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EC 447 / GoveRment is an aLien People
© Eso A.B.
Our Forced Future in the Present
Translation © Eso A.B.

The breaking of the 11th Commandment created a future on the other side of the design of the Nature of Man.

Since contra-nature designs are man=made, it naturally wipes out the feminine. It is not in the nature of the feminine to impose the ‘fur tax’, which is collected by tearing the skin off the body the feminine gives birth to. It is in the nature of the feminine to give birth to all things beginning with plants and ending with man. While the feminine does not shirk difficulties, it was the masculine that brought cruelty and teaches us to praise God for it . While the son, coerced by the father to join him in the hunt for elk in the rutting season, suffers from ‘buck fever’ and suffers an emotional breakdown after the kill, it is the father who implicitly promises to reward the son for the ‘kill’ with humilitated womanhood, re: a go at a prostitute at the men’s lodge in the wood after he is the first to bruise (fuck) her to impress the sun with his manhood. The clip is the modern version of ‘initiation’ of a boy in our time.

Unfortunately, such initiations are a way of replacing our time in the present with a time in the future.

To put it in another way: We force on ourselves, by means of modern manhood, a violence accepting future. This is proven by the boy raising his hands and crying out: “Thank you, Lord!”

It also illustrates the ways of the capitalist state, which, I have argued, begins with the building of the capitalist government when the ‘fur tax’ or yasek or iasek is instituted and Itsak becomes our king. While these developments are most recent;y (16th and 17th centuries) illustrated on the territory of Russia , it most likely arrived there by way of the West, where the forests and wildlife were cleared and eliminated first. By the time it reached America, the devastation of nature was aided by the Gatling gun, which not only gunned down the buffalo, but went on to eliminate , in the name of ‘democracy’, the American Indian and established the most sophisticated dictatorship over humankind the world has ever known.

Be that as it may, Russia proceeded as a capitalist country before the U.S. through the ‘good’ offices of Peter the Great, the great Monster leaders of state While most historians, brainwashed by a Western bias insist that the Tsar was an innovator and brought Russia into the modern age, when viewed in retrospect from our time, is little short of a monster.

As the picture of Peter in the above link shows, he is no more mature than a punk youth of our time, who has wrapped himself in a sable skin shawl and toga of ‘soft gold’, or, if you will, the evidence of slaughter of wild life.

Even so, the wholesale slaughter of life to benefit a few capitalists began with the slaughter of the feminine. The above link, which shows a young boy’s trauma so well, is what the Jesuit band in government accomplishes so well in our time. We can see this in their own Pope, who even before Mary==in spite of his protests==is a thoroughly castrated and outcast man. His letter sent to Brisbane before the G20 conference received no response from the conferees. If you really wish to know, type: Brisbane’s response to letter of pope. Answer=0.

But then again, it was the Globalist Catholic Church and its Jewish collaborators who destroyed the Commandments of Moses, so that the 11th , which disallowed taxation (the fur tax then) could be eliminated.

To repeat: while the first victims of taxation were animals in the wood, and the executioners were the men of the wood (trappers nd their like), it was the soulless city which compelled them to the violence through the princes who were jealous of the charismatic power of the King.

While this story is for obvious reasons repressed today, we may see its beginnings in the story of Saul. This story, too, begins with the suppression of the feminine in its divine aspects. For those who have no inkling of the story, let me end the blog by saying that in the beginning the Sun was a feminine name. We are left traces of this in German, where the Sun is called Sonne, the Balt languages where its name is Saule, and Russian, whre its name is солнце, solntse,* all feminine names.

*Said by those who know Russian to be a gender neutral word. But that may not be an anthropologist's view, but simply that of a grammarian.

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