communist’. While I have considered the theories of Marx and on occasion have imagined myself to be in the shoes of Lenin (who once scribbled a note that gave my maternal grandfather permission to search for his lost wife, even as Lenin warned him to leave the matter be, because the platforms of railroad stations were piled high with corpses), I have never managed to become as convinced as a Bolshevik was that ‘communism’ was a political theory would stand the test of time.
This is perhaps why over the years, I came to believe that egalitarianism and communism have little to do with those wishing to turn societies into the mirror images of their ideology, but are genetic shadows imprinted on the human Mind through millions of years of life in the wood. Such belief in the importance of the physical environment in determining society was the result of spending my childhood on a Latvian farm, where the economy and life-style was still influenced by life in the wood.
While my soujourn on the farm was during a time of war and governments ruled supreme, I do not recall that life about me was influenced by such intrusions of government as meeting tax obligations through payments of money, but rather through payments in kind. In effect, the economy was still a barter economy: you paid what you could, but it was not in the interest of government to bankrupt the farmer or make him non=productive by turning him into a factory worker (as kolhoznics were) while the production of grain was important to keep the military forces fed and fighting.
After the capitalist forces won the war and capitalism prevailed, and I became a city dweller again, I remained a determined egalitarian through a naturalist orientation, even as I recognized that without capital accumulation and the inequalities it brought about, many of the contributions attributable to capitalism would not be possible. This presented a dilemma, which I recognized could not be resolved by personal ideology, but would be consequent to an environment (however it came about) beyond control of society. It is, thus, that I came to think that the effects of pareidolia are applicable not only to linguistics and music, but also affect social conditions.
*Pareidolic references made in headers: Gavel=as in gavel to order or silence; Gover= as Russian говорить ‘govorit’ to speak; Jabber=relentless bombardment with words of propaganda.

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